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Chapter 138: the Zombie Emperor

    Xie Shili stared at the empty doorway in astonishment.

    The faint blue ice cone remained hovering in the air, but the enemy before the ice spike had long since disappeared without a trace.

    A few minutes later.

    There were familiar dragging footsteps that belonged only to zombies in the corridor.

    The monotonous rubbing sound echoed in the empty corridor, gradually approaching where he was.

    Xie Shili narrowed his eyes slightly, his long legs bent slightly with his muscles tense, like a cheetah in danger, ready to fight back at any time.

    Immediately afterwards, the high-level zombie that Xie Shili had seen in the ruined building appeared outside the door.

    Had the previous one went to call for the same kind?

    Xie Shili’s heart tightened.

    The speed of zombies evolving was faster than he expected.

    Ordinary zombies without intelligence, driven only by primitive desires, drove humans to the point where they almost ran out of ammunition and food. If they all also began to mutate…

    Xie Shili could not imagine it.

    At this moment, the high-level zombie walked towards his ward.

    It stared at Xie Shili with those inorganic gray eyes, its expressionless face showed an abnormal bluish white under the dim light. No feature on it was different from other zombies, but it brought a creepy and unsettling feeling of oppression.

    As it approached, Xie Shili’s nerves gradually tightened.

    He mobilized the last of his remaining ability, and an icy-cold icicle gradually formed in the palm of his hand, the sharp and hard edge caused a faint stinging pain.

    Xie Shili felt as if his brain was burning in fever and he was not very sober.

    He knew that he had no power to fight in front of the opponent, but Xie Shili was unwilling to die without any struggle.

    The zombie stopped by the hospital bed.

    It tilted its head and thought for a while, then slowly reached into its pocket, took out a cardboard box, and handed it to Xie Shili.

    Xie Shili was slightly taken aback.

    His eyes fell on the cardboard box —— where two characters were printed in large font:


    Xie Shili: “…”

    It seemed that have noticed the sudden complex change of Xie Shili’s expression. The high-level zombie thought about it again, put his hand into another pocket, and took out another cardboard box.

    On the white paper were written a few large characters in black:

    Kidney Supplement*.

*meaning something to boost up sexual prowess as kidney often associated with bed vigour

    Xie Shili: “???”

    Ge Xiu was lost in thought.

    ——So also not right?

    But it doesn’t matter, he had another way!

    Xie Shili saw the high-level zombie in front of him put away the cardboard box, turn around and make a short growl in the door’s direction. Then, two zombies staggered in, carrying a huge woven bag in their hands.

    When they walked over the hospital bed, their hands opened and the woven bag fell to the floor.

    With a clatter, all kinds of medicines fell to the ground like an avalanche, piling up into hills straight on the ground.

    Ge Xiu was very proud of his wit.

    It’s got to be right now.

    Xie Shili stared blankly at the mountain of medicine in front of him, not knowing what to think for a while.

    He lowered his eyes, bent down, picked out the anti-inflammatory and antipyretic medicines from the pile of medicines, then raised his head with a complicated expression and looked at the high-level zombie standing in front of his bed, opening his mouth to say:

    “…Thank you .”

    Ge Xiu looked at his food reserve lovingly, more he looked the more pleased he was.

    Just by looking at the flexible and strong muscles, he felt it extremely palatable. The blood was exuding vigorous heat and sweet taste, combining with the powerful and delicious smell of superhuman.

    Even if there was no nuclei in his head, it was a zombie’s dream food.

    Ge Xiu secretly swallowed his saliva.

    Has to hold back.

    Can’t eat yet.

    He now vaguely knew that whether it was a zombie’s or a human’s, only the nuclei can give him the most.


    Ge Xiu looked at Xie Shili with a critical eye.

    This human was still too thin.

    He turned around and walked out of the ward. As he passed by Number Three and Number Four, a threatening growl came out of his throat, and the two hungry drooling zombies staring at the human longingly suddenly shivered and obediently followed behind him, leaving the ward.

    Once he raises his reserve ration fat and plumpy, it will be rewarded with an even better taste.

    Thought happily Ge Xiu.

    He felt an uncontrollable urge to drool again.

    After seeing the door of the ward close, Xie Shili finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    The pressure of being in the same room with a high-level zombie that could bite through his throat at any time made his already tense and fragile nerves even more overwhelmed.

    And, not to mention…

    The look in the eyes of that high-level zombie made Xie Shili feel chills down his spine. It seemed like it wanted to tear him open and swallow him just with its eyes. At that moment, Xie Shili almost thought he was going to be buried there.

    He lowered his head, his eyes fell on the medicine scattered on the ground, and a trace of complexity flashed in his dark eyes.


    Xie Shili couldn’t understand.

    He currently couldn’t hold a candle in face of that zombie, and even his previous stubborn resistance had not caused the slightest damage to it —— as long as the other wanted to, he could eat him at any time, so…why keep him?

    Even send him medicine for treatment?

    The dizziness brought by the fever gradually blurred his vision and gradually slowed his thinking.

    Xie Shili ceased thinking for now, opened the medicine box, and put the medicine in his mouth.

    His lips and throat were extremely dry due to the high fever, but he still swallowed the medicine at once—drugs were extremely precious and scarce resources in the last days, and Xie Shili was very clear that in his current state without any treatment in time, there was a risk of death.

    He reluctantly swallowed the medicine.

    Then, Xie Shili bent down and looked for bandages and alcohol from the pile of medicines on the ground piling up into a high hill.

    He melted the ice supernatural power that covered the wound, then clenched his teeth and began to crudely treat his wound with alcohol and gauze, and finally skillfully wrapped the bandages around the injured places.

    ——This was the most that Xie Shili could do in this environment.

    He slid back into bed slowly and with difficulty, the chaotic and muddling effect of the burning fever quickly engulfed the sanity that he was barely holding onto.

    Xie Shili felt that darkness was coming little by little again, gradually covering his consciousness completely.


    Ge Xiu left Number One and Four to guard the door of the ward, then left the hospital with Number Two and Three and walked along the road to the town.

    Although this city was not as densely zombie populated as City A, there were still some higher-level zombies because there was no natural destructive element like Ge Xiu.

    So, Ge Xiu repeated his old trick, letting Number One and Number Three make noises as bait, while he waited for an opportunity to ambush beside them.

    Soon, the ground was dyed an ominous dark colour by the dead black blood, and the decomposing corpses were stacked together on the ground, all with the skull shattered and the insides were hollowed out, only the dark and sticky brain matter slowly flowed down.

    Ge Xiu collected the nuclei one by one with satisfaction, and stuffed a few more into his mouth, chewing with a crackling sound.

    His gaze wandered aimlessly.

    Suddenly, Ge Xiu chewing movement paused slightly.

    His eyes fell on a dusty sign, and he tilted his head thoughtfully.

    Ge Xiu remembered that humans… also need to eat.

    Although the food was not the same as that of the zombies, but they all had to eat.

    And so, only by feeding one’s reserve rations a lot of food can they be raised successfully, only then can it be raised to become healthy and fat, as well as fresh and plump.

    Ge Xiu cheered up.

    He made up his mind and shoved a few more crystal stones into his mouth, and then walked towards the store called Supermarket.

    an hour later.

    Ge Xiu walked out of the decaying gate of the supermarket with empty hands, while Two and Three staggered behind him, each carrying huge shopping bags in both hands, and even one hanging around their necks. All shopping bags were filled to the brim. The heavy weight made the zombies almost bend to their feet, barely following behind Ge Xiu, who was walking easily.

    They went back to the hospital.

    Number One and Four were diligently guarding the door of the ward, trying to ignore the human taste coming from inside, their eyes were turning red from holding back.

    Ge Xiu was very satisfied, and rewarded each of the zombies with two higher-level spar, then pushed open the door and walked towards the ward.

    The ward was filled with a mixed smell of alcohol and blood, making a particularly attractive and delicious fragrance.

    Ge Xiu’s pace stopped involuntarily.

    His eyes froze, the colour of the iron gray deepened slightly, the canine teeth hidden under his lips were ready to move and the craving for blood and flesh burned in his stomach, eroding his little sanity.

    Ge Xiu slowly turned his head to look at Xie Shili lying on the bed, torn in his heart again.

    Finally, he took a step forward and walked towards the bed.

    Xie Shili was awakened by the rustling sound.

    ——After all, in the apocalyptic world he had to be vigilant even in high fever, so that he could immediately wake up once danger approaches.

    Xie Shili entered the fighting state almost as soon as he woke up.

    He looked sharply in the direction which the sound came from.

    To his eyes came the image of the high-level zombie squatting beside his bed, the pale and handsome face was very close, the gray pupils reflected chilling glimmer of eagerness, its face was expressionless, pure primitive sense of oppression came right at his face, making almost any creature with intelligence frightened out of its wits at once.

    It glanced at Xie Shili indifferently, then lowered its head again——

    reaching out to pick up the blood-stained gauze on the ground.

    Xie Shili stared blankly at the other who started to stuff the gauze into his mouth with a pure face. He was startled in his heart and subconsciously reached out to grab the zombie’s wrist.

    The other’s wrist was extremely cold, like an iron stone, the thin and protruding wrist bone could be felt through thin layer of skin.

    The zombie lowered its head, the emotionless gaze fell on the hand holding his wrist.

    In fact, Xie Shili was also taken aback by his actions.

    His brain was a little heated up and confused, and he couldn’t figure out what mentality he had at that time, to try to prevent a zombie from eating a bandage stained with his blood.

    Xie Shili felt that the back of his hand was slightly hot under the sight of the other party, like a thorn in his heart, but he had to bite the bullet even though he didn’t know how to proceed.

    The high-level zombie raised its head and stared at him for a while, as if thinking about something.

    Finally, it looked enlightened, as if it had figured out something.

    In the next second, the zombie reached into its pocket with a sad expression, took out two nuclei and handed them to Xie Shili.

    Xie Shili: “…”


Zombie Ge Xiu: trade offer

Zombie Ge Xiu: I give you. two nuclei.

Zombie Ge Xiu: you let me. chew on your bandage.

Xie Shili (blurt out): isn’t my lips better

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