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Chapter 100: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The money collected from that group of people together added up to nearly five to six hundred yuan.     Ge Xiu found a place to simply fill his stomach, then went to a nearby store to buy some indispensable items, picking up on the way two large bags of candy in theContinue reading “Chapter 100: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 99: Modern Entertainment Circle

    three hours later.     The director rested his elbows on his thighs, collapsed and buried his face in his palms, falling into contemplation in despair.     He’s a director who specialized in low-quality web dramas. He has never had much requirements for the quality of the plot and the acting skillsContinue reading “Chapter 99: Modern Entertainment Circle”

Chapter 98: Entertainment Industry Circle

    His subordinates stared astonished at the incredible scene in front of them, and it took them a few seconds to finally react.     They rushed forward in a hurry and pulled the young man who was still waving his fists and feet off his boss.     Zuo Yan coughed twice andContinue reading “Chapter 98: Entertainment Industry Circle”

Chapter 97: Modern Entertainment Circle

    The colourful lights fluctuated with the loud music, appearing even more chaotic and crazy under reflection of countless glasses and drinks.     Under the flickering light, the young man turned his face slightly.     Crowfeather-like eyelashes drooped down, through the black as lacquer pupils swept a ray of light, like aContinue reading “Chapter 97: Modern Entertainment Circle”