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Chapter 116: Meow meow meow

    When he was picked up, Ge Xiu didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter.

    ——Until there was a bathtub emitting hot steam in front of his eyes.

    The above light was bright and dazzling, reflecting on the slightly swaying water, dividing into countless sparkling light spots.

    A chill rushed up like an electric current, as if his subconscious was ringing an alarm abruptly. The sense of danger spread from the tip of the tail to the top of the head in an instant, and Ge Xiu felt the hair on his back puff up instantly.

    Just then, his paws made contact with the warm water.


    A tragic cry resounded through the bathroom in an instant.

    His reaction was obviously beyond Shen Boyan’s expectations, and he couldn’t help but pause slightly.

    Ge Xiu began to kick his legs frantically.

    Just now the feeling of being soaked in water was really too strange. The wet touch was like a snake coiling up on his paws, the wet fur stuck to him and couldn’t be shaken off no mater what.

    Shen Boyan’s heart was as hard as iron and he proceeded to put the kitten into the bathtub without hesitation.

    But what he didn’t expect was that the moment the other touched the water, it was as if some switch had been turned on, it began to struggle frantically with all its paws and the miserable meowing and splashing resounded in the narrow space.

    Shen Boyan was caught off guard and scratched several times.

    The black cat’s small body seemed to contain endless energy. Even if Shen Boyan had absolute advantage in strength and size, the kitten could always find a tricky angle to break free from his hand, even someone so stoic as him couldn’t help but be a little tired of dealing with it.

    ——From the beginning to the end of the bath, a total of forty minutes has passed.

    Shen Boyan’s clothes were all wet, and there were several long bloodstains on the backs of his hands, arms, and even his neck.

    Fortunately, the cat was still in its infancy, and the claws were not sharp enough nor did it have great strength. All the wounds left were only skin injuries, but they still looked shocking.

    He raised his hand and wiped his face, then stared into the bathtub.

    The black cat’s whole body was thoroughly soaked, the wet fur was clinging to its body, and it looked almost a circle smaller than before.

    It stood tremblingly in the water, its two pitch-black paws rested on the edge of the bathtub, its pointed triangular ears stood up alertly, trembling and turning in the air, the two round green cat eyes looked bigger and brighter, seeming pitiful:


    Shen Boyan raised his hand and pulled the large bath towel off the wall, then wrapped the kitten tightly.

    His movements became soft involuntarily, slowly wiping the small body of the kitten.


    The little black cat’s voice was soft and tender, sounding extremely aggrieved.

    Shen Boyan picked up the hair dryer, adjusted it to hot air and turned on the minimum setting.

    The cat was startled by the sudden noise, and its pointed ears turned sharply in the direction of the sound.

    But it seems to understand that this will get it out of the wet state, so this time it did not react too much, but obediently nestled in the oversized bath towel, with a pair of green eyes squinting slightly, letting the warm air of the hair dryer slowly dry the hair on its body.

    Soon, the fluff on its body that was originally sticking to its skin gradually became fluffy again, and it appeared smooth and soft under the bright light of the bathroom. Its short claws were curled under its belly, making it seem like a little soft black ball.

    Shen Boyan’s eyes fixedly looked at it, his deep eyebrows lowered.

    The slender and pale hand stretched out, picked up the kitten before the other could react, and glanced down calmly.

    Ge Xiu looked confused: “…Meow?”

    In the next second, he finally reacted.

    Ge Xiu: “!!!”

    ——but it was too late.

    As a result, several new bloodstains were scratched on Shen Boyan’s cheek by the angry cat yet again.

    The red scratches stood out on his fierce and deep face.

    He frowned slightly and held the cat a little further away.

    After leaving the bathroom, Shen Boyan found a cardboard box, spread a few layers of towels in it, and put the black dumplings that was still showing their teeth and claws in it.

    The black cat that was put in the box turned to look at him, two green eyes flashing in the black fur, as if there was a certain human-like aura flashing in those round cat eyes:


    It watched as Shen Boyan turned and walked into the bathroom.

    As Shen Boyan walked, he took off his wet shirt, revealing his broad shoulders and strong back.

    The muscles on his back were smooth and firm, attached to the bones, stretching and contracting with the movements of raising and lowering his hands — but, the texture that looked like a combination of strength and beauty, was densely covered with several deep scars, overlapping deeply and shallowly, even though they had all healed and faded, it could still faintly frighten the viewer at a glance.

    The bright silver metal collar was left buckled around his neck, reflecting cold glint in the light.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes flickered slightly.

    It seemed that the collar wouldn’t be taken off even for a shower.

    This way, the possibility of coercion was even greater — it was not that the wearer was unwilling to take it off, but that it couldn’t be taken off.

    Moreover, according to his knowledge of machinery, there was a high possibility that the collar was equipped with punishment countermeasures to prevent the wearer from taking it off without authorization.

    The bathroom door closed.

    There was the sound of water splashing from inside.

    Ten minutes later, Shen Boyan stepped out of the bathroom with a towel draped over his shoulders, exuding warm water vapor from his body.

    He looked into the cardboard box and was slightly startled.

    In just ten minutes, the carton was empty, and the black silhouette of the kitten disappeared.

    It stood to reason that with such a high cardboard box, it should be difficult for a kitten who was only a few months old to climb out of it — but it just disappeared without warning.

    Shen Boyan’s expression froze, and he suddenly took a few steps forward.

    His eyes swept across the room, then paused slightly as they landed on his bed—

    the little black cat curled into a small ball, occupying the most conspicuous position on his pillow, and the cat’s green eyes were staring at him fixedly. When he looked over, the cat opened his mouth and gave a big yawn.

    As if provocative.

    Shen Boyan frowned slightly.

    He walked over to the bed, tentatively reached out his hand, and gently stroked the cat’s head with his knuckles.

    The small skull was covered with soft and fluffy fur, the two pointed ears sensitively trembled twice, which could almost instantly soften everyone’s heart.

    However, in the next second, the black cat jerked backwards and bit his finger with its mouth open.

    The kitten’s strength was too small, the teeth could hardly penetrate human skin, so it could only grind with the teeth in its mouth.

    It bit down in several places, but it didn’t leave as much as a tickle, leaving only a few wet tooth marks on the opponent’s fingers.

    Ge Xiu lost interest and loosened his teeth lazily.

    Then, he stuck out his tongue subconsciously, and instinctively licked the place that he had bitten just now.

    Shen Boyan was stunned for a moment, and looked down at the palm-sized kitten in front of him.

    The black cat lowered his head and licked his fingers. The tip of his pink tongue swept over his snow-white fangs. The wet, hot and rough tongue coating scratched the pulp of his fingers, causing a slight tingling and tingling.

    It took Ge Xiu a few seconds to realize that he was dominated by the cat’s nature again.

    He silently stared at the finger in front of him and bit it again in a huff.


    After all this tossing and turning, it was getting late.

    Shen Boyan found a ham sausage from the kitchen, tore it open, and handed it to the cat.

    Ge Xiu was also starving.

    He lowered his head, sniffed carefully and devoured it.

    Since he became a cat, it felt as if his reason had less role at restraining his behaviour, making it easier to be dominated by the instinct of the body.

    After the feeding, Shen Boyan threw away the remaining package of ham sausages, then raised his hand again and touched the little black cat’s back lightly.

    This time, he didn’t do anything drastic, but turned back lazily. A pair of green eyes flashed as he glanced at him.

    The tail behind him swayed slowly and leisurely, and then he yawned.

    Shen Boyan tentatively covered the cat’s back with his entire palm, and then started petting from the top of the head, along the spine, and slowly moved towards the tail.

    The extremely soft fluff brushed against his palm, with delicate and soft touch, it was very addictive.

    The cat arched its back subconsciously and squinted comfortably.

    But in the next second, it suddenly became alert, turned its head and scratched on the back of Shen Boyan’s hand lightly, and then jumped to the side.

    The little black cat was swift and agile, streaked across the ground like a shadow, then hung on the sheets with its claw and climbed up.

    It circled gracefully and fell down on the pillow, nesting into a small black ball.

    ——Very naturally reversing the positions of the host and the guest.

    Shen Boyan stood up, walked towards the bed and looked downwards at the little black cat nestled on his pillow.

    The black cat closed his eyes, his small back undulating evenly and regularly with his breathing, as if he didn’t feel his sight, only his pointed left ear trembled slightly.

    Shen Boyan was silent for a while, then turned around and walked to the wardrobe, dragged out a thin quilt from it, rolled it up, and put it on the bed as a pillow.


    The lights in the room were turned off.

    Deep darkness came.

    In the darkness, the cat opened his eyes and the green cat pupils reflected a faint shimmer in the dim room.

    It turned to look fixedly at the man lying beside him, as if lost in thought.

    The black cat’s pupils flashed and then he closed his eyes again.


    The next morning.

    The sky was still bright, and Shen Boyan got up. After washing up, he finally glanced at his bed.

    The black cat was still curled up on his pillow, its small body slightly  undulating rhythmically, its eyes were closed and it seemed to be still sleeping.

    Shen Boyan took out a ham and put it on a plate, then turned around and left the house.

    The moment the door was closed, Ge Xiu opened his eyes.

    He jumped off the bed and climbed up along the pattern of the tablecloth — there was Shen Boyan’s mobile phone on the table.

    On the dark lock screen, he saw his furry cat face.

    This was the first time Ge Xiu had clearly seen himself after transformation.

    He paused, then stretched out his paw pads and awkwardly pressed the screen open.

    The phone did not have a lock screen main interface directly opened.

    But there was nothing else in the phone except a few basic apps, and his round claws made him unable to type at all. After cumbersome operating for a long time, Ge Xiu gave up on the attempt.

    Outside the window, the golden red sun gradually appeared above the horizon.

    Ge Xiu pondered and took two steps back, but he didn’t expect that his center of gravity would suddenly become unstable, and he fell directly to the ground with the back of his head.

    After a bang, he lay on the ground and blinked.

    The surrounding proportions seem to have returned to their normal size, the height of the ceiling was no longer out of reach as before, and the tables and chairs on the side have basically returned to their previous proportions.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand.

    Five slender, fair-skinned fingers appeared in front of him.

    He was slightly startled — has he changed back?

    Ge Xiu looked down.

    Yes, he doesn’t have a strand of clothing on him now, but he was in human form.

    Ge Xiu turned his head and glanced at the slowly rising sun outside the window — he remembered it was only when the sun disappeared from the horizon that he felt strange last night.

    So, was the change in his form related to the sunrise and sunset?

    While thinking, he got up from the ground, skilfully opened the closet, and found a shirt to drape over him.

    But at the moment when the clothes hung down, Ge Xiu suddenly felt that something was not right.

    He subconsciously reached out and grabbed it closer, then a fluffy black tail appeared in front of him.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    …What was this?


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 116: Meow meow meow

  1. Aaaaah bless this chapter for giving me such feels. When my cat was young, she was like Ge Xiu (in kitten mode) and she’d scratch you if you pet for more than like ten seconds. She’d lie down on my chest, blocking my sight and making it harder to breathe, but she’d get mad if I dared to pet her. Now that she’s grown up, she’s a lot sweeter (and stickier) and we all know that’ll happen to Ge Xiu too as soon as he gets comfortable with ml in this world. As long as this arc isn’t just lots of animal cruelty (since it seems like it’s the shape shifters that have collars and maybe they’re experimented on? Or tortured? Looking at ml’s scars) this arc will probably be one of my favourites. Thanks for translating!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. thank you for the chapter!

    typical cat behaviour, biting and then licking you as if to ask for forgiveness 🙄🙄 XD

    [This was the first time Gex Xiu had clearly seen himself after transformation.] extra X in GX’s name

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