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Chapter 147: The Zombie Emperor

    “Pata”.     A gray-white nuclei fell to the ground, rolled twice on the ground, and then stopped.     Along with it, a few off white crystals were laying scattered in the dust.     Xie Shili opened his eyes.     He slowly stretched out his hand, and cluster of scorchingContinue reading “Chapter 147: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 76: Father’s Care

    On the way home from the scientific research institute, Yang Yang kept staring at Archibald.     Archibald: “…”     Only a dead person could ignore this gaze.     Archibald sighed, switched the car to automatic driving mode, then turned to look at Yang Yang: “What are you doing?”    Continue reading “Chapter 76: Father’s Care”

Chapter 146: The Zombie Emperor

    Ge Xiu quickly put the idea into practice.     He leaned down and sucked on the other’s chin.     “!”     Xie Shili was startled, subconsciously moved back suddenly and hit the back of his head hard on the floor, making an loud knocking sound.     This really caughtContinue reading “Chapter 146: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 145:The Zombie Emperor

  The chaotic hunger surged like a tsunami, the endless desire to devour ripped and burned and howled in depths of his body.     Hungry.     Every cell in the body was vibrating with anticipation, his teeth and stomach ached, eager to taste the fresh blood.     Ge Xiu sniffed the temptingContinue reading “Chapter 145:The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 75: The EQ Black Hole

    There were five hospitals in the research institute to contain all the amount of people coming there. But only four of them were general hospitals, while the remaining one was a research hospital.     Zhang Jun took Yang Yang to the said research hospital.     “Soul power riots caused by soulContinue reading “Chapter 75: The EQ Black Hole”

Chapter 144: The Zombie Emperor

    Ge Xiu raised his hand.     The slender fingers were very pale, with a light unhealthy cyan hue at the joints, the fingers so slim and fragile they looked as if they would break next second.     He clenched his fingers on the zombie’s swollen and ugly head, the contrast betweenContinue reading “Chapter 144: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 143: The Zombie Emperor

    Noisy footsteps could be heard across the nearby shelves as well as the nervous intermitted shouts of the opposite team’s members:     “It’s a mutant zombie!”     Low growling came, as well as sounds of supernatural abilities being used, followed by the sound of shelves collapsing.     Xie Shili’s eyes darkenedContinue reading “Chapter 143: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 74: The Colours Are Different

    Yang Yang didn’t know much about soul power, but he was aware that soul beasts’ soul power was not a safe thing. It could very easily infect Lester people’s soul palace, causing soul power riots that were incurable.     But he also knew that soul beasts’ and soul essence plants’ soul powerContinue reading “Chapter 74: The Colours Are Different”

Chapter 142: The Zombie Emperor

    The mall inside was wrecked and left in a chaotic state.     Most of the shelves had been wiped clean at the beginning of the apocalypse.     Many shelves fell to the ground. Countless trampled products were scattered on the dirty ground. The brand-name bags and watches that were blindly soughtContinue reading “Chapter 142: The Zombie Emperor”