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Chapter 46: The Merman

    The dark glass around him seemed to be slowly getting closer.     Ge Xiu inexplicably felt he couldn’t breathe, and the water flowed quickly in his throat with every breath, but it didn’t relieve this strange feeling of suffocation and oppression at all.     This feeling was strange and familiar… asContinue reading “Chapter 46: The Merman”

Chapter 45: The Merman

    Ge Xiu opened his eyes suddenly.     The cold and narrow steel space greeted his sight, and his eyes were hurt by the 24-hour constant biological light source, tears filled his eyes in an instant.     He turned his head and wanted to raise his hand to block the light, butContinue reading “Chapter 45: The Merman”

Chapter 44: Ragnarök

    Ge Xiu staggered forward, and squatted down in front of a severed arm that had been torn off. He forcibly bent the already stiff and pale fingers, took out the compass needle that was tightly held by the fingers, and gripped it with force.     “Crack.”       The compass cracked, and a pieceContinue reading “Chapter 44: Ragnarök”

Chapter 43: Ragnarök

    Under the high dome, the thin young man seemed to melt into the darkness behind him. His chest was pierced through, and the red blood gushed from the open wound and his mouth, flowing down like a river, converging into streams and lakes.     Elinor’s pupils shrank suddenly.     Violent angerContinue reading “Chapter 43: Ragnarök”

Chapter 42: Ragnarök

   The ammunition made from compressed elements was shooting uncontrollably at the enemy in the front. The light and heat generated when it tore through the air at high speed illuminated the entire cave like a flare. It was simple and crude, but with great lethality. There was no need to load the bullets, itContinue reading “Chapter 42: Ragnarök”

Chapter 41: Ragnarök

   The wolf pup squinted his eyes slightly, looking very comfortable, lying softly in Ge Xiu’s arms, being stroked from the head to the root of the tail, and every part of fluff was relaxed in comfort, almost purring like a cat.     After a long time, Ge Xiu finally managed to take backContinue reading “Chapter 41: Ragnarök”

Chapter 40: Ragnarök

    Ge Xiu couldn’t help but laugh with Elinor’s close intimate way of greeting:     “Don’t make trouble, it’s itchy!”     He raised his hand and pushed the head of the giant wolf, taking advantage of the situation rub his fluffy neck with both hands.     Elinor raised his head andContinue reading “Chapter 40: Ragnarök”

Chapter 39: Ragnarök

   The necromancer sat high on bone throne.     The deep blue ghost fire illuminated the cold and dark cave, water drops consistently dripped down from the stalactites, and fell into the bottomless pool. The countless layers of bones reflected heavy cold light, filled with a dark breath of death.     He neverContinue reading “Chapter 39: Ragnarök”

Chapter 38: Ragnarök

    When Paladin reached that place, only cold moon shining on the empty spot was left.     But the dark element that was so strong that it almost dripped down did not dissipate. The gloomy and sticky feeling pressed heavily on everyone’s chests, clogging their throats like cotton, making people instinctively scared.  Continue reading “Chapter 38: Ragnarök”

Chapter 37: Ragnarök

  The necromancer’s movements stiffened inexplicably.     It was a very strange feeling. As if he lost balance a moment before falling into the abyss, a cold palm suddenly gripped his heart, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of horror.     The pale blue fingers clasped the young man’s white andContinue reading “Chapter 37: Ragnarök”