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Chapter 141: The Zombie Emperor

    “…The zombies seem to have dispersed?”

    A neatly dressed woman hiding in the supermarket cautiously opened the shutters covering the windows and looked out warily with a cautious look on her face.

    The glass was covered in dried blood and cobweb-like cracks, limiting visibility.

    Looking out from this angle, all she saw was that the street was gradually emptying.

    “What’s going on?”

    A man who was hiding behind the shelves lowered his voice and asked uncertainly, “Did you see what happened just now?”

    “No.” Cheng Si frowned and shook his head slowly:

    “But I am guessing that someone made a movement to attract the attention of the zombie horde. Maybe there are other teams with supernatural power in this city.”

    The whole team’s faces turned solemn.

    In this era, humans were often more terrifying than zombies.

    The team leader Liu Ling made a decisive decision: “Collect materials, quickly.”

    This city was too big and there are too many uncertain factors. They did not want to create conflicts with other super power teams in the city.

    Still, they wouldn’t do thankless things superfluously.

    Although the disruption made by the other team objectively took the burden off their shoulders, it didn’t mean that they were willing to sacrifice their own lives to rescue the unknown team.

    They quickly stuffed the things they could use into the backpacks they carried with them. Their movements were skilful and swift, obviously having experienced it many times already.

    At this moment, Cheng Si suddenly shouted: “Someone is coming!”

    Everyone was startled.

    Liu Ling walked to the window in long steps, quickly stretched out her hand and pulled open a gap in the roller shutter covering the window to take a look outside.

    Outside, sun was scorchingly hot.

    Unbeknownst to them, the broad road had already become empty, the road was still a scene like from purgatory, but not even half of a zombie could be seen, as if they all had been attracted somewhere else.

    On the empty street, two young men, one behind the other, came approaching in their direction.

    Their pace was not fast, in fact, in such a dangerous city, their pace seemed a bit too leisurely, as if they what they were walking on was not the street where zombie tide came through just a second before.

    The team members hiding in the supermarket instantly became tense.

    Liu Ling frowned, raised her hand and made a gesture to the few people behind her.

    There was almost no need for communication, as the other members of the team understood instantly what she meant. They moved forward tactically among the disorganised shelves of the supermarket. The sound of their deliberately lightened footsteps sounded, as the members of the team quickly moved towards the sealed door of the supermarket and hid behind shelves and pillars that could serve as protection.

    Immediately afterwards, everyone assumed the defensive posture, held their breath and watched vigilantly at the two figures gradually approaching the supermarket.

    Ge Xiu’s pace stopped slightly.

    He raised his head and sniffed the slightly wafting air, then his eyes moved slightly as his emotionless gaze fell on the seemingly deserted facade of the supermarket.

    Xie Shili followed Ge Xiu’s line of sight.

    His eyes swept across the slightly swaying shutters behind the windows and the combat experience gained from critical situations instantly let him draw the conclusions from those tiny details.

    ——It seems that a supernatural team had also entered the supermarket ahead of time and was alerted of their arrival.

    And Ge Xiu discerned more from the taste.

    There were people inside.

    There were six in total, all of them supernatural humans.

    Ge Xiu frowned.

    He realised a strange thing — although the people inside were all power users, and their flesh and blood on their bodies similarly exuded a very tempting smell, but, for some reason, compared with the aura of reserve rations standing beside him it seemed extraordinarily bland and tasteless. Just like those ordinary zombies’ nuclei, which were gray and only the size of a fingernail.

    He tilted his head in confusion.

    Ge Xiu was a little puzzled.

    As a zombie, his memory had always been intermittent and occasionally somewhat vague.

    However, with the passage of time and his strength growing, Ge Xiu could feel that the situation was gradually improving. It was still very difficult for him to recall, however, details of what had happened a long time ago.

    In fact, by the time when Ge Xiu met Xie Shili for the first time, he had basically forgotten the taste of those supernatural humans, but the impression of that time still remained in his memory.

    Very fragrant and delicious.

    And the smell on Xie Shili was also very fragrant and delicious, so Ge ​​Xiu naturally thought equal the smell of him and other superpower users in his mind.

    As a result, after finally meeting other superpower users today, Ge Xiu was greatly disappointed.

    …these people didn’t smell that good either.

    He turned his head to look at Xie Shili standing beside him, thought about it carefully, and suddenly stepped closer.

    Xie Shili’s heart was faintly startled, the muscles on his back tensed up instantly, the battle instinct that had been imprinted in his body tugged at his nerves, urging him to move.

    But, he did not respond.

    He just tightened his shoulders and watched the young man with a pale face approach his neck calmly.

    He saw the high-level zombie lower its light gray pupils, then lower down its head and sniff like a puppy.

    The tip of the icy nose was as cold as ice, moving upwards from the man’s shoulders, neck and collarbone, touching the warm skin indistinctly, the distinctly felt temperature difference caused an instinctive shiver to run through him.

    Xie Shili clenched his teeth in a breath, his breathing became disordered in an instant.

    How many times he had seen such a scene— zombies with indistinct features crouching down and biting on the necks of human beings, tearing the soft flesh greedily, chewing the blood vessels buried under the skin with hard teeth, the carotid arteries spurting out with warm scarlet blood and piercing desperate screams echoing in his ears like a background soundtrack.

    He should have been terrified.

    He should start to mobilize all the remaining abilities in his body at once to either launch attacks recklessly or use the fastest speed to back away as fast as possible from it— facing a zombie that could tear his throat at any time, this was the most rational, the most appropriate approach.

    However, what Xie Shili felt was a strange restlessness rising deep in his body.

    The image he forcibly dispelled from his mind struck again—the foggy light gray eyes were misted over, ruthless but ignorant. Just like in his memory, they slowly lifted up and looked at him quietly.

    The rhythm of his heart suddenly became chaotic.

    ——Like dancing over the edge with death itself.

    At the same time, Ge Xiu felt again the never-ending hunger and craving at his teeth.

    He seemed to be able to smell it through the thin layer of skin, the hot and sweet blood flowing in his blood vessels. All he needed was to sink his teeth into it to taste the delicious and juicy flesh and greedily devour all energy contained inside.

    Ge Xiu’s light gray pupils contracted slightly, as an uncontrollable restlessness spread.

    If it weren’t for him being a high-level zombie, with stronger self-control than any other kind, he might have really bitten down at that moment.

    Ge Xiu swallowed the saliva secreted from his mouth, then raised the distance between them again raised his head and sniffed the smell of other humans in the air.

    He came to the conclusion in his mind:

    His own reserve rations do smell better.

    Ge Xiu looked at the human in front of him and suddenly he was a little reluctant to take action and eat— what if he could not find a better human after eating him?

    He looked at Xie Shili with loving eyes.

    ——So, please make sure to gain weight.

    “What are they doing?” Liu Ling asked solemnly.

    Cheng Si, who was in charge of monitoring the movements outside the supermarket, paused, and said hesitantly,

    “They…should be discussing the next tactics?”

    Liu Ling’s brows furrowed even tighter. He took a deep breath and then seemed to make up his mind, saying slowly: “It’s very likely that it was these two people who’d led away this group of zombies.”

    After all, the timing and place of their appearance were too coincidental, she couldn’t help but think of there being a connection.

    “There are only two of them, but they dare to enter this city without any scruples, so I suspect that they have a trump card that others can’t think of.” Liu Ling narrowed his eyes and continued: “I think, to be on the safe side, it’s better not to fight recklessly.”

    Everyone nodded.

    In the city center, fighting with people with unknown strength and unknown cards up their sleeves, in the end, could only be a lose-lose situation.

    So they’d rather try to find a peaceful solution.

    ten minutes later.

    They heard a “creeek”.

    The crooked door of the supermarket opened slowly and a man in protective suit walked out of the shadowed market slowly. He raised his empty hands to show that he had no hostility.

    He opened his mouth and said, “Two friends, the city rather dangerous right now, so we don’t want to have a conflict with you.”

    Liu Ling suggested:

    “How about, we share the supplies in the supermarket equally?”

    Xie Shili turned his head and looked at Ge Xiu, he lowered his voice and asked:

    “Are you going to eat them?”

    Ge Xiu shook his head.

    Compared with his food rations, he was almost indifferent to the taste of these people, he felt without any desire to  he eat them at all.

    Xie Shili continued to ask, “Should we split? What do you think?”

    Ge Xiu tilted his head and thought about it.

    ——To raise a human, half a supermarket should be enough, right?

    He nodded.

    Liu Ling took the opportunity to look at the two in front of him.

    Among the two in front of him, the tall man made him feel a sense of danger. The temperament that had been honed on the battlefield and the sense of oppression that came from being in a high position could not be faked—even without any proof, Liu Ling could feel that his strength was very strong.

    As for the other person…

    A glance at Ge Xiu’s pale face and the tattered clothes on his body made Liu Ling taken aback for a moment.


    But, before Liu Ling could take a closer look at Ge Xiu, Xie Shili moved to the front and blocked the other party’s sight.

    He narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a low voice,

    “If that’s the case, get out of the way.”


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