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Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor

    G Xiu walked slowly down the empty street.     Dragging and monotonous footsteps echoed between the dead buildings, overturned vehicles on the side of the road were splattered with dark dried blood, whispers of the wind swept over the ruined city.     Ge Xiu walked forward aimlessly.     He wasContinue reading “Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 127: Meow meow meow

    A strange feeling swept through like a tsunami.     Ge Xiu felt his scalp explode, the numb and sore feeling spread through his body along his veins and muscles, all the bones in his body softened, only a faint grunt subconsciously sounded out of his throat.     His voice was softContinue reading “Chapter 127: Meow meow meow”

Chapter 60: A Date

    After watching Archibald and Monta leave, Yang Yang stood in the room looking at the dessert in his hands.     —It wasn’t a dream.     Black panther Roth walked over from one side, stood on hind legs and put his head on the table. He started puzzledly at the box ofContinue reading “Chapter 60: A Date”