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DTLH: Chapter 5

Translator: THISBRO Proofreader: Khun Chapter 5: “Doesn’t our king have white hair?” “No, wait.” Ansel didn’t just let this pass, “this goal of taking over The Highest Heaven…” Unfortunately, the Demon King’s explanation was interrupted. “Your Majesty! A fight has broken out between the two chiefs of the stone demon clan and the fire demonContinue reading “DTLH: Chapter 5”

DTLH: Chapter 2

Translator: ThatLazyPotato Proofreader: Bao Bao Chapter 2: “It seems like I have touched someone’s horns.” There was long-standing bad blood between Demon King Ansel and Demon King Saros. The demon realm was vast, with the cracks across the land dividing the seven big abyss plates. And such a vast area was governed by three demonContinue reading “DTLH: Chapter 2”

DTLH: Chapter 1

Translator : Bao Bao  Proofreader : THISBRO Chapter 1: He grabbed the corner of the horn on his head and turned it five degrees to the left. *** The author has something to say:The new novel’s out! Same old rules everyone–Enthusiastically welcome our two kings for arriving to assist my writing!This is a western fantasyContinue reading “DTLH: Chapter 1”

The Demon King Took Off His Little Horns [DTLH]

Chinese Title: 魔王摘下了他的小犄角 <- support the author! Author: 羽萌 Chapters: 231 Synopsis:  300 years after becoming the Demon King, the war angel Ansel faced a serious problem during a certain expedition. ——His halo grew out once again. Ansel picked an auspicious place that was definitely and absolutely unmanned, and while cursing, he simply and skillfullyContinue reading “The Demon King Took Off His Little Horns [DTLH]”