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Chapter 136: The Zombie Emperor

    G Xiu walked slowly down the empty street.

    Dragging and monotonous footsteps echoed between the dead buildings, overturned vehicles on the side of the road were splattered with dark dried blood, whispers of the wind swept over the ruined city.

    Ge Xiu walked forward aimlessly.

    He was very at a loss now.

    Out of nowhere, no matter where he tried to go now, the dense group of zombies would scatter like a group of startled bugs, before he could even get close all that would be left were empty streets.

    Why was that.

    As he kept thinking sluggishly, Ge Xiu put his hand into the stuffed bulging pocket, took out a crystal, put it in his mouth, crushed it with his teeth and swallowed it.

    He struggled to think of the ins and outs.

    After he ate the crystals from zombie’s heads that had been transformed into humans that day, he was no longer satisfied with only eating those bland gray crystal nuclei, and began to specifically look for zombies with darker and more colourful halos.

    ——Of course, when Ge Xiu wished so, he would still knock open the skulls of some zombies passing by, and fill the stock he built in his pocket with their crystals.

    Although the special nuclei taste better.

    But he also needed some snacks to satisfy his hunger at any time.

    After eating seven or eight special spar of different colours and sizes in a row, Ge Xiu found himself in an embarrassing situation where no zombies were willing to let him approach.

    This made him very confused.

    They were clearly of one kind.

    Ge Xiu stuffed another spar in his mouth.

    Next, it took him three days to slowly figure out how to restrain his aura— or, in other words, how to make himself less conspicuous.

    Effective from five meters away.

    But if Ge Xiu entered within five meters of the zombie group, the group of zombies seemed to instinctively feel the proximity of predators, and instantly dispersed as birds and beasts.

    Although this didn’t have much effect on Ge Xiu’s smashing of their skulls, the food that used to be caught with his hands, now requires a few steps to catch.

    This increase in difficulty still made Ge Xiu a little unhappy.

    The nucleus stock in his pocket had never been increasing as quickly as before.

    So, Ge Xiu wandered around a group of zombies for a few days, looking for a zombie that seemed to have intact limbs, clean clothes, and was not so badly decomposed, and then suddenly attacked and caught it.

    Instinctively aware of the danger, the zombie was struggling, but it didn’t know what was threatening it, so it could only sway its limbs blankly, trying to escape from Ge Xiu’s hands.

    Ge Xiu took out a spar from his pocket.

    He stuffed the spar into the zombie’s mouth with his stiff, blue-white fingers, then caught its jaw with his hand, forcing its mouth to open and close, biting the spar into pieces.

    The halo surrounding the zombie’s head became slightly deeper.

    And so it struggled even more.

    Ge Xiu patiently fixed it in place and fed another one.

    Then two, three…

    Finally, when the twenty-fifth was fed, the turbid and yellow eyes of the zombie gradually became slightly awake, and it was still trembling in Ge Xiu’s hand, but no longer tried to escape.

    It seemed to have finally understood the strength gap between the two and why it felt danger before, when more unaware.

    At the same time, it also clearly recognized that it was impossible to run away.

    Ge Xiu stopped with satisfaction.

    He hung the gong he found from the store next door at the zombie’s neck, and then instructed it to hold the wooden stick tightly and strike the surface of the metal gong.

    Zombies had always had low intelligence.

    It gripped the stick stiffly with trembling hands, and began to beat the gong.

    The monotonous and harsh sound, making the air quiver, was instantly echoed by the surrounding empty streets and resounded into the distance.

    The sound-sensitive zombies instantly turned to look in the direction from which the sound came from, many pairs of eyes lit up with hunger and craving, and rushed towards the place where the sound came from.

    Ge Xiu hid in the dark, waiting for enough zombies to come out.

    In just ten minutes, he earned back all the spar he wasted on the zombie, and even had a lot of surplus.

    Ge Xiu walked slowly to a shop at the side, took out a backpack, and then emptied the spar collection in his pocket and threw them all in.

    He stared at the pile of nucleus on the ground, still stained with thick dark brain matter and blood, and tilted his head thoughtfully.

    Ge Xiu waved at the zombie.

    The zombie stepped closer with two trembling legs.

    Ge Xiu picked up a crystal from the ground, wiped it on its body, and then threw the cleaned spar into his backpack.

    And so it became him wiping it, zombie shaking with each nucleus.

    Soon, Ge Xiu wiped all the spar clean, and the travel backpack was half full.

    He picked up the backpack and shook it, the crisp sound of the crystals colliding resounded in the backpack, making him feel extraordinary satisfaction in his heart.

    Ge Xiu raised his head and glanced at the shivering zombie standing beside him. He thought carefully about the feasibility and sustainability of his plan, and finally decided not to follow his original idea to throw it away after finishing the task, and eat its nucleus, but to leave the zombie behind to continue his great mission of collecting crystals.

    After all, having to find another one would be very tiring.

    He thought for a while, then reluctantly took out five darker spar stones from his backpack and stuffed them into zombie’s hands.

    Zombie: “?!”

    A strange shock appeared in its cloudy eyes.

    The zombie slowly raised his head and looked at Ge Xiu who was standing in front of him. A vague thought flashed in its sluggish brain—

    could it be…he…he was actually a good person?

    The zombie stuffed the spar into his mouth and chewed it with crunching sounds.

    When it raised its head again, its eyes were full of heartfelt gratitude.

    That’s right!

    Good person!

    Ge Xiu on the side was completely unaware that he had gained a zombie fan.

    At this moment, he was thinking hard in his heart, trying to give the other a name.

    Name was very important.

    Ge Xiu vaguely thought so.

    After thinking about it for twenty minutes, he finally came up with a brilliant name:

    Just call it Number One.

    Ge Xiu took out a handful of nuclei from his backpack and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing it, then turned his head to look at the zombie standing beside him, the more he looked, the more satisfied he became.

    He threw the heavy backpack on the back of the zombie without any qualms, determined to let it play the role of bait and at the same time do all the hard labor.

    With a gong hanging in front of Number One and a bag on its back, No. 1 swayed step by step, diligently and foolishly following behind Ge Xiu.

    Soon after Number One, Number Two, Number Three and Number Four joined their ranks.

    Ge Xiu successfully established an industrial chain for harvesting zombie nuclei, and happily swept the city clean.

    At the same time, terrifying legends appeared in the human base — they said that after the zombie apocalypse, city A became haunted, and every once in a while, they could always hear harsh and monotonous metal knocks coming from the city Voice.

    Although this legend was obviously a rumour, and many power users and ordinary people who had been fighting to survive for a long time in the apocalypse scoffed at it, there would always be some people who had escaped from City A and swore it was true as gold.

    It was obviously all true.

    City A was now a ghost town, half zombies and half ghost population.

    Otherwise, how could you explain the fact that number of zombies in City A had decreased so significantly!

    Three months passed quickly.

    For zombies, three months was almost undetectable.

    Ge Xiu was sweeping the city A with his troops. He didn’t remember how many nuclei he ate, and he never bothered to count.

    After all, zombies were greedy beings, driven by appetite forever, forever walking on the road of foraging and searching for more food.

    However, in addition to the appetite that could not be satisfied, Ge Xiu could feel his brain slowly becoming clearer.

    He vaguely felt that he should find someone.

    But he didn’t know who the person was, what he looked like, whether it was a human or a zombie.

    He only vaguely knew the existence of that person.

    So, finally one day, Ge Xiu decided to leave City A.

    There was nothing left to eat in this city.

    All the barely higher-level zombies had been eaten up, the crystals in the heads of the remaining ordinary zombies were completely unable to satisfy Ge Xiu’s desire to eat.

    In the world of zombies, one would always want to leave.

    So, half an hour after the idea was born, Ge Xiu took Number One, Number Two, Three and Four, and swaying forward along the road, set foot on the road to leave City A.


    Xie Shili pressed his wound with one hand, blood gurgling out from between his fingers.

    His brows and eyes were icy cold, his teeth were clenched, his supernatural power spread from his fingertips in the blink of an eye, blue ice covered the bleeding wound stopping the blood loss.

    This hideous wound did not come from a zombie, but from his relatives and subordinates whom he had trusted with absolute confidence.

    The Base of the Dawn, the first of the three major human bases in the last days, had been ruled by him.

    He was the founder of the base, but was framed by his closest friends and relatives.

    The depths of Xie Shili’s pupils were filled with a deep and cold chill, which burned silently in his eyes like ice and fire. He leaned against the wall and twitched his lips ironically.

    At this moment, he heard the sound of sluggish footsteps at the end of the road in the distance —— it should be, a small scattered group of zombies…

    can be… cleaned up with flame…

    However, his vision gradually became blurred along with the gradual loss of strength, gradually became blurred, as the chill from the wound spread to the whole body along the blood vessels. He was so weak that he couldn’t even move a finger, let alone continue to release supernatural powers.

    Xie Shili felt it was endlessly ironic.

    He didn’t expect… that he would end up like this.

    He closed his eyes.


    Ge Xiu stopped abruptly and turned his head to look at the dilapidated building beside him.

    ——He felt a familiar aura there.

    That sense of existence was deeply etched into the depths of consciousness, and it could affect his nerves through a thin wall.

    If he still has nerves, that is.

    Smells delicious.

    It was a scent that was completely different from the smell of other nuclei, mixed with the fragrance of human flesh and blood, and some kind of powerful, mouth-watering scent.

    Ge Xiu had never smelled such a fragrance, not even in the countless zombie with different nucleolus that he ate.

    And this time the flavour was even better, more aggressive— except for being a little weak, it was simply perfection.

    Ge Xiu felt his saliva drooling at the thought.

    He finally knew what he had been looking for all the entire time.


    it was reserve rations!


    The author has something to say:

     Xie Shili: ?


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