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Chapter 22: Garbage Star

The elite warships that survived in the interception were stationed at the edge of the laser minefield to deal with the Alliance’s increasingly frequent sneak attacks and invasions. Therefore, when the radar detected an unfamiliar ship approaching, they were ready to fight. To everyone’s surprise, the familiar serial number displayed when the ship came inContinue reading “Chapter 22: Garbage Star”

Chapter 21: Garbage Star

Hall listened carefully to the flustered and incoherent description of the Second Medical Research Center manager and then replied briefly and forcefully:     “Okay, I know.”     Before the other party could answer, he turned off the communication device, took a deep breath and slowly raised his head:     “So, what doContinue reading “Chapter 21: Garbage Star”

Chapter 20: Garbage Star

On the way to the medical research institute, Ge Xiu curled up in his seat listlessly, with his chin resting on his knees in a drowsy posture, too lazy to move one bit the entire way.     Lulai didn’t seem to mind it.     He sat not far away with his eyes closed,Continue reading “Chapter 20: Garbage Star”

Chapter 19: Garbage Star

Ge Xiu leaned against the wall of the isolation chamber, put his chin on his knees and scanned his diagnosis results in a glance.     Lulai stared fixedly at him.     His eye sockets were deep, his high and sharp brow bones cast deep shadows and his thin lips were pressed tightly. AlthoughContinue reading “Chapter 19: Garbage Star”

Chapter 18: Garbage Star

The virtual image constructed by electronic data had disappeared. The huge Alliance starship was stationed motionlessly on the flat terrain between two garbage mountains. On the blue-grey dirty sky towered the greyish arc of an extinguished star on the horizon, like an deathly eye, looking down at the world.    At the beginning, only sparse black spotsContinue reading “Chapter 18: Garbage Star”

Chapter 17: Garbage Star

Ge Xiu struggled through the knee-deep garbage dump, followed by the crew.    After spending such a long time on the garbage star, everyone’s clothes became dirty and tattered, exuding a familiar rancid smell, integrating them with the dirty surface of the entire planet. The group of people was like ants, about to be submerged in aContinue reading “Chapter 17: Garbage Star”

Chapter 16: Garbage Star

  The adjutant realized that he was actually frightened by a skinny beggar, he couldn’t help but become irritated, raised his hand and slammed the half-open door open with the butt of his rifle and rudely rebuked: “We’re following instructions of the Alliance to search for fugitives! If you don’t cooperate you will be suspected ofContinue reading “Chapter 16: Garbage Star”

Chapter 15: Garbage Star

    When the positioning of the ship that Ge Xiu was driving suddenly disappeared from the galaxy chart, Lulai was having a routine tactical meeting.    His gaze swept across his smart brain inadvertently, but his eyes were drawn to the burning bright red alarm. It almost immediately grabbed all of Lulai’s attention, making him lose consciousness forContinue reading “Chapter 15: Garbage Star”

Chapter 14: Garbage Star

There was boundless rubbish as far as the eye could see and the dirty air was filled with the stench on the level of bio-chemical weapons.    The hatch opened.    The crew stood on their two legs as soft as noodles and rushed out of the burned incomplete ship door unsteadily and then began to vomit wildly, feelingContinue reading “Chapter 14: Garbage Star”

Chapter 13: Garbage Star

    The meeting came to an end.    In the final Lulai’s strategic policy he not only adopted Ge Xiu’s cunning and innovative conspiracy plan, but also made a careful and comprehensive plan for the next possible battle. In the end, he methodically assigned to his subordinates fleets and missions, then ended this meeting.    Everyone took their orders toContinue reading “Chapter 13: Garbage Star”