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Chapter 112: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Zuo Yan fulfilled his promise.     Ge Xiu looked around, and saw that all of the materials that had been piled up in a mess in his room had been transported perfectly to the clean and bright studio, where the maze of manuscripts and models in a mess looked particularly abrupt. ItContinue reading “Chapter 112: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 110: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Zuo Yan  stood in the dim stairwell with a gloomy expression and knocked heavily on the door with his knuckles.     After a long time, the sound of slow footsteps came from behind the thin door panel.     Door opened a crack with a small “creak”, and a young man withContinue reading “Chapter 110: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 109: Modern Entertainment Circle

    No one could have imagined that Lu Nan would appear in the eyes of the public again so soon —— moreover through news from a variety show.     When the preview of the guest list was released fans were in uproar.     His previous black material was once again turned overContinue reading “Chapter 109: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 107: Modern Entertainment Circle

    “…”     Ge Xiu fell into silence as he watched the people squatting in a row not far away.     This…     He bought the shares of Star Entertainment Company, got rid of the stumbling block in the company and then took the opportunity to seize power when Wang Xuejiu’sContinue reading “Chapter 107: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 106: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Ge Xiu accepted the change very well.     This kind of role where he can get money without acting is really suitable for him.     He sat beside the set on a small stool with his name on it, and yawned while watching the crowd of actors in cheap costumes comeContinue reading “Chapter 106: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 105: Modern Entertainment Industry

    “Convict No. 7098, please accept the fourth task in this world: sign a keeping contract.”     The familiar electronically synthesised voice sounded in his ears.     Ge Xiu was stunned, his lifted his eyes slightly, his dark pupils flashed under the shadow of his long eyelashes as he quickly swept hisContinue reading “Chapter 105: Modern Entertainment Industry”

Chapter 104: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Ge Xiu couldn’t tell how he was feeling right now.     He had thought that he had already figured out the other party’s purpose in the last world. He thought that everything that person had done before was a gentle trap, a conspiracy to keep his mental body in the virtual worldContinue reading “Chapter 104: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 103: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The young man in his arms was pale, cold sweat visible on his forehead.     His lips were tightly closed, the bloodless lips were pressed into a fragile arc, the long eyelashes drooped, casting a dark and deep shadow in the light, the eyes under the half-opened eyelids were unfocused, and hisContinue reading “Chapter 103: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry

    The familiar siren resounded throughout the Institute once again.     The director who had been watching on the side hurried over. He frowned and asked: “What happened?     Researcher with a pale face responded:     “He…. messed the entire plot again….”     “What?” The director was shocked: “Wasn’t theContinue reading “Chapter 102: Modern Entertainment Industry”

Chapter 101: Modern Entertainment Circle

    Soon, the car reached its destination.     Fang Zhengye followed closely behind Ge Xiu and walked inward with him, as if guarding against him because he was afraid that he would suddenly change his mind, turn back, and run away.     Ge Xiu was calm and unmoved.     He didn’tContinue reading “Chapter 101: Modern Entertainment Circle”