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Chapter 34: Soul Power Riot

    Yang Yang glanced at the IDs of the four people, and “Universe’s Tower Lord” is obviously Monta. But he has never heard of “Fu Xiaoqing’s father” and “Society’s Big Sister Li”.     But that’s okay, because Monta is there.     Universe’s Tower Lord: Comrade Yang Yang, I only express my warm welcomeContinue reading “Chapter 34: Soul Power Riot”

Chapter 74: ABO

  Ge Xiu: “…”     He was silent for a while, then slowly asked: “Wait…what?”     Admiral Drost also knew how absurd this matter sounded.     He still remembered how his face had contorted in shock and disbelief when Haines made this astounding request.     Moreover, even in this situation, theContinue reading “Chapter 74: ABO”

Chapter 33: Distressed

    Archibald turned off the message notification function as early as the day he had registered his account. But he knew what kind of turmoil it would cause when his news was sent out, so when the terminal got stuck as he exited the Youtu Archibald didn’t care.     After posting Weibo, theContinue reading “Chapter 33: Distressed”

Chapter 68: ABO

    At this moment, Ge Xiu felt buzzing in his ears, as if something had been roughly forced into his brain.     An unfamiliar stream of information flooded his mind instantly.     Including the structure of this world, what were Zergs, and the three genders: Alphas, Betas and Omegas and even… hisContinue reading “Chapter 68: ABO”

Chapter 66: The Merman

    The glass house was drowning in moonlight and colour of water.     The loud sound of the merman’s tail fin splashing on the water surface and attacking everything suddenly disappeared, leaving only the tiny sound that appeared when waves rippled on the water surface, and it was unexpectedly quiet for a while.Continue reading “Chapter 66: The Merman”

Chapter 62: The Merman

   Ge Xiu glanced down at his hand.     The scalding temperature of human body seemed to still remained on the surface of the skin, and the clear different temperature didn’t leave for a long time even after the other party released his hand.     He clenched his palms and let his bodyContinue reading “Chapter 62: The Merman”

Chapter 25: Enter V notification

  Roth also realized that something was wrong, so hurriedly looked through the recorded cases.  As he looked at it, sure enough, he found some similar accidents*. *门道 – lit. doorway, meaning a way of doing things or a method.   Roth: 【I checked the information, there is no difference in the loss of control of the dislocatedContinue reading “Chapter 25: Enter V notification”

Chapter 55: The Merman

   The situation in front of him was so shocking, it was something that only appear in myths and foolish dreams.     Rowett’s pupils shrank, and he felt as if his heart had been hit hard, and at that moment he even forgot how to breathe — this feeling was almost like panic.  Continue reading “Chapter 55: The Merman”

Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*

Short summary of time and space for those that have read previous chapters but don’t remember: Yang Yang is on a spaceship on his way to the Duke’s house, he has a new found, not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, ability to see people’s soul power, that’s why Archibald looks like aContinue reading “Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*”

Chapter 53: The Merman

    Ge Xiu felt that he had a long dream.     A very terrible one.     Every fragmented part had a sour smell of nightmare, but no matter how much he tried it the pieces didn’t fit together, only the cold and suffocating feeling still stayed in the cracks of his bonesContinue reading “Chapter 53: The Merman”