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Chapter 119: Meow meow meow

    When Shen Boyan opened his eyes, he felt something fluffy around his neck.

    Warm comfortable and soft.

    He froze, lifted the quilt and looked down.

    He saw the little black cat shrunk into a ball, lying quietly beside him, with its jet-black tail on his arm. When the thin black tail moved slightly the fluffy fur swept past his skin and he could feel a slight itchy touch on his shoulders and neck.

    Shen Boyan was bewildered.

    He had always been a light sleeper, even the slightest noise could wake him up.

    So… when did the cat get under the blanket?

    At this moment, the little black cat moved, its eyes opened, the green pupils blinked among the dark fluff, it then stood up, put his front paws on the pillow and stretched out its entire body, straightening its graceful waist.

    Immediately after, it leaped lightly, jumping to the bedside table beside it, and began to comb the messy fluff on its body.

    Shen Boyan raised his hand to touch it, but was deftly dodged.

    The little black cat squatted on the head of the bed and stared at him, with a flash of aversion in its eyes.

    Shen Boyan reluctantly retracted his hand and got up from the bed.

    He glanced at the food bowl on the side. After a whole night, the cat food in it still showed no signs of being touched.

    Shen Boyan frowned and began to worry about whether the cat would be hungry.

    He opened the refrigerator, took out a ham sausage, tore open the package and tentatively handed it to the kitten—since it had eaten ham sausage before, it should not be too repulsive towards it. Although cats should not eat salty ones things, but Shen Boyan was more worried about the possibility that it hadn’t eaten for two days and two nights.

    The little black cat jumped down from the bedside table, lowered his head and sniffed the ham sausage in Shen Boyan’s hands, and then slowly ate it.

    Looking at the little black cat burying its head in the food, Shen Boyan began to seriously think about the possibility of making cat rice by himself.

    As soon as the sky outside the window started brightening, Shen Boyan walked out of the house with a bag.

    He bent down and tentatively touched the top of the little black cat’s head.

    The tips of the black cat’s ears twitched, but this time it didn’t dodge directly as before.

    Shen Boyan’s cold brows and eyes relaxed, his dark eyes softened slightly, he said in a low voice: “Good kitty.”

    After speaking, he turned and walked out the door.

    Ge Xiu yawned as he watched the door close before his eyes.

    He started wandering around the room.

    Yesterday everything happened rather unexpectedly and the time was quite tight, so even though Ge Xiu rummaged through the boxes at Shen Boyan’s house and took out a lot of things, he did not carefully read through everything.

    Today he finally had time to explore.

    Right now he was especially interested in the secrets behind Shen Boyan.

    Ge Xiu lightly leaped onto the table, circled it twice, and then jumped down again going straight to the bedroom.

    There was no trace of any other family members in Shen Boyan’s home, not even a single photo — so other than living alone like him, he was also not close to his parents and relatives.

    In addition, the room was cleaned almost spotlessly, and everything was in set order. Except for the cat food and litter box that he just bought yesterday, there was close to no fireworks in his life, as if Shen Boyan just lived here temporarily, coming there every day for no other activity than spending the night and sleeping — this place was as barren and empty as his cell phone.

    There was pretty much nothing that could show Shen Boyan’s personality, hobbies, or dietary preferences.

    Ge Xiu sat back on the pillow and began to wait for the sun to rise.

    Soon, the brilliant golden morning light fell on the windowsill, illuminating the room.

    Ge Xiu once again returned to human form.

    He skilfully took out the clothes and hat from Shen Boyan’s closet and left his apartment.

    Ge Xiu went back to where Chen Ziyan lived and used the money left in his account to buy a computer.

    The shortage of funds was the most serious problem at present.

    Chen Ziyan only had a basic monthly living allowance, and if he wanted to plan steadily and be prepared to deal with all changes in this world, money was definitely a necessity.

    Selling weapon designs like in the previous world would not work.

    Since there had been several large-scale conflicts in this world, weapon control became extremely strict, and there were no private arms or private arms companies. Ge Xiu was not inclined to deal with government officials because their background checks were too strict, the procedures were very complicated, and most importantly, without private bidding, it would be difficult to raise the price and get a high profit quickly.

    However, there are always ways to get money fast.

    Especially with the premise of having more technology that could gain cash.

    So Ge Xiu chose the easiest and fastest way to get it done — after all, the time he could use per day had been shorted by half, and he was still living in someone else’s home. Now the most important thing was to consider a way to resolve it quickly.

    He used system loopholes to hack into the bank accounts of several large multinational companies, and transferred out an unreported amount of money in small sums many times. After three rounds of cleaning and turnover in the market, he used overseas virtual servers to transfer them into his account.

    According to Ge Xiu’s understanding, the international relations in this world were far more complicated than the previous world, and the transfer of money was more difficult to track across borders. In addition, these multinational companies often reported the turnaround of their accounts incompletely and untruthfully, using various ways to avoid tax instead — such as setting up hidden accounts, hiding information, and so on, so that even if the discrepancies in accounted were found, the companies could only eat a loss.

    What’s more, Ge Xiu was confident that he couldn’t be tracked.

    In just a few hours, tens of millions were transferred into the anonymous account of the virtual identity he created.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes, stretched out on the chair, his hat fell off with his movements, and a pair of fluffy black cat ears were exposed again.

    He frowned as he stared at his reflection on the computer screen.

    As long as these obvious characteristics existed, his actions would be greatly restricted.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand and tugged at his ears.

    The soft cat ears trembled subconsciously with his movements, but there was no tendency to hide it at all.

    However, even if these features are completely hidden by the coat, it didn’t mean absolute safety.

    This world also had machines that randomly scanned pedestrians. If Ge Xiu was not born with the ability to “see” the existence of those detection wavelengths, it would be difficult for him to safely return to his apartment from Shen Boyan’s apartment.

    Ge Xiu rubbed the fluffy ears, the delicate fur was alike to cold satin.

    ——At least it felt pretty good to touch.

    Ge Xiu sighed and put his hands down.

    However… it was not that there wasn’t a way to hide his identity.

    Ge Xiu stared thoughtfully at the computer screen that had been completely blacked out, in his mind flashed the image of the metal collar worn on Shen Boyan’s neck — clearly, the collar could inhibit the mutation of the beastialization genes to some extent, although it had to be put at work before first transformation, but if he could figure out its principles, it should not be very difficult to temporarily hide the characteristics of his beastialization.

    He started looking for blueprints for the collar.

    However, whether it was the blueprint of the collar or the more in-depth research on the beastman, they were all state secrets, and there was almost no possibility of obtaining it without breaking the firewall of the Ministry of Defense. However Ge Xiu was not ready to expose his existence this early on, before he made his preparations in advance.

    The road was a dead end.

    Then, there was only one last method left — that was to disassemble and observe the metal collar up close, so that the inner structure could be explored.

    Ge Xiu turned off the computer and looked out the window to see the time — there were still a few hours before the sunset.

    He bent down to pick up the hat and put it back on his head.

    After Shen Boyan comes back this evening, he might be able to make further observations and research on the collar again.

    Ge Xiu turned off the computer, turned around and walked out.

    The sky was clear, and the light orange sunset glow spread across the sky, dyeing the whole world a beautiful orange-red.

    Ge Xiu stopped at the corner and narrowed his eyes slightly.

    The distant setting sun was reflected in the depths of his eyes, like flames burning in the depths of the abyss, flickering tranquilly in the silence.

    At this moment, a voice came from behind: “Chen Ziyan?”

    Ge Xiu was taken aback.

    ——This was the name of his current body.

    He turned his head to look in the direction from which the voice came from, and saw a tall and thin man approaching. Although he also had a metal collar on his neck, his expression was different from the collar wearers Ge Xiu had seen so far.

    There was a gloomy temperament between his eyebrows, looking at the familiar design of the school uniform he seemed to be from the same school.

    Ge Xiu glanced calmly behind him.

    Two other people followed behind him, also wearing collars.

    The tall and thin student came over with a fake smile on his face: “I haven’t seen you at school these days, why? Fallen sick?”

    “It’s class time.” Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows casually. “Why aren’t you at school?”

    Luo Cheng’s expression turned cold, and the previous hypocritical smile gradually disappeared from his face, he sneered and approached: “You have been daring to hide from us for so long. Ah.”

    The other two slowly walked towards Ge Xiu’s direction.

    “Did you bring the money?” Luo Cheng had undisguised malice on his face: “Also, today I brought two of my brothers, can it be justified without you giving three times the amounr?”

    Ge Xiu was not surprised by this situation.

    Recessive lycanthropes who wear collars were excluded from society in all aspects, and this differential treatment lead them to form groups within themselves, and use relatively well-connected groups to deal with invisible discrimination and oppression from society as a whole. Resentment and hostility towards normal people different from them would gradually grow in their hearts.

    What Ge Xiu didn’t expect was that such a thing would actually happen to him.

    And according to the current situation, these people may have extorted money from Chen Ziyan many times before.

    He looked back disinterested, turned around and walked out of the alley — his time was precious, and he was too lazy to waste it on these people.

    When Luo Cheng saw that he wanted to leave, he instantly became furious. He raised his hand to grab Ge Xiu’s arm, but was swiftly avoided by the other.

    Ge Xiu frowned: “I advise you not to ask for trouble.”

    Luo Cheng felt that if this went on he’d lose his prestige, so he gritted his teeth and rushed up aggressively, but the other’s body was as slippery as a swimming fish, and he couldn’t be caught at all. One of them took advantage of Ge Xiu being back to him and rushed over – but this seemingly slender young man seemed to have eyes behind his back, and dodged directly to avoid his attack, but the hat on his head was knocked off from the manouver.

    In the next second, the air seemed to freeze in place.

    Between the black hair, two fluffy cat ears stuck out from the top of the head, looking small and cute, like some delicate decoration.

    ——If only one of them didn’t tremble in the cold wind.

    Luo Cheng was stunned, could not hold back his hand for a while — this time, Ge Xiu didn’t dodge any more, but let him catch his shoulder without dodging.

    He sighed helplessly.

    “Look, didn’t I warn you before?” The young man raised his head, his handsome face gleamed with a smooth porcelain-like texture in the setting sun, the corners of his pale lips rose slightly, revealing a pure and innocent smile:

    “Now, even if you want to leave, you can’t leave.”


    The author has something to say:

If you don’t listen to kitties’s words, you will suffer.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 119: Meow meow meow

  1. Why do I feel like a proud soccer mom, standing in the crowd cheering at her baby, when I read about Ge Xiu going ballistic? I just want to wave a cheesy sign and scream “YEAH, PUT HIM IN A BODYBAG, BABY. YOU’RE AMAZING, SWEETIE.” but I know that if I did that in their universe, it’d be a race between who would kill me first; Ge Xiu or our ml. Ah, but what a way to go, amiright?
    ….I might be too invested in this story but eh we all have discover our small hidden masochist tendencies one way or another.
    Thanks for updating!

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