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Chapter 186: The Last World

    Dark shadow: “…”     In the next second, before Ge Xiu could do anything else, he heard a shrill scream coming from the shadow lying on his shoulder, the terrifying wail piercing through the darkness at once.     Ge Xiu felt his shoulder lighten up.     The fuzzy dark shadowContinue reading “Chapter 186: The Last World”

Chapter 185: The Last World

    The uneven road winded under the gloomy sky.     The surrounding were devoid of life and desolate.     Among the dirty earth, stones and weeds, there were only several small and crooked earthen houses, with thin and dilapidated door panels and dark windows, seeming like lifeless eyes.     Ge XiuContinue reading “Chapter 185: The Last World”

Chapter 184: The Last World

    Cheng Xiao asked: “When is your next game?”     “There’s a next game?” Ge Xiu was a little surprised.     “…” Cheng Xiao looked at Ge Xiu with a complicated expression and then said, “Did you think it’d be over after one time?”     Ge Xiu: “…”     HeContinue reading “Chapter 184: The Last World”

Chapter 183: The Last World

    ten minutes later.     Ear-piercing screeching and wailing resounded throughout the apartment building, the eyes hidden in the walls frantically rolled and turned, black-red rancid blood gurgled from the cut wounds, soaking the dirty floor. They were staring at the young man standing in the corridor with both deep hatred and fearContinue reading “Chapter 183: The Last World”

Chapter 182: The Last World

    Chen Jian was taken aback, not quite understanding: “…what?”     Ge Xiu didn’t speak, but answered him with practical actions.     “Crack” There was a clear sound of glass breaking from the other end of the corridor. The young man standing beside shook off the remaining glass shards on his clothesContinue reading “Chapter 182: The Last World”

Chapter 181: The Last World

    The surrounding darkness was sticky and dense, like some kind of tangible entity, oppressing heavily from all directions.     In the hazy chaos, another person’s sense of existence became particularly vivid.     The man’s hand is cold.     The chilling touch transferred through the thin clothes and pressed against GeContinue reading “Chapter 181: The Last World”

Chapter 180: The Last World

    The fifth floor was dark and the long corridor seemed endless.     Dark red mottled traces were spreading on the blue-gray wallpaper, looked very abrupt under the flickering lights.     It was an exact copy of the downstairs layout.     Rooms 501-504 were arranged in sequence in the silent corridor,Continue reading “Chapter 180: The Last World”

Chapter 179: The Last World

    The rose had a slender stem and gorgeous petals, bright red and delicate, as if they were watered with blood.    Ge Xiu was stunned for a moment, then he looked up to watch closer the room in front of him.     The room was empty, the lights were as bright asContinue reading “Chapter 179: The Last World”

Chapter 178: The Last World

    The woman’s face was pale, a pair of muddy eyes gleamed with a weird blue-gray luster and under the dim light her features seemed distorted and blurred, as if randomly painted—on that mask-like stiff face, that expression resembling shyness looked extremely weird and abrupt.     She reached out to take the kitchenContinue reading “Chapter 178: The Last World”

Chapter 177: The Last World

    The man who was staring at Ge Xiu in a daze suddenly came to his senses hearing his voice.     He raised his head and looked at the lit up residential building in the dark, his unshaven face was stained with a gloomy expression.     Seeing such a strange scene, theContinue reading “Chapter 177: The Last World”