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Chapter 128: Meow meow meow

    Ge Xiu grabbed Shen Boyan’s coat with his claws, his head restlessly sticking out of his palm:     “Miaomiao?”     Where are we going?     The next second, he felt himself weightless in the air again, and then four paws landed on a mat.     Ge Xiu stumbled, theContinue reading “Chapter 128: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 125: Meow meow meow

    The rolled up sleeves revealed slender arms with pale skin as transparent as paper, blue veins winding underneath were clearly seen, seeming like a noiseless river.     The sharp needle pierced the skin, the syringe was pushed forward softly and the faintly green liquid from the needle was injected into his body.Continue reading “Chapter 125: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 123: Meow meow meow

    The only level three lab in the city was located on its edge.     Fortunately, the city was not overly vast, relative distance to the lab wasn’t too far.     Ge Xiu had already memorized the path to the laboratory during the day. Under the cover of night, he flexibly shuttledContinue reading “Chapter 123: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 120: Meow meow meow

    Gao Cheng shook his head groggily.     There was a hazy darkness in front of him, his ears were filled with buzzing sound, his brain felt like filled with cotton, sluggish unable to think.     Where was… he?     What happened?     He blinked forcefully, and the fog thatContinue reading “Chapter 120: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 118: Meow meow meow

    In fact, Ge Xiu really wanted to leave.     He took advantage of Shen Boyan’s absence today to do a lot of things.     After learning the basic setting of this world, Ge Xiu found a hat from Shen Boyan’s closet, covered his ears, hid his tail in the loose pants,Continue reading “Chapter 118: Meow meow meow”