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Chapter 62: Teacher Yang’s Enlightenment Class

    After the audio came to an end, Archibald withdrew the light screen in front of Yang Yang and his eyes locked on Yang Yang again.     “Is there anything you’d like to say?”     Yang Yang: “…”     There is quite a lot to say, but you may not beContinue reading “Chapter 62: Teacher Yang’s Enlightenment Class”

Chapter 58: In Love!

  In the conference room of the garrison base, people from all units gathered all together.     The topic of discussion was the regular annual winter camp for freshmen in the military academy, but this year was slightly different — there were boys from age 12 to 16 from scout class, most of whichContinue reading “Chapter 58: In Love!”

Chapter 44: YangYangYang

    The matter of him joining the garrison booth was settled quickly, and the net income would be all be attributed to Yang Yang. In exchange, Archibald asked Yang Yang to supervise the creation of his “identity he joined as” throughout the process.     Yang Yang expressed his pleasure and shared his thoughtsContinue reading “Chapter 44: YangYangYang”

Chapter 41: Soul Cube

    Yang Yang slept until after four o’clock in the afternoon and when he went out to check Archibald was no longer there, but there was a large package in the manor.     Yang Yang was lying on his stomach and looked down when Monta came up. Seeing Yang Yang, Monta breathed aContinue reading “Chapter 41: Soul Cube”

Chapter 40: Door

    Yang Yang’s operation of “making the storm more violent” dragged Monta into the water as he wished, and sent him to the hot search.     Yang Yang looked at the hot search page that popped up in the lower right corner of the screen with a confused look on his face.  Continue reading “Chapter 40: Door”

Chapter 39: Love Quadrangle

    After Old Liang finished giving Monta a punishment, he looked at Yang Yang again.     “The way you observed soul power just now was a little strange. I don’t think you mobilized much soul power. Could you see the amount of soul power contained in the soul essence plant?     YangContinue reading “Chapter 39: Love Quadrangle”

Chapter 84: ABO

    Ge Xiu came to the door of Haines’ residence with a sullen face.     The robot on the side floated over, the blue light swept across his face, an electronically synthesised sweet and gentle voice sounded: “Identity confirmed. Welcome, Mr. Drost.”     The dark door slowly opened in front of him.Continue reading “Chapter 84: ABO”

Chapter 38: Soul Plant Auction

    It took Yang Yang more than 40 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the trading market, and it was very rewarding ——thanks Mr. Monta for being the ATM.     There was only one floor in the trade market, and the whole place was divided into three areas: “plants”, “animals” andContinue reading “Chapter 38: Soul Plant Auction”

Chapter 37: Prenatal Education

    It took a long time finish a drip. Yang Yang was a little bored, so he opened the terminal and started to surf the Internet. As soon as he opened it, the moth group jumped out.     Universe’s Tower Lord: Brother Yang, Brother Yang, Brother Yang! ! !     Universe’s TowerContinue reading “Chapter 37: Prenatal Education”

Chapter 36: Kidnapping The Tail

    When the four people with He Shu came upstairs, all they saw was a half-eaten breakfast, a stunned black panther squatting under the table, and a pile of broken bricks by the wall.     “Byrd? Yang Yang?”     He Shu called twice, but no one responded, there was the sound ofContinue reading “Chapter 36: Kidnapping The Tail”