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Chapter 134: The Zombie Emperor

    The young man slowly opened his eyes.

    World before his eyes seemed to be shrouded in a hazy mist, the light and shadow were intertwined, and nothing could be seen clearly.

    He moved his head.

    There was a rusty rubbing sound when he moved his neck, creek creek, body felt stiff and sluggish.


    The intense hunger was like a fiery flame, burning his internal organs, spreading wildly along the icy bones and blood, tormenting his body with heart-wrenching torture.

    Certain vague and uncontrollable desire rose up.

    He longed to eat.

    Longing to bite down with teeth, tear the skin, chew the muscles, let warm blood pour into his mouth, mixed with the fragments of the fresh flesh, and flow down the cold throat into the dead body.

    The young man stood up slowly.

    He didn’t seem to be able to fully control his limbs, his joints made harsh creaking noises, his movements were stiff, and he walked forward uncoordinatedly like a broken doll.


    very hungry.

    Every cell in his body was aching with emptiness and hunger.

    The overly sensitive hearing functioned to its fullest, collecting all the smallest sounds from the outside world with extremely high efficiency, as if instinctively telling him where to find food.

    He dragged his steps and walked out slowly.

    ——There seemed to be a sound outside.

    However, before he could take a few steps outside, the young man stopped.

    He turned his head to look at the minced meat and corpses lying on the ground. The scene in his field of vision was still blurred and delayed, but he could see the round, bloody sphere on the ground, shrouded in a light layer of light almost imperceptible halo.

    The young man tilted his head in confusion and stared at it for a long time.

    His sense of smell and instinct were telling him that the piece of meat was inedible.

    But there was another faint voice whispering in his heart, urging him to move forward.

    The youth obeyed it.

    He walked slowly to the head, bent down stiffly, his slender fingers were pale, but fingertips were stained with dark blood that had already solidified. He held the head.

    It cracked with a crisp sound.

    Dark necrotic tissue fluid and pulpy brain matter flowed out from the cracked skull, instantly turning the ground black.

    The young man thought for a while, then put his fingers into the head, and his fingers sluggishly stirred in the remaining brain tissue, making a gurgling sound.

    A minute later,

    he slowly pulled out his fingers, and a dull gray spar was lying in his palm, whose colour he couldn’t recognise anymore, with black pus and blood still trickling down from it.


    Instinct told him not to eat.

    But very hungry.

    The young man stuffed the spar into his mouth and bit it down with sharp canine teeth. The hard shell instantly shattered under the pressure, and the next second, a strange warm current flowed into his stomach.

    The layer of darkness that had covered the world seemed to have dissipated a little, his vision became a little clearer.


    Kind of like…some kind of round…hard…sphere…



    wait…what is sweet?

    The young man squatted in front of the cracked skull, lowered his head, racked his brains intensely, and thought hard.

    After a few minutes, he still hadn’t come up with anything.

    The young man stood up from the corpse, turned and walked towards the place where he just came out — in his unclear and short memory, he remembered that there was also something that looked very similar to the piece on the ground in front of him — but this one was broken into many pieces, and the other was whole.

    He quickened his pace expectantly.

    Would that be tastier?

    He reached out and grabbed the head of the corpse, cracked it on the ground, and then picked up a smaller, duller spar, stuffed it into his mouth, crunched it and swallowed it.

    ——It seemed to be about the same.

    Young man was a little disappointed.

    And he was still hungry.

    He stood up, ready to leave the narrow room in front of him.

    At this moment, in his gradually clearing vision, the young man saw a vague outline in the mirror covered with cracks on the wall.

    The man who appeared in the mirror was very tall, with handsome features, his eyes were a lifeless iron-gray, under his eyes was bleak shadow and his skin showed an unhealthy paleness. The bloodless lips were stained with dark blood.

    He tilted his head.

    The man in the mirror also tilted his head.

    But this was not his face.

    A vague thought rose from the young man’s mind.

    The concept of “me” began to take shape in his brain.

    The young man raised his hand slowly, looking at the unfamiliar figure in the mirror and raised his hand as well.

    ——I don’t know this person.

    Then who is “me”?

    It was as if something very important was missing in his body, as if the broken gears couldn’t snap together precisely, but the brain couldn’t turn properly.

    He froze for a moment, then turned around and staggered out of the narrow room.

    Still hungry.

    Nothing felt as important as eating.

    The youth stepped crankily and walked out of the apartment.

    There were several rotting corpses scattered on the floor of the corridor, the sultry heat like a steamer further contributed to the stench in the air, making the narrow space appear more cramped and compact.

    He knocked open the heads of several corpses on the ground.

    Some corpses had those light gray crystals in their brains, but some didn’t — the young man slowly realized that there were crystals in the corpses with a halo around their heads, but the gray ones’ brain’s were empty, filled with nothing but putrid black water.

    Soon, his vision was completely clear, and even the movement of his limbs seemed much smoother.

    The young man later returned to the room where he woke up once.

    He was disappointed to see that the image in the mirror was only slightly clearer than before, and the white bleakness covering his eyes had dissipated —but other than that, there was almost no change.

    Still the same unfamiliar face.

    He left the room at loss.

    He had basically explored the entire residential building, as well as encountered other people with pale skin and stiff limbs, who were slowly swaying in the dark corridor — except that their bodies were more destroyed than his own and the missing body parts, other parts were basically exactly the same as his own.

    Their eyes were dull, and they didn’t respond to the youth at all. Even if their heads were smashed open by the youth and the crystal blocks in their heads were taken out, they would not respond.

    Their stupidity disappointed the youth.

    The young man slowly swayed down the corridor. When passing a room, his pace paused slightly, and he turned and walked inward.

    Every room here felt similar.

    But for some reason, this room gave him a very familiar feeling.

    There was a decomposed corpse lying beside the bed, its head was hanging down, and there was a big black hole at the back of its head — the young man’s gaze swept across the head indifferently, and he could already see that there was no such delicious food in its head, he lowered his eyes, and his eyes fell on the empty palm of the other party.

    For no reason, he always felt that the other party should have been holding something in his hand.

    The young man frowned.

    He stared at the bed in front of him in confusion. The sheets were dirty, but the dents on them clearly showed that someone had laid on them.

    The feeling that he seemed to have forgotten something important struck again, and quickly enveloped him completely.

    It was as if something was trying to break out of the cage in his mind.

    The young man stood blankly at the center of the room, the sun rising and setting outside the window, the room was bright and dark, dark and bright, for him, the passage of time seemed to have gone by completely unnoticed.

    Finally, slowly, gradually, two vague words emerged from the depths of the blocked memory.

    The youth spent another half an hour trying to figure out what those two words were.



    …Ge Xiu.

    Ge Xiu?

    The young man moved, the joints made creaking noises, and the expression on his face was still dull and sluggish. He slowly turned around and walked out, but he was still thinking about the two characters that jumped into his mind inexplicably.

    Ge Xiu… was that his name?

    Whether it was or not, he had decided that he would be called this name from now on.

    The pronunciation of these two words was very good.

    Youth was very satisfied.

    He came to the corridor and turned to look at the countless pieces of furniture blocking the stairs.

    Before today, he had passed by this place countless times, swaying past the furniture that blocked the stairs, but it had never caught his attention once.

    After all, these things don’t move, they’re forever dead, they don’t glow, and there’s no tasty spheres in them.

    Every time, Ge Xiu ignored their existence and continued to move forward.

    However, this time, for no very specific reason, he suddenly wanted to leave from here.

    He didn’t know why he had such thoughts.

    But he did so.

    After half an hour.

    There was a huge “crash” sound from the door of the building, and countless tattered furniture poured out from the narrow doorway, with dust billowing and flying all over the sky. Such a huge sound attracted countless dull and eager eyes — but in the eyes of all the people, only a pale, sluggishly moving young man slowly got up from it.

    Ge Xiu stood up straight, stumbled over the obstacle in front of him, and continued to walk forward.

    The other walking corpses looked away in disappointment and staggered away.

    Ge Xiu caught a man passing by, and skilfully knocked open its head, took out a dull gray crystal, stuffed it into his mouth, chewed it, and ate it.

    He swallowed the remaining residue in his mouth, looked up at the empty and barren city in front of him, his eyes slowly lit up.

    In his eyes, everyone of his kind that passed by was walking food.

    ——so tasty.

    For the next three days, Ge Xiu roamed the city, occasionally catching a fellow who stumbled past him, knocking its skull open, pulling out the crystal, eating, and continued to aimlessly wander as before.

    Some walking corpses would not resist, and could only be smashed to pieces in a sluggish manner.

    Their crystals tend to be unpalatable and bland.

    Some walking dead will resist — and their crystals will be delicious.

    Ge Xiu quickly learned to be a picky eater.


    On ​​this day, Ge Xiu was wandering in the street. He suddenly heard the noisy sound of the engine coming from the end of the road. The clattering sound of fire being exchanged echoed between the empty buildings. It was so vivid and real that it instantly attracted countless eager eyes.

    The corpses began to move.

    Ge Xiu raised his head and sniffed blowing wind.

    The long-hibernating instinct suddenly became active, the hunger that he had ignored for a long time suddenly began to burn again.

    ——It was the smell of fresh flesh.

    Ge Xiu began to drool.


    The author has something to say:

Zombies: I beg you, let me leave this world, really, I can’t live anymore


Bamboo has something to say:

ML: You don’t even droll for me but droll for fresh meat QVQ

Ge Xiu: roar rawr


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