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Chapter 57: The Merman

    Ge Xiu tugged at the hem of his clothes a little uncomfortable.

    He hadn’t worn any clothes since he came to this world. Now, he was suddenly stuffed into a suit. Although it was carefully tailored by a royal tailor according to his body shape, the feeling of his limbs being bound by fabric was still a bit difficult to get used to.

    He loosened his neckline, finally feeling that he was able to breathe again.

    At this moment, the door opened.

    Rowett strode in. He was wearing a special outfit for royalty, a design between suit and and a military uniform, which perfectly outlined his broad shoulders and narrow waist. The black fabric was interwoven with silver linings and dark patterns of the Royal Family’s emblem flickered faintly in the light, and the wide robe billowed in black waves behind him, which was really pleasing to the eye.

    When he saw Ge Xiu, he stopped abruptly.

    Beneath the sharp and high eyebrows, a pair of deep, dark eyes looked unfathomable, and the line of sight as sharp as a blade slashed the young man in front of him inch by inch, without saying a word for a long time.

    Ge Xiu looked down at his clothes strangely—

    Was there something strange about it?

    He raised his head and asked suspiciously, “What happened? Is there something wrong?”

    Did he wear some piece incorrectly?

    Rowett stared at him fixedly, his eyes were as deep as abyss. After a long time, he calmly said: “It’s nothing, I just regret it a little.”

    What do you regret?

    Ge Xiu didn’t react for a while.

    Rowett didn’t give him time to react, and stepped forward directly, quickly shortening the distance between the two, he picked up a strand of Ge Xiu’s hair hanging on his cheek, and asked: “Are you ready to go like this?”

    Ge Xiu followed his line of sight and frowned worriedly—his hair was really too long this time. The long blue-purple hair was slightly curled and hung down to his waist. It wasn’t obvious at the time he was in water, but when it came to land, it became cumbersome, and by even simply shaking his head he could feel the weight that couldn’t be ignored.

    He thought for a while: “Should I cut it?”

    Rowett didn’t even think about it and refused: “No need.”

    He slowly took a half step forward, raised his hand to gather the hair on Ge Xiu’s temples, and put his long, slender well-defined fingers through the soft and thick hair, and then tucked a slightly behind his head—

    Rowett lowered his head, looked at Ge Xiu’s current appearance for a long time, and then raised his lips in satisfaction.

    The attendant who was waiting on the side was very insightful and handed the hairband over.

    Rowett took the hairband, leaned forward slightly, and almost completely embraced the slender boy in the narrow space formed by his arms and chest. He maintained this almost hugging posture, flexibly tied up Ge Xiu’s hair, even ingeniously tying a bow on the back of his head.

    He took a few steps back.

    Ge Xiu shook his head with novelty, his long hair was tied into a neat ponytail, and there was an interesting feeling of it swinging when he shook his head.

    A strange colour flashed in Rowett’s eyes. He took a deep breath, looked away, and said in a half-joking half-serious tone, “We’d better leave now—before I regret it.”


    The huge hall was illuminated by the exquisite and bright chandeliers, countless luxurious sculptures and decorations were shining under the lights, the huge ballroom was sparkling, and moving music was flowing in the air. It was not noisy, but gave a sense of low-key elegance .

    Countless gorgeously dressed men and women swirled in the hall like moths, and the elegantly dressed attendants carried silver plates full of champagne among the guests. Everyone seemed to be immersed in this kind of hustle and bustle, but under those smiles, there seems to be a little bit of absent-mindedness that couldn’t be concealed, as if they were waiting for something.

    Until——the real protagonist walked in.

    Everyone had more or less guessed what the dance partner chosen by His Majesty the Emperor would look like, but no one could have imagined that His Majesty the Supreme Emperor would not shy away from bringing a young man here.

    Although same-sex love was now very common, it seems that Rowett was the only one who brought a man so blatantly to the royal ball.

    ——And also…with such an astonishing appearance.

    A series of low gasps sounded, and the entire hall instantly went silent.

    A stunned attendant couldn’t hold the tray steady, smashed two glasses of champagne, and the sudden sound of the glass shattering was particularly glaring in the hall—countless gazes with unknown meaning were cast from all directions, some scorching hot, some stunned, shocking, hostile, completely enveloping Ge Xiu in an instant.

    Rowett looked slightly cold, and his eyes swept past them lightly.

    Everyone immediately retracted their gazes in fear, afraid of causing trouble for themselves—after all, His Majesty was crazy and he never cared about the occasion.

    Ge Xiu did not feel offended at all.

    He was used to the feeling of being in the spotlight, no matter which world he was in before, he was the always the focus. And he himself was the type who was willing to show off, these glances and looks were really painless to him.

    His attention was now fully attracted by the huge long table at one end of the ballroom.

    Countless cold dishes were placed on it, and the drinks were even more dazzling—the previous hunger slowly came from the depths of the body again, and Ge Xiu felt that all his thoughts were entangled around it, the etiquette and greetings of welcoming the Emperor have been completely ignored.

    When he came back to his senses again, the brisk music had already sounded.

    The first dance of the ball began.

    Rowett saluted him gracefully, his slender palms stretched out, the corners of his lips hooked carelessly, and the depths of his dark eyes flashed with an almost pleased light, with a cold and charming strange attraction: “Can I have the honour to invite you to dance?”

    Ge Xiu looked at him in a surprise: “I can’t dance.”

    Rowett didn’t mind: “I can teach you.”

    Ge Xiu glanced at the many noble men and women waiting for the Emperor to lead the dance: “Are you sure?

    The smile on Rowett’s lips deepened: “They won’t have an opinion.” —No one dared to.

    “Actually, I’m not used to walking yet.” Ge Xiu refused.

    Rowett was indifferent to this: “I can hold you if you don’t mind.”

    Ge Xiu: “…” He was at a loss for words.

    He shrugged indifferently, put his hand on the palm of the other party’s invitation to dance, stood up with Rowett’s strength, and walked into the dance floor with him.

    The sound of music was flowing in the air, the fragrance was hanging in the air, and the lights were dazzling.

    Ge Xiu was rigidly guided by the other, and his legs almost twisted.

    Rowett patiently instructed step by step: “Left foot forward first… No, not right foot, left foot…”

    “Hand on my shoulder… Not this hand—that one—”

    His brows jumped suddenly.

    Ge Xiu stepped back in a hurry, stepped on the other’s foot and took it back. He frowned in annoyance, and apologized in a low voice in the music: “I’m sorry…”

    Rowett couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips, under his sharp eyebrows, a bright smile flashed in his deep eyes: “It doesn’t matter.”

    All the people who were watching him secretly and openly couldn’t help taking a deep breath. They had never seen His Majesty the Emperor in such a good mood. His face didn’t even change after the clumsiness and rudeness of the other party—so what the hell was identity of that boy?

    The smooth and beautiful music flowed in the air, wrapping around every pair of men and women spinning on the dance floor like silky strands. The swirls of gorgeous were are like flowers blooming marbles. The graceful flowing like water dance steps fitted perfectly with the changing rhythm of music.

    Although Ge Xiu’s grasp of his legs was not very sensitive, Rowett was indeed a good teacher with ample patience.

    He deliberately slowed down so that Ge Xiu could keep up.

    The air was filled with the fragrance of tulips, and the subtle sound of the friction of the dresses responded to the music, gradually blurring into a phantom with the swirling of the dance steps.

    The temperature of a human body was close at hand, so closely wrapped around Ge Xiu, the palm that was close to his waist was so hot that it seemed to be about to burn, and the scorching temperature was transmitted to his cold skin through the thin suit. The air he breathed and the space he could see were completely invaded by the gentle force.

    This feeling was really strange.

    Although it couldn’t be described as disgusting, it is very weird—Ge Xiu didn’t know how to describe it, and it was difficult to decide how to deal with it in such a short period of time. For a while, he was in a dilemma.

    Suddenly, Ge Xiu seemed to sense something, raised his head, looked over Rowett’s shoulder, and stared behind him.

    The second floor was covered by gorgeous drapery, the gold thread embroidered on it looked extremely luxurious, and it shimmered with a slight dark glow under the chandeliers.

    Another spin.

    In the suddenly changed field of vision, Ge Xiu skilfully captured the familiar flash of light—traces of energy fluctuations.

    The tiny sparks of energy cutting through space and puncturing the air were clearly reflected on his retinas, and the trajectory of that energy movement was visible and clear—straight to Rowett’s heart.

    Ge Xiu didn’t think.

    He put his arms around Rowett who was in front of him, and took the other party to the side with a sudden swirl—

    there was exclamations on the dance floor when the dance steps were suddenly disrupted, and several pairs of men and women who were affected fell down unexpectedly.

    Immediately afterwards, panicked shouts sounded behind him, and a male guest stared blankly at his blown-up flesh on his bloody arm. Under the pale faces and frightened gazes of the onlookers he let out an earth-shattering howl.

    The music stopped suddenly.

    Countless guards waiting for orders have long been alarmed. The sound of military boots hitting the ground resounded throughout the hall. There were chaotic screams and the harsh sound of broken utensils everywhere. The originally luxurious and peaceful banquet turned into chaos.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes and looked up at the slightly moving curtain just now.

    He pulled out a gun from the waist of a guard who hurried past the dance floor—the movement was skilful, smooth and natural.

    He lowered his wrist, pulled the safety bolt, and the dark muzzle moved slowly along the corridor on the second floor.

    A contemptuous sneer appeared on his lips.

    In an instant, the pure and beautiful face was swallowed by bloodthirsty light, the tense eyebrows were cold and sharp, the deep blue-purple eyes lit up with a beautiful and sinister fire, The sense of confusion brought by his god-gifted face was torn apart by the sudden pure primitive animalistic nature—like a beast suddenly showing its deadly fangs.

    The next second, the trigger was pulled without hesitation, and the gunshot shot—

    a figure with blood on his body suddenly fell from the curtain, rolled to the ground, and screamed again. He smashed on a table below and the cocktails placed on it, and the dripping wine mixed with striking blood slowly spread.

    Ge Xiu indifferently threw away the still-hot gun barrel and looked down at Rowett:

    “I’ll leave it to you.”

    Rowett’s pupils shrank as he stared at him, he felt his breath being taken away in an instant, he was not injured, but he didn’t seem to have avoided the fatal blow, and the mountain-tall tsunami hit his heart.

    There was only a beating heartbeat left in his ears, amplified in the silence.

    —thump, thump.


Rowett: *:・゚✧ KYAA~ I was saved by him he’s so handsome being dangerous and he held my waist ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Everyone: Wait why is the cruel emperor acting like a maiden saved from distress now??

Bamboo has something to say:

”I will live as a translator and die as a translator and my ghost will also be a translator!”

~ Bamboo 2022 when they a little bit sick


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