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Chapter 64: Revenge

    Roth was an AI, which was rather different from Soul Cube’s “bound to the soul” existence. It was an existence closer to the master-servant contract relationship, like Bean Sprout.     The only difference from Bean Sprout was that the contract between Roth and Yang Yang couldn’t be voided, so it will liveContinue reading “Chapter 64: Revenge”

Chapter 63: Crack

    Yang Yang could see that Archibald attached great importance to getting married. Yang Yang didn’t know where did his awareness of “getting married as soon as the relationship is determined” came from, but Yang Yang couldn’t agree to this for the time being.     Yang Yang emotionally reasoned with Archibald: “Of courseContinue reading “Chapter 63: Crack”

Chapter 61: Large Scale Car Overturn Scene*

*大型翻车现场 internet buzzword meaning large scale humiliation/embarrassment scene     Yang Yang called He Shu and Gu Lita, but no one answered, so Yang Yang sent them a message.     The car drove for about a quarter of an hour before they arrived at the restaurant that Archibald had reserved.     The restaurantContinue reading “Chapter 61: Large Scale Car Overturn Scene*”

Chapter 60: A Date

    After watching Archibald and Monta leave, Yang Yang stood in the room looking at the dessert in his hands.     —It wasn’t a dream.     Black panther Roth walked over from one side, stood on hind legs and put his head on the table. He started puzzledly at the box ofContinue reading “Chapter 60: A Date”

Chapter 59: Monta: ???

    Although Archibald confirmed that he liked Yang Yang and was possessive over him, it did not mean that he could fall in love with Yang Yang immediately, because there was still a roadblock in front of him… No, not Monta.     It doesn’t matter to Archibald whether Monta likes Yang Yang —Continue reading “Chapter 59: Monta: ???”

Chapter 58: In Love!

  In the conference room of the garrison base, people from all units gathered all together.     The topic of discussion was the regular annual winter camp for freshmen in the military academy, but this year was slightly different — there were boys from age 12 to 16 from scout class, most of whichContinue reading “Chapter 58: In Love!”

Chapter 57: My Wife

    Yang Yang’s porridge unsurprisingly became a hot topic, and it goes without saying that any knowledgable person would realise its quality and easily absorbable soul power. But unexpectedly, Yang Yang’s porridge was even more famous among ordinary people.     The cause was a little Youtu popular celebrity. She came to Old EmperorContinue reading “Chapter 57: My Wife”

Chapter 55: Confession

    There are many tourists in the name of Duke Mu this year, and naturally there are also many people who eat melons on the spot.     So after the “Butler Yang” fell off his horse*, more and more tourists came to the store to watch. *revealed identity     Yang Yang wasContinue reading “Chapter 55: Confession”

Chapter 54: The Opening Day

    It was the opening day today and when Yang Yang opened his eyes, he found out that it was snowing outside.     Yang Yang wasn’t fond of snow. In the last days of the apocalypse, snow often meant more deaths and he himself starved to death in the snow. Although he wasContinue reading “Chapter 54: The Opening Day”

Chapter 53: Love Education

    Yang Yang actually woke up with that laugh, but in the Soul Cube.     One second, he was holding the big tail in his hand, the next second his hand was empty. Yang Yang looked at the empty palm with some regret. But as soon as the regret was born, it wasContinue reading “Chapter 53: Love Education”