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Chapter 33: Ragnarök

   Magic-driven puppets and bone dragons transported a huge number of rune stones to the location marked on the scroll. Dark mages chanted mantras all the time in the mage tower as a huge stream of elements rushed onto the wastelands, roaring like a wave.     The huge binding circle spread out, and withContinue reading “Chapter 33: Ragnarök”

Chapter 32: Ragnarök

    This was the first time Ge Xiu saw the place above the abyss.     It was a vast expanse of desolate, dark, scorched earth, with rough rocks everywhere, and the hills and mountains and the abyss criss-crossed on the flat surface like hideous and ugly scars.     The blood moon hungContinue reading “Chapter 32: Ragnarök”

Chapter 31: Ragnarök

    Ge Xiu woke up before the blood moon arrived.     He looked at the dark and cold sky outside the cave and blinked with a blank expression. He couldn’t remember how he fell asleep.     Ge Xiu got up, and pulled the skin of his neck, he couldn’t help but suckContinue reading “Chapter 31: Ragnarök”

Chapter 30: Ragnarök

    Ariyust, feeds on fear, has no protective shell, the mucus covering the body is corrosive, and the weakness is its heart.     The sharp blade formed by the condensed dark element cut open its belly, gently swirled  into its body amidst the sizzling sound of corrosion, and cut fiercely into the stillContinue reading “Chapter 30: Ragnarök”

Chapter 29: Ragnarök

    The blood moon disappeared behind the dark edge of the cliff, the narrow streak of sky above his head still had a faint reddish hue.     A silver-gray shadow swished through the gradually dimming shadow, like a fast and silent breeze, sliding through the gasp between the stone wall and the ground.Continue reading “Chapter 29: Ragnarök”

Chapter 28: Ragnarök

The agonising pain exploded in the body, releasing astonishing energy and heat. Something inside his chest was writhing and crawling, struggling to break through the shackles of blood and flesh.     Ge Xiu hit the back of his head with strong force on the stone wall behind him, his whole body stiffened and trembled,Continue reading “Chapter 28: Ragnarök”

Chapter 27: Ragnarök

Elinor stared at the heart in front of him.     The bloody food that was still beating stimulated his senses, abundant saliva began to secrete in his mouth, the instinct of a beast urged him to eat.     The power of light remaining in the body clamoured in his mind.     OfContinue reading “Chapter 27: Ragnarök”

Chapter 26: Ragnarök

 Elinor* opened his eyes in the darkness.     For a while, he didn’t know where he was.     Until the painful burning wounds on his back and belly awakened his reason, coldly and cruelly establishing facts into his mind.     Now, he was finally awake.     Elinor could clearly smell theContinue reading “Chapter 26: Ragnarök”

Chapter 25: Ragnarök

Ge Xiu opened his eyes.     He lowered his head and carefully examined his open fingers.     White, clean, with well-proportioned bones, intact.     From his fingertips to his palms, they were coated in a faint red mist, it was hard to tell whether it was moonlight or blood.     TheContinue reading “Chapter 25: Ragnarök”

Chapter 24: Ragnarök*

Ge Xiu stayed in this world for five years.     He drove the Leviathan to an unknown galaxy in a desolate civilization. The remains of the war left by the Alliance expansion war were left far behind.     They crossed the edge of the world known to mankind, and an even wider seaContinue reading “Chapter 24: Ragnarök*”