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Chapter 176: The Last World

    It took a month for the world to fall apart.     One month, not too long and not too short.     Ge Xiu looked up at the dark blue night sky. High above on the sky dotted with countless stars, white cracks resembling spider web were spreading. If one listened carefully,Continue reading “Chapter 176: The Last World”

Chapter 175: The Fairy Tale World

    The wind whipped up clouds and waves, splashing into the dark gloomy sky.     The wings of the giant dragon were like sharp shadows tearing through the sky. The thick black clouds were torn apart by the sharp edges of the bone wings.     The black-robed wizard was hidden in theContinue reading “Chapter 175: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 174: The Fairy Tale World

    The dragon’s wound was right at the most vulnerable chest and under the unhealed scales was where whole power of the dragon was concentrated.     His current state made it easy for those with malicious intentions to take advantage of and the black-robed wizard obviously aimed for the heart of the dragon.Continue reading “Chapter 174: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 173: The Fairy Tale World

    The heart hidden deep in the chest was soft and hot, beating regularly under his palm—     “Badump” “Badump”.     Ge Xiu’s breath choked in his throat.     For a moment, his mind went blank.     The smooth golden lines on the opponent’s body blinded his eyes and graduallyContinue reading “Chapter 173: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 172: The Fairy Tale World

    The dragon slowly lowered its flying height.     He hovered slowly above the ruins, the airflow brought by the huge wings kicked up the charred ashes, the intersection of the hazy sky and the dark ground showed a chaotic graveyard filled with dead silence.     There was a mess of thoughtsContinue reading “Chapter 172: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 171: The Fairy Tale World

    Ge Xiu finally recovered from the muddleheaded state.     He turned his head to the side, raised his hand to rub his eyes, and said in a slightly hoarse voice his voice:     “…it’s nothing, I just fell down accidentally.”     However the big dragon was still worried, he pickedContinue reading “Chapter 171: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 170: The Fairly Tale World

    Ge Xiu stared restlessly at the old book opened in front of him.     The words on it unwounded into meaningless lines on the yellowed and old paper, twisting and winding, making one’s dizzy.     “Patter.”     A drop of water fell from the tip of his half-dried hair, sinkingContinue reading “Chapter 170: The Fairly Tale World”

Chapter 169: The Fairy Tale World

    Ge Xiu’s head emerged out of the water.     He stretched out his hand and swept back the soaked hair on his forehead. The light golden eyelashes were moist with water, drooping slightly in strands, the water droplets fell from the tip of the eyelashes, leaving light water marks down his face.Continue reading “Chapter 169: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 168: The Fairy Tale World

    Ge Xiu was taken aback and looked up.     The man in front of him was tall and towering, with long black hair hanging down on his strong and broad shoulders, the lowered eyelids above the deep unfathomable eyes, his upper body was full of oppressive markings with clear texture and scarletContinue reading “Chapter 168: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 167: The Fairy Tale World

    As the days passed, the king and queen of the Kingdom of Esther were still waiting eagerly for the return of their daughter kidnapped by the dragon, but most of the knights who sailed to rescue the princess never returned.     They waited and waited, but there was still no news fromContinue reading “Chapter 167: The Fairy Tale World”