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Chapter 173: The Fairy Tale World

    The heart hidden deep in the chest was soft and hot, beating regularly under his palm—     “Badump” “Badump”.     Ge Xiu’s breath choked in his throat.     For a moment, his mind went blank.     The smooth golden lines on the opponent’s body blinded his eyes and graduallyContinue reading “Chapter 173: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 163: The Fairy Tale World

    So full.     Ge Xiu leaned against the rock, narrowing his eyes contentedly.     The bonfire beside him was blazing, dazzling fire scattering light in the surrounding night.     The island was windy and the surrounding trees were rustling in the wind, their branches were swaying, casting shadows under theContinue reading “Chapter 163: The Fairy Tale World”

Chapter 162: The Fairy Tale World

    “Haa…”     Ge Xiu suddenly opened his eyes.     The sky was spinning, the darkness in his vision had not subsided, his ears were filled with buzzing.     He groped towards his waist with difficulty, tore open the dress with his trembling fingers, and then violently tore off the drawstringContinue reading “Chapter 162: The Fairy Tale World”