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Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry

    The familiar siren resounded throughout the Institute once again.     The director who had been watching on the side hurried over. He frowned and asked: “What happened?     Researcher with a pale face responded:     “He…. messed the entire plot again….”     “What?” The director was shocked: “Wasn’t theContinue reading “Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry”

Chapter 99: Modern Entertainment Circle

    three hours later.     The director rested his elbows on his thighs, collapsed and buried his face in his palms, falling into contemplation in despair.     He’s a director who specialized in low-quality web dramas. He has never had much requirements for the quality of the plot and the acting skillsContinue reading “Chapter 99: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 96: Modern Entertainment Circle

    “No—!”     Ge Xiu shouted hoarsely, opening his eyes suddenly.     In front of him was a cold, white ceiling, the metal surface reflecting harsh light.     He lay on the ground dripping with cold sweat, his chest heaving violently with his breathing, and it took him a long timeContinue reading “Chapter 96: Modern Entertainment Circle”