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Chapter 104: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Ge Xiu couldn’t tell how he was feeling right now.     He had thought that he had already figured out the other party’s purpose in the last world. He thought that everything that person had done before was a gentle trap, a conspiracy to keep his mental body in the virtual worldContinue reading “Chapter 104: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 103: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The young man in his arms was pale, cold sweat visible on his forehead.     His lips were tightly closed, the bloodless lips were pressed into a fragile arc, the long eyelashes drooped, casting a dark and deep shadow in the light, the eyes under the half-opened eyelids were unfocused, and hisContinue reading “Chapter 103: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry

    The familiar siren resounded throughout the Institute once again.     The director who had been watching on the side hurried over. He frowned and asked: “What happened?     Researcher with a pale face responded:     “He…. messed the entire plot again….”     “What?” The director was shocked: “Wasn’t theContinue reading “Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry”

Chapter 101: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Soon, the car reached its destination.     Fang Zhengye followed closely behind Ge Xiu and walked inward with him, as if guarding against him because he was afraid that he would suddenly change his mind, turn back, and run away.     Ge Xiu was calm and unmoved.     He didn’tContinue reading “Chapter 101: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 99: Modern Entertainment Circle

    three hours later.     The director rested his elbows on his thighs, collapsed and buried his face in his palms, falling into contemplation in despair.     He’s a director who specialized in low-quality web dramas. He has never had much requirements for the quality of the plot and the acting skillsContinue reading “Chapter 99: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 98: Entertainment Industry Circle

    His subordinates stared astonished at the incredible scene in front of them, and it took them a few seconds to finally react.     They rushed forward in a hurry and pulled the young man who was still waving his fists and feet off his boss.     Zuo Yan coughed twice andContinue reading “Chapter 98: Entertainment Industry Circle”

Chapter 97: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The colourful lights fluctuated with the loud music, appearing even more chaotic and crazy under reflection of countless glasses and drinks.     Under the flickering light, the young man turned his face slightly.     Crowfeather-like eyelashes drooped down, through the black as lacquer pupils swept a ray of light, like aContinue reading “Chapter 97: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 96: Modern Entertainment Circle

    “No—!”     Ge Xiu shouted hoarsely, opening his eyes suddenly.     In front of him was a cold, white ceiling, the metal surface reflecting harsh light.     He lay on the ground dripping with cold sweat, his chest heaving violently with his breathing, and it took him a long timeContinue reading “Chapter 96: Modern Entertainment Circle”