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Chapter 135: The Zombie Emperor

    The murky eyes of the walking corpses turned and looked in unison in the direction of the sound, their gray pupils were filled with terrifying greed and endless hunger.

    The hoarse roars echoed between the buildings, making one’s scalp tingle with chill.

    The originally stiff and sluggish limbs suddenly became agile and fast, as they swiftly turned around and rushed in the direction of the smell of fresh flesh.

    Ge Xiu was caught in the middle of the zombie group, his steps were dragged and disordered, as he walked forward in the crowd of countless rotten heads around him.

    The smell of blood permeated the air, becoming clearer and more tempting as the distance shortened.

    …so hungry.

    A burning irritability rose from his stomach, his mouth all the way from the base of his teeth to his throat was itchy with craving, the urge to devour kept gnawing at his nerves and intensified like a raging fire, pushing him to the point of of madness and restlessness.

    So hungry.

    He involuntarily quickened his pace.

    More walking corpses poured out from the doors of the dark and dilapidated buildings, staggeringly dragging over their mutilated limbs, half-crawling and half-walking to join the crowd. The number of walking corpses increased rapidly at a terrifying speed, rushing forward like a tide.

    They were getting closer and closer to the source of the sound.

    At the end of the street not far away was a gas station, with a team of humans struggling to defend it.

    “Faster! More zombies are coming!” One of the team members shouted anxiously: “Are you guys done?”

    He shouted, as he pulled the trigger.

    Flames spewed out from the pitch-black muzzle, pouring down on the surrounding zombies like a storm.


    Were they called zombies?

    Ge Xiu’s steps were thrown into disarray by one of the peers who knocked into him as he thought dully.

    The human team fought and was retreated slowly, but was still unable to resist the crowd of zombies that came in frantic attacks. Two of them were bitten by the neck and dragged into the group of zombies screaming.

    Even his companions were powerless.

    ——It was the sixth month after the end of the world.

    Civilisation has all fallen, only a few newly established human bases were still struggling.

    Fortunately, at the same time as the zombies appeared, superhumans also appeared.

    For the only remaining human beings, superhumans would be the first ones to pick to enter the city and search for supplies, because their attacks were more accurate and they made much less sound. Although most of power users’ offensive power was still very low, but it lasted them for a long time, so they would only use the gun at the last critical moment — as the heavy ammo covered a larger area but it made too much unnecessary noise, especially in big cities that were full of danger.

    Apparently, for this team, this was what occurred.

    They were really unlucky. They encountered a large group of zombies directly after entering the city. The abilities of the power users were quickly used up, and they had to use firearms to save themselves — but it brought the completely opposite effect.

    The big cities were the first to fall when the end times came.

   They were too densely populated and the virus spreads wildly at a rising speed in an instant. Even before everything becomes irreversible, large cities were places that humans dared not approach easily. There were simply too many zombies in it, once noticed by them, there was no possibility of escape.

    Ge Xiu was caught in the crowd of zombies, hungry roars and growls sounded from all directions,

    he felt that his own kind was too noisy.

    Although he was very hungry, he had no desire to howl along with him.

    Ge Xiu looked at the human team from a distance and tilted his head in confusion.

    Some of those human heads that exuded a tempting smell were also covered with a layer of light.

    The halos come in darker and lighter variations and different colors.

    Some were blue, some were red, and some even had a touch of gold.

    He turned his head and glanced at the stupid fellows around him — around their heads was  only dull gray, some lighter, like a layer of light gray fog, and some deeper, seeming like deep dark stream.

    How odd.

    Ge Xiu was a little curious, would there be that kind of light halo around his head?

    If so, what colour would it be?

    He thought hard, trying to remember what he saw in front of the mirror when he was in the residential building.

    But it’s been too long for him.

    Slow-moving brain cells were unable to mobilize specific memories, like a processed video tape, leaving only vague and intermittent images.

    Ge Xiu gave up trying.

    However, once he came back to his senses, the modified off-road vehicle parked not far away had been loaded with oil, and after knocking over a few zombies blocking the front of the vehicle, it drove forward crookedly.

    The rumbling sound of the engine and the moving target were the most exciting existences for zombies.

    A flood of zombies chased the vehicle, running maniacally while letting out inhuman roars.

    The other small group was temporarily attracted by the wounded left by the human team. They burrowed their heads in the food on the ground, the vague sound of chewing and swallowing coming from them as red blood quickly pooled on the dirty ground.

    The flesh was torn from the bones, and the innards were pulled out of the belly.

    They ate quickly.

    Small screams could be heard a few minutes ago, but now there was only silence.

    By the time Ge Xiu came there following the smell of blood, most of the zombies had dispersed, and only the mutilated corpses were left on the ground.

    He lowered his head in disappointment and stared at the corpse.

    …can’t be eaten anymore.

    The next second, the broken and bloody fingertips flicked slightly, the eyes of the head slowly opened, the gray eyeballs were covered with a cloudy shadow, the exact same hunger and greed flashed deep inside the stiff empty eyes.

    The itching at the roots of the teeth and the throbbing in the stomach had completely disappeared.

    Ge Xiu’s instinct told him — this piece of meat had gone bad.

    The desire to eat was swallowed up by a huge sense of disappointment.

    His eyes fell on the skull of his newly born kind — unexpectedly, a halo still flashed by its head, and… it was actually blue.

    Different from the clear colour when he was still a human, after he became a zombie, the light blue was covered with a dirty gray, like the surface a long-dead lake.

    Ge Xiu felt a faint fear welling up in his bones.

    This was instinctive warning alarm.

    Maybe that’s why the other zombies scattered after eating his body.

    But… he has lost his limbs and had been completely hollowed out from the waist down.

    What threat could it be?

    Ge Xiu tilted his head, raised his feet, stepped on the man’s head, and slowly exerted strength.

    It was resisting.

    Zombies that resist were often delicious.

    Ge Xiu started drooling again.

    With a “crack”, his skull was completely smashed, the red and white brains flowed to the ground.

    That instinctive fear was gone.

    Ge Xiu bent down, picked up a gray-blue crystal, a circle larger than ones in the heads of other zombies, and stuffed it into his mouth.

    His eyes lit up.

    really tasty.

    Better than any crystal he’d ever eaten before!

    Warm and sweet liquid flowed down his throat, and his icy, numb limbs seemed to heat up for a moment.


    Ge Xiu remembered.

    Those round, sweet, colourful spheres were called candy.

    He dragged his steps to the store next to him. He remembered that he had seen similar characters on one of the shelves. At that time, he stood by and pondered for a long time, but he couldn’t recall what he was going to do.

    Now he finally remembered.

    Ge Xiu ripped open one of the packaging bags with his stiff blue-white fingers, and the candy fell to the ground, making a clear crisp sound. Several zombies passing by the store shot a look at the store, then looked away in disinterest and continued to stagger forward.

    He picked one up and put it in his mouth.

    There was no taste…

    the necrotic taste system made it impossible for him to taste anything.

    Ge Xiu dropped the bag of candies in his hand in disappointment, left the store, smashed the skulls of two passing zombies, then took out crystals from their heads and stuffed them into his mouth.

    Warm and sweet.

    But…not good enough.

    He recalled the blue crystal he had eaten just now. After eating it, the other crystals paled in comparison.

    And…candy was colourful.

    Those in human heads were colourful too — would the crystals in their heads also have different flavours?

    Thinking about it, Ge Xiu’s saliva flowed down again.

    He turned around and walked in the direction the off-road vehicle had left, an empty and desolate street with monsters that were left behind still wandering about.

    Ge Xiu vaguely knew that the car would not go far.

    Whether it’s the bumps and collisions from when it left, or the state of the fuel tank, it was destined to be caught up to.

    He walked along the empty road, and soon, the off-road vehicle that rolled over to the side of the road appeared not far away, the engine was still smoking, and there was a large area of ​​semi-dried blood under the vehicle.

    Of the five people, three of them had been completely eaten, and only their heads were still intact.

    One person died early into the battle, not even transforming into a zombie.

    Only one was transformed when its body was still intact. It slowly dragged its feet, chewing the flesh and blood from its companion’s body.

    The first four were easy to take care of.

    They hardly resisted, but even when they did resist, their actions were very weak and without any threat, their heads were easily smashed open by Ge Xiu and the crystals were dug out.

    The last one was a bit more tricky — it obviously didn’t want to be eaten by its own kind.

    So they had a fight.

    Ge Xiu unexpectedly found that his strength and speed had improved a level, and even the rotation of his joints was more flexible, his every movement seemed to bring a fierce wind.

    His limbs seemed to still retain his fighting skills from before the transformation, making the battle almost a one-sided crushing conflict.

    Ge Xiu smashed the zombie’s head against the stone on the side of the road, and then took out a red spar from the brain that had begun to slowly deteriorate. He stuffed the spar into his mouth and ate it.

    The taste seems a little spicier?

    But still delicious.

    He stood up contentedly, and hiccuped, first time in a long while.

    The hunger that burned inside of him all the time finally faded a little.

    This was the first time he had felt full since he could remember.

    Ge Xiu turned around and walked along the road, wandering back into the city.

    What he didn’t notice was that every zombie he passed by on the road, staggered to make way for him, as if fearful from bottom of their hearts.

    A clear empty way appeared in the huge zombie group.

    Like sea giving way before Moses.


    The author has something to say:

This station will launch a new program “A Bite of Zombie*”

    Starring: Ge Xiu

    Director: Ge Xiu

    Script: Ge Xiu

    Stay tuned


*allusion to gourmet food cooking series


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  1. This is my favorite Arc so far, I’ve never read anything like this.

    This would be so awesome if it was novel length and not just one arc lol

    Thanks for the chapter 😊

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