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Chapter 151: The Zombie Emperor

    Ge Xiu frowned in confusion and looked down at the cigarette being held between Xie Shili’s fingers.

    He raised his eyes and his gaze fell on the other’s lips.

    Xie Shili’s lips were very thin, with neat and sharp lines, which caused him to give off a cold oppressive feeling when he was not smiling.

    Ge Xiu was lost in thought for a moment.

    So… was that long thin thing with one end lit on fire not for eating?

    But to rather for tasting the smoke that came from the lit end?

    However, he didn’t have time to taste carefully just now.

    Ge Xiu’s eyes focused on the not yet dissipated smoke under the car window, he opened his mouth tentatively and swallowed a relatively solid cloud of smoke into his mouth—— but there was no taste at all.

    Xie Shili chuckled lightly.

    He stubbed out the cigarette butt and threw it out the window.

    ——He didn’t have much of a cigarette addiction, the reason he smoke before was mostly a sudden whim.

    Xie Shili turned his head to look at Ge Xiu and raised his hand to pinch his bulging cheeks.

    The young man’s bulging cheeks instantly flattened.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    He shot an expressionless look at Xie Shili, bit the finger that the other party handed to him, and began to grind his teeth on finger bones to vent his anger.

    Corners of Xie Shili’s lips curved and the gloominess and aggressiveness between his brows and eyes dissipated a little.

    Just now, his heart was shrouded in haze from the past—hatred, sadness, anger, gathering into a huge dense cloud, looming over all his thoughts.

    Just like when he was betrayed and forced to escape, heavily injuried.

    Those few familiar faces were rewinded over and over again in his heart, deeply engraving in his mind.

    Xie Shili was thinking about revenge the whole time.

    According to normal development of the events, after he managed to recover he would return to the base full of rage and violently make all those who betrayed him pay the price.


    During this process, a variable appeared that Xie Shili did not expect.

    A zombie.

    The apocalypse came and destroyed normal lives of all human beings.

    They had lost the sense of security that ought to belong to them and could no longer return to old life.

    Human life was worth as much as an ant’s, they could be crushed mercilessly at any time. Everyone was struggling to survive in a difficult situation. The stable and peaceful life before the apocalypse seemed to be just an illusionary phantom or a begone dream. When occasionally recalling it in their spare time, they felt it was like a separate world. The sense of unreality enveloped each survivor, they were alike to rootless duckweed, unable to find any sense of existence to rely on.

    Surprisingly, Xie Shili felt the most real for a period of time when he was with the zombies.

    He began to think less and less of what happened before he met the other party.

    Xie Shili couldn’t restrain himself from indulging in that extremely ordinary, undisturbed, almost peaceful life.


    The campfire blazed in the growing darkness.

    The young man was sitting by the bonfire with his luggage bag in his arms, stuffing nuclei into his mouth earnestly, his pale face painted a faint crimson and the jumping flames reflected in his light gray pupils.

    Xie Shili sat aside, prying open a can with a knife.

    Early morning.

    The mist spread among the grass and the world was plunged into haziness.

    Xie Shili opened his eyes.

    Four zombies were patrolling in the distance, faithfully guarding the grassland.

    And Ge Xiu lay on the side holding his arm, even in his sleep not forgetting to bite his shoulder tightly through his clothes and not letting go for even a second.

    Not even throughout the long trip that lasted day and night.

    Xie Shili who first had difficultly getting used to it, gradually became addicted, unable to extricate himself.

    As revenge took up less and less space in Xie Shili’s mind, the other party’s sense of existence became stronger and stronger.

    Unbeknownst to him, the high-level zombie that “kidnapped” him gradually caught his eyes more and more, and then unconsciously occupied his thoughts and mind——in the end, Xie Shili realised that he couldn’t even take away his eyes from the other’s face anymore.

    He was like a traveler dying from dehydration.

    Even if he knew that he was drinking poison to quench his thirst, he still couldn’t stop.

    Just when he thought that such time could go on endlessly, the shadow of his past struck again.

    The dark and malicious thoughts were lifted up by the turbulence like mud at the bottom on the river and swallowed up his reason and thoughts in an instant— everything he had experienced once again emerged vividly, sticky dirty blood gushed out of the unhealed wound again.

    Some things had to be settled.


    Xie Shili turned his head to look at Ge Xiu, who was sitting in the co-pilot, his eyes softened slightly unconsciously.

    ——At least he knew the path he was going to take next.

    Following his original plan, if his revenge had been successful, Xie Shili would not have continued to stay in the place he once created but by which he got ruthlessly abandoned. The previous enthusiasm and compassion had been exhausted, leaving only endless indifference and weariness. He originally planned to just leave the base afterwards and embark on a journey ending with his lonely death.

    And now…

    Xie Shili was surprised to discover that, unknowingly, another figure had been added to his plan.

    Even if in the end, the other finally couldn’t endure the temptation anymore and really bit down on a certain day.

    Xie Shili felt that it wasn’t unacceptable.

    Two zombies roaming the world until the very it, it was a bit romantic to think about it.

    In any case, his next journey would not be lonely.

    Xie Shili leaned over and pressed a kiss on Ge Xiu’s hair: “I’ll be right back.”

    He opened the car door and walked out.

    The walls of the base in the distance shone brightly in the sun. Xie Shili narrowed his eyes slightly, with an exceptionally calm expression on his face, as if he had let go of all impetuousness and doubts.

    Xie Shili walked towards the base.


    Survivor Base of the Dawn

     The wall was wrapped in barbed wires on the outside, with fragments of rotten meat and dried blood hanging on it. It was clear that once in a while city would send a special team to clean up the zombies close to the wall to ensure that the surrounding area was safe in an least a kilometre’s distance.

     The person in charge of guarding and quarantining new people was a tall, thin man.

     He was yawning drowsily when he noticed a person approaching from a distance outside the sentry post.

     Not drove with a car, but walked over alone on the spacious flat road.

     It should be a supernatural user. In this era, without some self-defense skills, it was impossible to survive alone for so long.

     However, with the emergence of mutated zombies, it became more and more difficult for those former lone rangers to survive, so they also began to seek shelter from large bases or forces.

     This week alone, he had received at least seven or eight such people.

     Soon, the figure arrived at the sentry post.

     The tall and thin man stood up lazily, opened the registration booklet on the table, and asked without looking up:


     The man’s voice was low and magnetic: “Xie Shili.”

     Why did that name seem….a bit familiar.

    The tall and thin man was slightly taken aback, then raised his head subconsciously.

    As it had become a habit, he still blurted a question that he already knew an answer to:

    “…The intention of visiting?”

    The moment he saw the visitor, the tall and thin man’s eyes widened in disbelief the expression on his face was full of horror and astonishment as if he had seen a ghost crawl back from the depths of hell in the daytime.

    “To meet an old friend.” Xie Shili replied calmly.


    In the car.

    Ge Xiu ate the whole bag of crystals.

    He tossed the empty bag onto the backseat and yanked another bag onto his lap.

    Just as Ge Xiu was trying to unzip the bag, he suddenly froze slightly, as if thinking of something.

    After pondering for a few seconds with no expression on his face, he reached out to open the storage box of the car, and took out the half filled pack of cigarettes from it.

    Ge Xiu took out a cigarette and looked at it carefully.

    After observing it from all angles for a while, he stuffed the cigarette into his mouth and began to chew carefully.

    The more he chewed, the tighter his frown became.

    Finally, Ge Xiu spat out the chewed up tobacco mass from his mouth with “pei pei pei” sounds a rather disgusted look on his face.

    —not tasty at all.

    But the smoke he sucked into his mouth later on also seemed to have no taste…

    Could it be that…

    the problem lies in the middle link?

    Xie Shili’s lowered eyelids as he approached his face flashed in Ge Xiu’s eyes.

    He thought about it carefully.

    Had to try it next time.

    Anyway, every part of the food reserves was his, so it couldn’t be too much to ask for, right?


    The author has something to say:

    Seeing that Ge Xiu had become a little bit spoiled.

    This single mother’s heart is suffering (ten) from (points) heartache (excitement)


Bamboo: author saying that they’re extremely excited!! and so am I seeing more action!! hehe. sorry for any nonsense in this chap, my head is burn out

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