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Chapter 39: Ragnarök

   The necromancer sat high on bone throne.     The deep blue ghost fire illuminated the cold and dark cave, water drops consistently dripped down from the stalactites, and fell into the bottomless pool. The countless layers of bones reflected heavy cold light, filled with a dark breath of death.     He neverContinue reading “Chapter 39: Ragnarök”

Chapter 38: Ragnarök

    When Paladin reached that place, only cold moon shining on the empty spot was left.     But the dark element that was so strong that it almost dripped down did not dissipate. The gloomy and sticky feeling pressed heavily on everyone’s chests, clogging their throats like cotton, making people instinctively scared.  Continue reading “Chapter 38: Ragnarök”

Chapter 37: Ragnarök

  The necromancer’s movements stiffened inexplicably.     It was a very strange feeling. As if he lost balance a moment before falling into the abyss, a cold palm suddenly gripped his heart, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of horror.     The pale blue fingers clasped the young man’s white andContinue reading “Chapter 37: Ragnarök”

Chapter 36: Ragnarök

    On the opposite side of the mainland.     The spires of the towering towers pointed straight to the dark and eternal night sky, and a waning scarlet moon hung far in the sky, like an unhealed scar.     A strong smell of blood spread in the magic city Este.    Continue reading “Chapter 36: Ragnarök”

Chapter 35: Ragnarök

    “…How is he?”     “…The wounds…can’t find…”     “Is he awake?…”     The quiet conversation said in whispers seemed to come from far away, drifting around his hazy mind, wafting like smoke, hard to catch.     Ge Xiu raised his eyelids with difficulty, the sun’s dazzling rays shone through theContinue reading “Chapter 35: Ragnarök”

Chapter 34: Ragnarök

   Fenrir’s size expanded several times in just a few breaths. The pungent purple blood soaked the jaw of the giant wolf. The sharp white teeth were like an extremely efficient slaughter machine. With just a little scrape, a large piece of bloody flesh was chewed and swallowed in an instant, and then quickly convertedContinue reading “Chapter 34: Ragnarök”

Chapter 33: Ragnarök

   Magic-driven puppets and bone dragons transported a huge number of rune stones to the location marked on the scroll. Dark mages chanted mantras all the time in the mage tower as a huge stream of elements rushed onto the wastelands, roaring like a wave.     The huge binding circle spread out, and withContinue reading “Chapter 33: Ragnarök”

Chapter 32: Ragnarök

    This was the first time Ge Xiu saw the place above the abyss.     It was a vast expanse of desolate, dark, scorched earth, with rough rocks everywhere, and the hills and mountains and the abyss criss-crossed on the flat surface like hideous and ugly scars.     The blood moon hungContinue reading “Chapter 32: Ragnarök”

Chapter 31: Ragnarök

    Ge Xiu woke up before the blood moon arrived.     He looked at the dark and cold sky outside the cave and blinked with a blank expression. He couldn’t remember how he fell asleep.     Ge Xiu got up, and pulled the skin of his neck, he couldn’t help but suckContinue reading “Chapter 31: Ragnarök”

Chapter 30: Ragnarök

    Ariyust, feeds on fear, has no protective shell, the mucus covering the body is corrosive, and the weakness is its heart.     The sharp blade formed by the condensed dark element cut open its belly, gently swirled  into its body amidst the sizzling sound of corrosion, and cut fiercely into the stillContinue reading “Chapter 30: Ragnarök”