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Chapter 139: The Zombie Emperor

    Xie Shili lowered his head, looking at the two crystal stones handed to him, and fell into silence.     He looked up at the high-level zombie in front of him.     The other was still expressionless, but those pale gray eyes flashed inexplicably, as if expressing —Is it good now?  Continue reading “Chapter 139: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 138: the Zombie Emperor

    Xie Shili stared at the empty doorway in astonishment.     The faint blue ice cone remained hovering in the air, but the enemy before the ice spike had long since disappeared without a trace.     A few minutes later.     There were familiar dragging footsteps that belonged only to zombiesContinue reading “Chapter 138: the Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 137: The Zombie Emperor

    Ge Xiu walked towards the dilapidated building.     The already worn out soles of his shoes made a dragging and monotonous sound on the ground, echoing in the narrow, dark corridor.     He sniffed the smell in the air, and following it to the source, walked towards one of the roomsContinue reading “Chapter 137: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor

    G Xiu walked slowly down the empty street.     Dragging and monotonous footsteps echoed between the dead buildings, overturned vehicles on the side of the road were splattered with dark dried blood, whispers of the wind swept over the ruined city.     Ge Xiu walked forward aimlessly.     He wasContinue reading “Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 135: The Zombie Emperor

    The murky eyes of the walking corpses turned and looked in unison in the direction of the sound, their gray pupils were filled with terrifying greed and endless hunger.     The hoarse roars echoed between the buildings, making one’s scalp tingle with chill.     The originally stiff and sluggish limbs suddenlyContinue reading “Chapter 135: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 134: The Zombie Emperor

    The young man slowly opened his eyes.     World before his eyes seemed to be shrouded in a hazy mist, the light and shadow were intertwined, and nothing could be seen clearly.     He moved his head.     There was a rusty rubbing sound when he moved his neck, creekContinue reading “Chapter 134: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 133: The Zombie Emperor

    It was already… the third world without a break.     Three uninterrupted worlds in a row?     Ge Xiu frowned and sat up, turning his head to scan the whole room.     His eyes swept over the broken tables and chairs scattered on the ground, the swarms of flies buzzingContinue reading “Chapter 133: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 132: Meow

    In midst of dust and smoke, the giant wolf’s pupils suddenly shrank, his breathing stopped for a moment.     All of a sudden, as if time froze in place, everything stood still.     The scarlet vertical pupils were like bloody sea and the small black cat’s figure was reflected at theContinue reading “Chapter 132: Meow”

Chapter 131: Meow meow

    thump.     The ceiling shook violently.     Dust and stones crumbled down and fell to the ground in small pieces, making a rustling noise.     Ge Xiu got abruptly woken up from his sleep.     A more violent wave of shaking came again, as cracks began to appear inContinue reading “Chapter 131: Meow meow”

Chapter 130: Meow meow meow

    Wu Zhuowen was very efficient.     The simple laboratory that Ge Xiu had assembled before had been fully transported to the bunker, all the sophisticated equipment he listed was being gradually moved into his laboratory over time.     During this time, Ge Xiu had been immersed in researching the effects ofContinue reading “Chapter 130: Meow meow meow”