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Chapter 95: ABO

    Ge Xiu was slightly startled.     In fact, he has never tried to hide the difference between him and Iris since entering this world.     That’s because in his opinion, it’s a virtual world, everything here was carefully created from data kingdom, and it will disappear after he is forced toContinue reading “Chapter 95: ABO”

Chapter 94: ABO

     On the huge training ground, only the backup power supply above their heads was sizzling, struggling to work.     The ear-piercing scraping sounds of Zerg’s claws attacking and scratching the outer wall reverberated in the open field, it felt as if the sound surrounded them from all directions, causing people’s scalp toContinue reading “Chapter 94: ABO”

Chapter 93: ABO

    After five years, the insect tide attacked again.     The insect tide this time caused an uproar in the entire federation—such situation was too unbelievable and sensational. A Zerg swarm was able to bypass the border defense line set up by the Federation, and also did not alert any other planets andContinue reading “Chapter 93: ABO”

Chapter 92: ABO

    Ge Xiu felt as if he was falling endlessly.     As if being dragged down into the deep sea by invisible gravity, all the sounds were left blocked above the distant water surface, it felt as his heartbeat was the only sound remaining.     Gurgling bubbles brushed past his ears andContinue reading “Chapter 92: ABO”

Chapter 91: ABO

    The entire training ground was dead silent, and only the overlaying sound of the Zergs’ claws scratching on the steel ceiling could be heard, echoing in the huge and empty space.     Omega lowered his eyes and looked down at them, a pair of dark eyes gleaming with a dazzling cold light,Continue reading “Chapter 91: ABO”

Chapter 90: ABO

    “What?” Haines asked coldly, “Do you want to be kicked out?”     Joseph: “…”     Sorry to bother you.     You guys continue.     As they were talking, the two mechas had already broken through the Zerg’s encirclement and rushed towards the edge of the sky like lightning.    Continue reading “Chapter 90: ABO”

Chapter 89: ABO

    The ear-piercing sirens echoed in the night sky.     From the dark sky above came a strange buzzing sound, and the scratching sound that was painful to the ears sounded from all directions, but the night scene in front of them was still seemed calm and peaceful, and only the pervasive andContinue reading “Chapter 89: ABO”

Chapter 88: ABO

    Detecting the value of a pheromone match wasn’t complicated.     In fact, most people just go to the relevant institution to test their pheromones after the differentiation period, and their mate selection criteria will often be based on this. An Omega and alpha who were engaged in an arranged marriage would alsoContinue reading “Chapter 88: ABO”

Chapter 87: ABO

    Ge Xiu frowned in disbelief:     “But… why could I vaguely smell your pheromone before, but it only had such a big impact on me tonight?”     “I don’t know.” Haines shrugged: “It may take some testing to figure it out.”     After all, an Omega that differentiated early onContinue reading “Chapter 87: ABO”

Chapter 86: ABO

    The fading haze gradually engulfed the twilight, and the last lingering aftertaste of the setting sun melted into the dark night sky.     Ge Xiu looked away from the silver-white mecha and turned to look at Haines standing beside him.     He narrowed his eyes slightly, there was a fire sparkling inContinue reading “Chapter 86: ABO”