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Chapter 16: Garbage Star

  The adjutant realized that he was actually frightened by a skinny beggar, he couldn’t help but become irritated, raised his hand and slammed the half-open door open with the butt of his rifle and rudely rebuked: “We’re following instructions of the Alliance to search for fugitives! If you don’t cooperate you will be suspected ofContinue reading “Chapter 16: Garbage Star”

Chapter 6: Garbage Star

The warship sent by the Alliance flew towards the position of Leibert at the fastest speed possible. On the galaxy map, the distance between the icon symbolizing Alliance Army and Leibert was shortening at a speed visible to the naked eye. The group of Alliance starships caught up with the lonely blue dot on theContinue reading “Chapter 6: Garbage Star”

Chapter 5: Garbage Star

Behind the boy was the Leibert’s captain’s room. Numerous floating virtual screens reflected the whole picture in a luminous blue.    His body was small and thin, almost like a child curled up in an adult’s chair, much bigger than him, but no one dared to regard him as a harmless child.    Obviously, the other party was mostContinue reading “Chapter 5: Garbage Star”