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Chapter 129: Meow meow meow

    “My name is Wu Zhuowen, my beast form is a snapping turtle.”     The man scratched the dark green scales on his face and introduced himself.     “Chen Ziyan.” Ge Xiu answered concisely.     He stared at the teenager sitting opposite him, his probing gaze swept over the fluffy pointedContinue reading “Chapter 129: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 128: Meow meow meow

    Ge Xiu grabbed Shen Boyan’s coat with his claws, his head restlessly sticking out of his palm:     “Miaomiao?”     Where are we going?     The next second, he felt himself weightless in the air again, and then four paws landed on a mat.     Ge Xiu stumbled, theContinue reading “Chapter 128: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 126: Meow meow meow

    An empty classroom.     The desks and chairs were all stacked up at the back of the classroom, the curtains were closed tight in front of the clear windows, the noisy footsteps and voices from the corridor come through the closed classroom door, appearing vague and distant, as if they were comingContinue reading “Chapter 126: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 114: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The institute was covered in dark clouds.     The plot took a turn for the worse again.     Lu Nan did not become the center of the storm of public pressure as planned. His reputation wasn’t defiled nor was he reviled by thousands of people and was subjected to endless harassmentContinue reading “Chapter 114: Modern Entertainment Circle”