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Chapter 121: Meow meow meow

    Darkness filled the night.

    The sound of the wind swept past, the lights and figures in the distance blurred into a fleeting stream of light, twinkling in the night city.

    The kitten with black fur almost blended into the night, only a pair of emerald pupils gleamed, it silently jumped in the gap between the shadows, light and silent without making the slightest sound, like an insubstantial shadow swiftly sweeping across the edge of the city.

    Ge Xiu had become completely used to running on four limbs by now.

    All muscles attached to the bones were fully mobilized, the breeze passed through the dense fine fur, down the spine and over the tip of the tail.

    The wind whistled in his ears.

    Following the route he remembered, he deftly avoided every automatically detecting sentry on his way and ran straight towards Shen Boyan’s apartment.

    It should had been nearly half an hour since Shen Boyan left school.

    Going through the door this time wouldn’t work, but before he left, he left a gap in the window just in case.

    At least, if he really didn’t have time to rush back, Shen Boyan wouldn’t feel that his cat disappeared in a closed room — that would be too unreasonable.

    The window of Shen Boyan’s house was an old-fashioned sliding window. As long as it wasn’t locked, a slightly smarter cat could open the window by itself from the inside.

    Leaving a gap in the window was not only to let him return, but also to prevent Shen Boyan from discovering the truth that he can actually become a human being.

    Under the cover of the night, Ge Xiu made a few leaps and landed lightly on the windowsill of Shen Boyan’s house.

    The light in Shen Boyan’s house was on, the curtains were not fully drawn, and the warm yellow light was sprinkled on the windowsill through the glass, making it particularly conspicuous in the dark night.

    The windows were not closed.

    The gap was narrow, but not much of a problem for a cat’s soft and flexible body.

    Ge Xiu got in through the gap in the window, walked to the place where the curtain was not covered by the catwalk, and then jumped down toward the ground.

    There was a sound of rushing water in the bathroom.

    Shen Boyan should be taking a bath.

    Ge Xiu glanced at the wardrobe — the door of the wardrobe was tightly closed, and there was no sign of it having been opened. According to the time Shen Boyan took to get home and the time it took to take a shower, it wasn’t very likely that he would have pushed open the wardrobe in such a short time and find it missing an outfit.

    However, Shen Boyan could have taken a change of clothes first and then went in to take a bath.

    In any case, we would have to wait for him to come out to determine whether he was at risk of being exposed.

    Ge Xiu squatted at the door of the bathroom, watching the warm light coming out of it, and let out a meow.

    The sound of water inside stopped instantly.

    A few minutes later, Shen Boyan opened the door from the bathroom, and the transpiring white mist overflowed from his back, and the water droplets that had not been wiped off ran down the curve of his face, falling from the tip of his chin and dripping on the ground, leaving a little wet streak.

    He bent down and put his fingers in front of the little black cat.

    The kitten leaned in and sniffed his wet fingers.

    Shen Boyan’s eyes were pitch black, as if what little warm color there was had been infiltrated by the light behind him.

    His voice was low and hoarse: “Where were you hiding?”

    The little black cat raised its head, the bright lights in the bathroom reflecting in its green eyes as it made a soft cry:


    Shen Boyan straightened up and went out of the bathroom.

    He opened the two big bags that had been placed at the entrance — these were all cat supplies that he rushed to buy online yesterday.

    Shen Boyan tore open a package of high-grade cat food for kittens, poured a small half into the cat basin, and pushed it in front of Ge Xiu again: “Try this.”

    The little black cat leaned forward, lowered its head and sniffed, then walked away again without interest.

    Shen Boyan frowned: “Can you actually only eat ham?”

    He raised his hand to touch the little black cat’s head, but the other party glanced at him vigilantly, then took two steps to back away a little, turned and jumped on the table outside Shen Boyan hand reach.

    Shen Boyan had long been accustomed to the loftiness of the little black cat.

    He looked calm, withdrew his hand without any hesitation, then stood up, and pulled a bath towel from the side to wipe the water stains on his body.

    Immediately afterwards, he walked shirtless towards the wardrobe.

    ——It looked like Shen Boyan hadn’t opened the closet before taking a shower.

    And combined with what he said before and the behavior of pouring cat food for him, it should be that he had not had time to discover anything abnormal yet.

    Ge Xiu watched his movements, but before he felt a little relieved, his heart lifted again.

    Even so, if Shen Boyan wanted to take out change clothes after back, he would still have to open the wardrobe — according to his extremely neat and organized habits, it was unlikely that he wouldn’t realize that there was something missing in his wardrobe.

    That would be dangerous.

    Shen Boyan just touched with his on the door of the closet when he heard a crisp sound behind him—— “Crack.”

    He turned his head and looked back.

    The glass originally placed on the table had fallen to the ground and smashed into pieces.

    The little black cat squatting on the table put down his paw, looked up at him innocently, green eyes blinking: “Meow.”

    Shen Boyan: “…”

    He turned around and walked over, picking up the broom from the corner and a dustpan and swept the glass fragments from the ground into a garbage bag, stuffing the remaining fragile utensils on the table that might also be broken into the cupboard.

    Ge Xiu lightly jumped to the ground, quietly watching Shen Boyan’s series of movements.

    After doing all this, he turned and walked towards the closet again.

    Shen Boyan opened the wardrobe by half.

    At this moment, a soft cat meowing sounded at his feet:

    “Mi woo.”

    He looked down and saw the little black cat came to his feet, lowered its head, and used its little head to rub against his ankles and calves, as the two pointed ears with delicate fluff rubbed against the skin he felt a slight itch.

    It rubbed against Shen Boyan and turned around, with its thin tail swinging around its calf, then raised its head, staring at the human above it with those dazzling emerald eyes, and cried coquettishly: “Meow.”

    Shen Boyan bent down, reached out and scratched the top of the little black cat’s head.
    The little black cat narrowed his eyes and looked up in enjoyment.

    “Hungry?” Shen Boyan said, “Wait for me to change.”

    After speaking, he straightened up and continued to pull the wardrobe outwards.

    ——The problem was you changing your clothes.

    Pressing against Shen Boyan’s calf, the little black cat laid on the ground and rolled, with two paws curled in front of him, revealing a fluffy belly.

    Shen Boyan looked down and couldn’t help being slightly startled.

    He felt as if his heart had been hit in an instant, causing a soft and numb feeling to come in waves.

    Who could resist this?

    Shen Boyan quickly took out a piece of clothing from the closet, closed the door, and then squatted down, scratched the cat’s chin, gently massaging and combing along the direction of its fur.

    The black kitten was lying on the ground with its head up, eyes slightly closed, purring sound came out of its throat.

    ——It was really comfortable.

    Ge Xiu felt as if he was soaked in the pleasant warm current, all of his fluff relaxed, being brushed comfortably from his ears to the tip of his tail. The slender fingers with well-defined knuckles swept past his body bringing electric current running through his whole body, engulfing him in an indescribable sense of pleasure.

    Crisis averted.

    So it’s time to stop.

    He turned over, hugged the hand with his four fluffy paws, and kicked Shen Boyan’s wrist with his two hind legs, biting the other’s fingers with his mouth open.

    As if the other party couldn’t feel it, he kept still the index finger being bitten, and changed his hand to scratch the kitten’s chin again.

    Ge Xiu loosened his teeth uncontrollably, raised his neck to make the other person change the angle, letting him gently scratch his cheeks and chin with a suitable force.

    There was a purring sound in the cat’s throat and his eyes narrowed slightly.

    Anyway… he was a cat now.

    It’s ok.


    The next day, Shen Boyan left the house early again.

    Ge Xiu squatted on the pillow and watched him leave. He lowered his head and licked his paws. He calculated the time from now to sunrise in his mind — he wanted to run from the apartment to the warehouse as a cat before the sun rose, but it was unlikely he was succeed today. It seemed that also this time he’d have to wait until the sunrise to borrow a set of Shen Boyan’s clothes to leave.

    This evening, he had to make sure to pay more attention to the time, and be sure to get back before Shen Boyan left school.

    The sun gradually rose from the horizon, and the brilliant golden light climbed into the room through the glass. The shadow of a little cat on the ground suddenly elongated and grew, and the figure of a teenager appeared in the sunlight.

    Ge Xiu skillfully dressed and put on his hat, before leaving the apartment.

    After buying some bread and water, he came to the abandoned factory.

    Those three people were still tied in their original positions — Gao Cheng had obviously already told them about his experience, and when they saw Ge Xiu coming in, although they looked vigilant and fearful, but they did not make any extreme moves like screaming and struggling.

    Ge Xiu released their hands and dropped food and water on their knees.

    He sat down next to them, hugging his knees and watching the three gobble.

    He was not worried at all that the three people would take the opportunity to fight back — the inner cohesion of the collar wearers was not low, and now that Gao Cheng’s collar had not yet been repaired, they cannot and dare not resist.

    Even if they really fought back…

    it’s useless.

    When the three of them were awake and physically strong, Ge Xiu was able to defeat them three on one, and now they were even more no threat to him at all.


    Silence returned to Shen Boyan’s apartment.

    At this moment, the sound of the key being inserted into the keyhole sounded on the door, the clear sound of metal clashing against metal sounded harshly in the room.

    The next second, Shen Boyan’s calm face appeared outside the door.

    He walked in, looked around the room, paused for a moment on his slightly sunken pillow, and then withdrew his gaze unsurprisingly.

    The cat was gone.

    He didn’t bother to rummage through the boxes in the room to find it, but turned around, walked to the wardrobe unhurriedly, and pulled it open.

    Shen Boyan lowered his eyes and looked at the neatly stacked clothes in his closet. He raised his hand and turned it over.

    ——One set less.

    Shen Boyan slowly closed the wardrobe door, turned his head and glanced at the empty house, his dark pupils were bottomless, no unnecessary emotional fluctuations could be seen inside.

    As expected.

    His expression remained unchanged as he turned and left the apartment.

    The door closed behind him.

    The room became silent again, leaving no sound.


Bamboo has something to say:

look meme kitty redraw:

Ge Xiu when someone ask him where clothes went
I am NOT licking my own FUR
don’t check the closet don’t check the closet

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 121: Meow meow meow

  1. “He turned over, hugged the hand with his four fluffy paws, and kicked Shen Boyan’s wrist with his two hind legs, biting the other’s fingers with his mouth open.”

    Totally know what that feels and looks like. XDDD #proudcatperson Personally, I think kittens holding something with the two forepaw and kicking with the hind legs to be the most hilarious thing.

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  2. Love me a smart ML that figures out that somethings not right in almost every arc. Hopefully he won’t turn distrustful of Ge Xiu because of this, though. HE’S YOUR CUTE LITTLE MEOW MEOW. YOUR COLDBLOODED, BRUTAL, MURDEROUS, DANGEROUSLY CUTE LITTLE MEOW MEOW. Thanks for translating!

    Liked by 6 people

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