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Chapter 143: The Zombie Emperor

    Noisy footsteps could be heard across the nearby shelves as well as the nervous intermitted shouts of the opposite team’s members:     “It’s a mutant zombie!”     Low growling came, as well as sounds of supernatural abilities being used, followed by the sound of shelves collapsing.     Xie Shili’s eyes darkenedContinue reading “Chapter 143: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 74: The Colours Are Different

    Yang Yang didn’t know much about soul power, but he was aware that soul beasts’ soul power was not a safe thing. It could very easily infect Lester people’s soul palace, causing soul power riots that were incurable.     But he also knew that soul beasts’ and soul essence plants’ soul powerContinue reading “Chapter 74: The Colours Are Different”

Chapter 142: The Zombie Emperor

    The mall inside was wrecked and left in a chaotic state.     Most of the shelves had been wiped clean at the beginning of the apocalypse.     Many shelves fell to the ground. Countless trampled products were scattered on the dirty ground. The brand-name bags and watches that were blindly soughtContinue reading “Chapter 142: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 73: Just Beat Me To Death!

    Research Institute, seven floors underground, soul power testing ground.     With a “bang”, the black beast-shaped Lester was overturned and slammed on the ground, the last soul beast simulated intelligent battle armor also exploded into a burst of white smoke and was paralysed on the spot.    Archibald took back his tailContinue reading “Chapter 73: Just Beat Me To Death!”

Chapter 140: The Zombie Emperor

    The city was like a corpse of a beast from steel.     It was set silently on the ground, the fierce north wind howled and rolled through the empty streets whistling between dead dilapidated buildings.     The terrible stench of death wafted in the sun, the whole city was like aContinue reading “Chapter 140: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 139: The Zombie Emperor

    Xie Shili lowered his head, looking at the two crystal stones handed to him, and fell into silence.     He looked up at the high-level zombie in front of him.     The other was still expressionless, but those pale gray eyes flashed inexplicably, as if expressing —Is it good now?  Continue reading “Chapter 139: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 71: The Chapter Title Was Eaten by an Octopus!

    Yang Yang was going to work in the shop the next day, so he woke up early, but once he opened his eyes, Yang Yang realised out that he had been “confined”.     Yang Yang lifted the quilt, stared at the big tail wrapped around his waist, and was silent — thatContinue reading “Chapter 71: The Chapter Title Was Eaten by an Octopus!”

Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor

    G Xiu walked slowly down the empty street.     Dragging and monotonous footsteps echoed between the dead buildings, overturned vehicles on the side of the road were splattered with dark dried blood, whispers of the wind swept over the ruined city.     Ge Xiu walked forward aimlessly.     He wasContinue reading “Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor”

Chapter 70: Everyday

    After the chat with Monta, Yang Yang was in a very good mood. But next to him, Archibald was in a very bad mood.     Archibald has lived for 21 years, not to mention that he had never had sexual desires, he has never even seen a pornographic movie. Oh great, theContinue reading “Chapter 70: Everyday”