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Chapter 153: The Zombie Emperor

    Thousands of zombies rushed towards the base, their rotting faces close together, converging into a big black tide. On the mutilated faces, the gray and cloudy eyeballs shone with terrifying and frantic light.     The hungry roars and sound of dragging feet mixed together, making one’s scalp tingle.     The turbulentContinue reading “Chapter 153: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 79: Not Even a Vinegar Bucket, But Vinegar Spirit

    An hour had passed since Monta finished his porridge, and nothing had happened.     It stood to reason it was a good thing, but Yang Yang was frowning— because Monta not only did not feel uncomfortable, but also did not absorb any soul power.     It had to be known thatContinue reading “Chapter 79: Not Even a Vinegar Bucket, But Vinegar Spirit”

Chapter 152: The Zombie Emperor

    A long time had passed before Ge Xiu finally lost interest in the small half pack of cigarettes.     He looked down at the scraps of paper and shredded tobacco in his hands, guiltily stuffed back the empty cigarette case back into the locker, and then closed it with a “snap”, asContinue reading “Chapter 152: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 151: The Zombie Emperor

    Ge Xiu frowned in confusion and looked down at the cigarette being held between Xie Shili’s fingers.     He raised his eyes and his gaze fell on the other’s lips.     Xie Shili’s lips were very thin, with neat and sharp lines, which caused him to give off a cold oppressiveContinue reading “Chapter 151: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 78: Me, Thick and Long!

    Convalescence area.     Not long after nine o’clock in the morning, there were already crowds of people outside the Garrison Barbecue Restaurant. Yang Yang turned off the fire and looked over with a gentle smile.     “The porridge is ready, please line up and don’t squeeze.”     After he saidContinue reading “Chapter 78: Me, Thick and Long!”

Chapter 150: The Zombie Emperor

    Piercing scream came to his ears.     Ge Xiu opened his eyes.     The driver’s seat was empty. Xie Shili seemed to have left a while ago, as his smell in the compartment had become blurred and hard to discern.     Ge Xiu rested his palms on the seat andContinue reading “Chapter 150: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 149: The Zombie Emperor

    The fire blazed high, dyeing half of the sky a fiery bright red.     The turbulent flames were precisely controlled within a very limited range, but then, the next second, chilling ice spread through the same place and the sound of cracking ice resounded throughout the block. The flames, which were soContinue reading “Chapter 149: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 77: Marshmallow Observation Diary

    Abel was kicked out of the poker game by He Shu for giving these gifts, and then he opened a separate chat alone and took him aside for “tutoring”.     And Archibald also understood the true meaning of these “educational films” after hearing Gu Lita’s ridicule.     Archibald was shocked —Continue reading “Chapter 77: Marshmallow Observation Diary”

Chapter 148: The Zombie Emperor

    The young man’s head was tilted slightly, exposing his slender neck, the blue meandering veins could be faintly seen under the skin.     Xie Shili was dumbfounded at once.     The soft lines of the nape extended down to the neckline of the sweater. The pitch-black fabric strongly contrasted with unhealthyContinue reading “Chapter 148: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 147: The Zombie Emperor

    “Pata”.     A gray-white nuclei fell to the ground, rolled twice on the ground, and then stopped.     Along with it, a few off white crystals were laying scattered in the dust.     Xie Shili opened his eyes.     He slowly stretched out his hand, and cluster of scorchingContinue reading “Chapter 147: The Zombie Emperor”