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Chapter 91: Telling A Story

    Archibald sat very close to Yany Yang and had been paying attention to Yang Yang’s situation, so he could hear Little Whitebelly’s words clearly.     Archibald’s face immediately turned cold, he stopped talking and turned his head to look over.     Little Whitebelly trembled a little under his gaze, but heContinue reading “Chapter 91: Telling A Story”

Chapter 90: Will You Die?

    Hearing Kami’s accusation, the person who led the chase were also very embarrassed, and quickly explained: “We just wanted to check if she had been injured and change her clothes, but she didn’t listen to anything and ran away when she saw a gap. We were afraid an accident would happen in theContinue reading “Chapter 90: Will You Die?”

Chapter 89: Catch the Cat

    Scarface didn’t reveal where his village was, but reminded Archibald that the aircraft couldn’t go there, they could only walk on foot.     Archibald had no objection.     And so, the group of “handicaps” limped towards the mysterious village with the unconscious men on their backs.     …    Continue reading “Chapter 89: Catch the Cat”

Chapter 88: The Village

    The person outside was crying so loudly that Yang Yang could hear it clearly in the aircraft.     Similarly, Archibald, who was crushing weaklings, could also hear clearly.     Archibald kicked down Scarface so that he couldn’t get up temporarily and walked towards the aircraft.     Seeing this, Little Whitebelly’sContinue reading “Chapter 88: The Village”

Chapter 87: The Same

    Yang Yang was occupied watching Archibald’s situation from the aircraft, only when he heard the sound from the aircraft bulkhead he raised his head and looked outside.     Then he saw a small beast-shaped Lester standing on the hood of the aircraft, looking at him curiously with its head tilted.    Continue reading “Chapter 87: The Same”

Chapter 86: Roth: What Has This Baby Done To Deserve That!!

    The giant-clawed bird, a large solitary bird and beast that lives near the sea and cliffs, had a strong sense of territory. Only once food became scarce in winter, the giant-clawed bird would leave its territory and go out to hunt for food.     Although not good at long-distance flying, the giant-clawedContinue reading “Chapter 86: Roth: What Has This Baby Done To Deserve That!!”

Chapter 85: Oh No

    After getting along for a day, Yang Yang found that Kami was actually very easy to take care of.     Her tendency to cry and fear of strangers were all based on one foundation— a nearby source of soul power she could feel that was strong enough to make her afraid. SuchContinue reading “Chapter 85: Oh No”

Chapter 84: The Little Follower

    Archibald was not good at dealing with small children, especially crying ones.     So after greeting everyone, Archibald checked the time and upon seeing that there were still three hours before dinner, he went to the training room first.     In the living room, only Yang Yang, Fu Qing and KamiContinue reading “Chapter 84: The Little Follower”

Chapter 83: Fu Qing & Kami

    Last day of tourist season.     After Abel and his party came to the Old Emperor Star, Yang Yang’s schedule was full.     But it could be regarded as a small relief.     First of all, that strange chip.     With the help of Ya Qing, the research instituteContinue reading “Chapter 83: Fu Qing & Kami”

Chapter 82: The Huge Gift of Love Package!

    Monta had something to tell them. Gu Lita had called him, saying that Byrd’s father would arrive at Old Emperor Star at noon tomorrow and asked him to inform Byrd and Yang Yang to pick them up on time.     Although after the previous “learning materials email” incident, Yang Yang realized thatContinue reading “Chapter 82: The Huge Gift of Love Package!”