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Chapter 32: Tactic Understanding

    There appeared some changes in the Soul Cube, the amount of clouds in the air have increased, and Yang Yang was also wrapped in them, slowly floating in the air.     Yang Yang looked up at the floating soul power, was stunned for a few seconds, and then asked blankly: “Why didContinue reading “Chapter 32: Tactic Understanding”

Chapter 31: Severing the Relationship

    Yang Yang didn’t want to have a runny nose, after all, it didn’t look good. But Archibald torn his face so simply and fast* that he drew his gun just after a few words. *干脆利落, lit neat and tidy, meaning simple and refreshing way     Yang Yang didn’t even get to warmContinue reading “Chapter 31: Severing the Relationship”

Chapter 30: Tearing the Face

    The next day, the first thing Yang Yang did after waking up was to eat melon.     At 8 o’clock, Zhou Hua’s group official blog issued a statement. The statement did not directly claim the “innuendo” allegations of the Duke and Monta, but aimed at the “rumour makers” and asked them toContinue reading “Chapter 30: Tearing the Face”

Chapter 29: Prelude

    When Yang Yang came out of the storage room, he looked at Gu Lita with awe.     Gu Lita raised her eyebrows, “Are you satisfied?”     Yang Yang nodded again and again, and showed his filial piety by giving his own preserved fruit, “You worked hard, Auntie Gu.”     GuContinue reading “Chapter 29: Prelude”

Chapter 28: Warm Up Before Tearing the Face

   A quarter of an hour later, Ashburn and Rong Hui came over, with the black panther following them.     As he took a closer look, he realized that the black panther was really big. If the length of the tail is counted, it is estimated that the Yang Yang lying down is aboutContinue reading “Chapter 28: Warm Up Before Tearing the Face”

Chapter 27: Black Panther

    Leaving the command room, Yang Yang couldn’t help shaking his reddened hand—how did this guy grew so big? His muscles were as hard as iron.     Dislike.* *嫌弃 – disgust, aversion, dislike     Yang Yang rolled his eyes, recalled the photo he just took, took the one with the family crestContinue reading “Chapter 27: Black Panther”

Chapter 26: Old Emperor Star

   In fact, Yang Yang’s role in dealing with Zhou Hua was just fuelling the flames. This was the script he arranged for himself.     ——Of course, after He Shu made up his mind to tear up his face with the Zhou Hua family, he too wanted to cut off ties with Zhou Hua.Continue reading “Chapter 26: Old Emperor Star”

Chapter 25: Enter V notification

  Roth also realized that something was wrong, so hurriedly looked through the recorded cases.  As he looked at it, sure enough, he found some similar accidents*. *门道 – lit. doorway, meaning a way of doing things or a method.   Roth: 【I checked the information, there is no difference in the loss of control of the dislocatedContinue reading “Chapter 25: Enter V notification”

Chapter 24: Caught You

  After posting the first Weibo, Yang Yang immediately posted another long Weibo, describing his online dating process with the Duke of Donton and his experience. Among them, he rewrote the story of “Darling took me away from ZH’s house”.   The names of people in the long Weibo were all replaced by abbreviations, but the vest*Continue reading “Chapter 24: Caught You”

Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*

Short summary of time and space for those that have read previous chapters but don’t remember: Yang Yang is on a spaceship on his way to the Duke’s house, he has a new found, not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, ability to see people’s soul power, that’s why Archibald looks like aContinue reading “Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*”