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Chapter 87: ABO

    Ge Xiu frowned in disbelief:     “But… why could I vaguely smell your pheromone before, but it only had such a big impact on me tonight?”     “I don’t know.” Haines shrugged: “It may take some testing to figure it out.”     After all, an Omega that differentiated early onContinue reading “Chapter 87: ABO”

Chapter 86: ABO

    The fading haze gradually engulfed the twilight, and the last lingering aftertaste of the setting sun melted into the dark night sky.     Ge Xiu looked away from the silver-white mecha and turned to look at Haines standing beside him.     He narrowed his eyes slightly, there was a fire sparkling inContinue reading “Chapter 86: ABO”

Chapter 85: ABO

    Since that day, the gossiping and rumours on the Starnet have lost a lot of popularity, at least to an extent where as long as one didn’t pay attention to them, they wouldn’t affect one’s normal life.     Ge Xiu was originally a very self-centered person, and the opinions and views ofContinue reading “Chapter 85: ABO”

Chapter 84: ABO

    Ge Xiu came to the door of Haines’ residence with a sullen face.     The robot on the side floated over, the blue light swept across his face, an electronically synthesised sweet and gentle voice sounded: “Identity confirmed. Welcome, Mr. Drost.”     The dark door slowly opened in front of him.Continue reading “Chapter 84: ABO”

Chapter 83: ABO

    Before Ge Xiu could do anything, the communicator in his pocket buzzed again.     He was going to ignore it.     However, the next second, the communicator that fell out of Percy’s pocket also began to ring frantically.     Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows in surprise, reached out and tookContinue reading “Chapter 83: ABO”

Chapter 82: ABO

    Percy Edmure.     The Omega who had a crush on Igor but couldn’t confess, and held a grudge against Igor’s fiancé, Iris.     Really…boring.     To be honest, Ge Xiu lost interest the moment he saw the initiator.     ——It was that rubbish person that the original body provokedContinue reading “Chapter 82: ABO”

Chapter 81: ABO

    The simulated battlefield mode is turned on, and the originally cold bare metal walls were covered with virtual electronic images.     On the barren planet, countless ferocious Zergs rushed towards the mecha suspended in the air in swarms, like a dark flood making one’s scalp numb.     The mecha was pitchContinue reading “Chapter 81: ABO”

Chapter 80: ABO

    Ge Xiu: “…”     So were they even chatting on the same frequency?     He sighed helplessly in his heart and gave up trying to get the truth from the other person’s mouth.     As for the date the other party said just now…     Ge Xiu showed aContinue reading “Chapter 80: ABO”

Chapter 79: ABO

    Igor was standing a few steps away from Ge Xiu.         His eyes drooped down slightly, he pursed his lips, and said slowly:     “I heard that you were injured.”     Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows in surprise: “You are quite well informed.”     After all, it’s been onlyContinue reading “Chapter 79: ABO”

Chapter 78: ABO

    Ge Xiu: “…”     He doubted his ears.     Free love? ?     The kind of free love where he forces the other’s father into a marriage contract by hijacking him?     ——How did this person say such shameless words with a straight face?     At this moment,Continue reading “Chapter 78: ABO”