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Chapter 75: ABO

     In the end, young people’s bodies are durable and can withstand the toss.     Coupled with the best medical care, Ge Xiu’s injuries recovered quickly. Although Admiral Drost still hoped that he would go recover for a while at home, but under Ge Xiu’s strong request, he finally relented and reluctantly agreedContinue reading “Chapter 75: ABO”

Chapter 74: ABO

  Ge Xiu: “…”     He was silent for a while, then slowly asked: “Wait…what?”     Admiral Drost also knew how absurd this matter sounded.     He still remembered how his face had contorted in shock and disbelief when Haines made this astounding request.     Moreover, even in this situation, theContinue reading “Chapter 74: ABO”

Chapter 73: ABO

    Igor was hastily called back from the army.     He was a tall alpha with a handsome face and an extraordinary appearance.     As a genius in the Mecha Piloting Department of the Mecha Academy, Igor was currently undergoing combat training in the Federal Military Reserve Army and would officially joinContinue reading “Chapter 73: ABO”

Chapter 72: ABO

    This was the last scene that appeared on the screen.     The next second, the live broadcast was cut off.     Avery sucked in a breath of cold air, and as if he still couldn’t recover from the impact he stared blankly at the dark screen in front of him:  Continue reading “Chapter 72: ABO”

Chapter 71: ABO

    Ge Xiu quickly reached the area where the spare spaceships were parked.     The cabin was full of countless spare spaceships of the same size.     He chose one and carefully unlocked it by bypassing the hatch’s automatic countermeasure system.     However, the moment Ge Xiu stepped into the cabinContinue reading “Chapter 71: ABO”

Chapter 70: ABO

    Ge Xiu felt as if his head had been smashed by a heavy hammer, his consciousness drifted in waves, severe pain came from his body, and all his muscles and bones were overworked and creaked under the pressure and the sutured wound on the back of his neck was especially painful.    Continue reading “Chapter 70: ABO”

Chapter 68: ABO

    At this moment, Ge Xiu felt buzzing in his ears, as if something had been roughly forced into his brain.     An unfamiliar stream of information flooded his mind instantly.     Including the structure of this world, what were Zergs, and the three genders: Alphas, Betas and Omegas and even… hisContinue reading “Chapter 68: ABO”