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Chapter 71: ABO

    Ge Xiu quickly reached the area where the spare spaceships were parked.

    The cabin was full of countless spare spaceships of the same size.

    He chose one and carefully unlocked it by bypassing the hatch’s automatic countermeasure system.

    However, the moment Ge Xiu stepped into the cabin door, a piercing alarm suddenly sounded in his ears.

    The entire cabin flashed a red light symbolizing danger, and all entrances and exits were automatically closed.

    Ge Xiu slowly narrowed his eyes.

    He was pretty sure he didn’t show any clues along the way, so what went wrong?

    Suddenly, he seemed to suddenly think of something, and instantly rolled up his sleeves to look at his forearm.

    On the skin covered by those shallow and deep scars, a small red spot was hidden between the dense wounds, and it was impossible to detect its existence without looking carefully.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand and pressed the red dot, and he could clearly feel some hard metal shifting under that piece of skin.

    Implanted detector—should be passively activated, otherwise it would be already detected by him if it emitted any energy.

    And according to his current situation, its purpose shouldn’t be far from automatically triggering the countermeasures when the cargo enters an dangerous area in the ship.

    Interesting design.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyebrows, leaned back on the back of the chair relaxedly, and hooked his lips slightly.

    Soon, the armed crew of the Marauder received the news and quickly entered the cabin. They were well-trained and spread out to surround the ship that sent the warning signal.

    Ge Xiu was caught without putting any resistance.

    The man who had appraised Ge Xiu in the cage before had a gloomy face and strode towards him.

    The crew surrounding him parted, making way for him to go straight to Ge Xiu.

    Although the Marauder had measures to prevent cargo from escaping, it was only just in case. In fact, ever since the Marauder began to implement large-scales looting and trafficking, no cargo have ever been able to escape so far——

     The crew member who went to the customer’s room just send the news that the Congressman’s neck was directly twisted, and he died simply and neatly.

    And all this was actually done by an unarmed Omega!

    Simply ridiculous!

    What was even more ridiculous was that the whole way of the alarm system and thermal energy detection device seemed to be dead, but the implant that had never been used before has played a role!

    He couldn’t even imagine the consequences of not having this step of insurance in the first place.

    Would have this daring omega escaped the ship?

    It would be a slap to the Marauder’s face!

    The man stared gloomily at the boy who was tightly handcuffed in front of him.

    Suddenly, he seemed to abruptly think of something, his eyes paused slightly, and he looked at Ge Xiu deeply.

    The next second, the corners of his lips slowly curled in a cold smile, and he instructed the crew behind him:

    “The wormhole scheduled in three days will be advanced to next ten minutes—— the customers on the ship today are very lucky, not only being able to watch in advance, but they don’t even need to pay any purchase coins, it will be delivered by Marauder for free.”


    Ge Xiu’s head was covered with a black cloth. He was being pushed and shoved by the people behind him in the dark. He stumbled walking forward, the heavy shackles on his wrists and ankles made a clear collision sound.

    There was darkness in front of him, and he couldn’t figure out where he was going.

    Suddenly, the sound of a huge metal hatch opening sounded, and a ray of light shone through the gaps of the black cloth in front of him.

    Ge Xiu felt the black hood on his head being rudely pulled off, and then he was pushed fiercely into the harsh white light.

    A burst of cheers resounded like a tsunami, and huge noises came from all directions.

    Ge Xiu raised his hand to block the piercing light in front of him.

    His eyes narrowed slightly uncomfortably, and the eye sockets were filled with physiological tears stimulated by light, making everything appear very blurry.

    After some time, the feeling of being dazzled by the strong light disappeared.

    Ge Xiu looked around for a while.

    He was now standing in a huge ring, surrounded by tiers of stands, each seat was filled with virtual figures, their faces came to life, apparently having been projected from different parts of the ship.

    The expressions on everyone’s faces were savage and excited, and there was a frenzy that seemed to be catalysed to the extreme.

    —It looked like a huge colosseum.

    Three round metal globes were flying in the air.

    These were floating cameras that could clearly record every detail on the stage, and then pass it through all information ports—

    that is, to everyone from the audience.


    Across the field, the metal noose slowly lifted upwards, pulling up the heavy gate little by little, and a huge iron cage appeared under the iron gate. A piercing and sharp roar came from between the blood-stained railings, and the sour and rancid smell permeated the venue.

    This stench was very familiar to Ge Xiu.

    On the previous planet, this smell lingered in the atmosphere for a long time and could not dissipate.

    ——Adding the words of the previous man:


    What was in the cage was self-explanatory.

    There was a wave of cheers all around, and the desire for the young flesh to be savagely torn apart by the brutal insect made primitive animalism show on everyone’s faces, and they clenched their fists and loudly demanded the beginning of the performance.

    The globe that moved smoothly in the air floated towards the direction of the iron cage.


    The sound of the steel railings lifting was harsh and loud, even in the frantic cries from everywhere it was particularly clear.

    At the same time, the shackles on Ge Xiu’s wrists and ankles automatically opened.

    The next second, a huge bug rushed out of the iron cage!

    Its body was from two to three meters long, and its back was covered with a hard brown-black shell. The claws on its front limbs were as sharp as a knife, flashing with a metallic lustre. In sharp contrast to its huge body was the pitch-black head size of a basketball, the six compound eyes on the head flashed with ferocious light, eager for bloodshed and killing.

    Its mouthparts moved slightly, as if it was chewing on the smell of humans in the air, and it rushed towards the defenceless young man in the distance without hesitation!

    Ge Xiu rolled on the spot and dodged to the side.

    Although he was already prepared for this, this already wounded body was at best the speed of the insect, and he could only barely avoid it. His sleeves and clothes on the side of his waist were torn by its sharp claws during this attack.

    The worm did not stop its pace and hit the steel wall directly.

    Countless onlookers cheered fiercely, and the excited and merciless voices above his head became louder and louder: “Tear him apart!”

    “Come on!”

    “Eat him!”

    It shook its head and turned to look at Ge Xiu, as if considering the opponent’s combat power.

    One person and one insect were in a stalemate.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly, slightly arched his back like a cat, adjusted his breathing and balance, and turned a deaf ear to the noise coming from above his head, just staring at the opponent’s movements closely.

    The insect let out a sharp whistle, and spread out its wings, swooping down from mid-air.

    This time, Ge Xiu didn’t choose to avoid it like he did before, but bent down suddenly, swept under the belly of the insect when it came, and rushed to the place where he stood just now.

    He grabbed the shackles that had been detached from his wrists, and turned around swiftly—

    the insect turned around and prepared to continue attacking, but the huge compound eye on the top of its head was severely hit by the heavy iron weapon.

    A thick yellow-green slurry flowed out from where the eyes were, and painful screeching poured from its black mouthparts.

    It twisted its body frantically, its wings flapped buzzing on its back, and hit the metal wall with its huge and ugly body, making a screeching sound.

    The cheers from the field stopped for a while.

    All the omegas, who had been sent for execution before, would fall to the ground uncontrollably the moment they saw the Zerg, crying and begging those outside the arena for mercy with tears in their eyes.

    But they only again burst into more pleased and cruel laughter and cheers.

    They were ravenous beasts who were tired of everything and wanted stimuli, and their savage desires, which were usually suppressed under the appearance of gentleness, couldn’t be expressed in the civilized side of society, so they looked for it in the constant chaos—

    and when the weak and slender limbs would chewed and torn while alive by insects, with blood splattering on the ground, their longing for violence and bloody pleasure would be greatly satisfied.

    When the bug became exhausted, the audience would be content with bounties and fanatical admiration.

    But… this was the first time that an omega was not only not incapacitated by fright, but even tried to find a way to counterattack—

    this was really strange.

    There were boos from the audience, directed to the underperforming bug.

    Therefore, in order to further enhance the entertainment, they could see a few metal pipes slowly protruding from the wall, and a colourless fragrance was being sprayed from them.

    Ge Xiu frowned.

    He sniffed the smell—it was the pheromones released by the omegas in heat, which made the Zerg more violent and excited.

    Sure enough, the moment it smelled the pheromone, the insect who had just been hit in its weak point and was throbbing in pain suddenly raised its head, the injured compound eyes were still gurgling with yellow-green blood, but they turned a faint manic scarlet, saliva dripped from the protruding pitch-black mouthparts, leaking on the ground.

    It let out a shrill whistle and rushed towards Ge Xiu frantically.

    Ge Xiu’s heart tightened, and he jumped back quickly, barely avoiding the opponent’s fatal attack, but the insect’s sudden increase in speed and the limited physical strength of this body caused him to be unable to completely avoid it——


    The sharp claws scraped his ribs, the fragile skin burst open, and scarlet blood flowed down Ge Xiu’s fingers covering the wound.


    “Captain…is the omega currently in the wormhole the same slave you saw in the long corridor?”

    Avery asked uncertainly, watching the screen in his palm.

    Joseph leaned over and said: “It’s a bit alike…”

    “Hiss…” He was taken aback by the sudden change in the situation, he couldn’t help but gasp, and said with emotion, “This is too cruel… but is he really an omega? It’s not something one can bear.”

    For some reason, this sentence struck Haines’ heart.

    He raised his eyebrows, showed an opened palm to Avery, and calmly ordered in a low voice: “Bring it.”

    Avery hurriedly brought up the screen.

    The ring gladiatorial fight has reached a fevered stage. The slender omega was half-curled up, clearly wounded. His abdomen, thighs, arms and back were all dripping with blood, but he could always avoid the more and more frantic attacks of the bug again and again at the critical moment.

    The blood on the ground was startling.

    Haines narrowed his eyes, his expression unpredictable, his dark and deep eyes drooped slightly, and one couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

    The slender fingers tapped twice on the keys on the side, and swiped twice skilfully.

    in the arena.

    The exaggerated electronically synthesised sound suddenly sounded, and instantly reverberated through the entire venue: “Mr. number 02796 bought a virtual weapon for the challenger: a dagger!”

    All the audience present were shocked, and whispering voices sounded in the auditorium.

    That’s right, “Wormhole” has items that can be consumed.

    But essentially the vast majority of options were to enhance the insects fighting ability, or to make the whole scene more bloody, but there were also a few products for customers who wanted the fight to be more fierce and last longer—

    They could buy armour and even weapons for challengers.

    However, these products were all with sky-high prices.

    And they were all very simple cold weapons, such as clubs, shields, etc…

    And of all the products, the most expensive was the dagger.

    After all, audiences paid to watch a violent show for adrenaline, so the more gruesome the challenger dies, the happier they are, and the Marauder, as the hosts of the “wormhole”, certainly wouldn’t do something against their interests.

    In fact, the first omega to be sent to the ring was often the cannon fodder responsible for the warm-up.

    When they were torn apart and eaten, they would be replaced by “wormholes” main performers— well-trained gladiators, alphas or betas.

    An omega often lasted less than a few minutes on the ring.

    How could someone spend so much money on a weapon for a mere prey! They simply had nowhere to spend the money!

    But no matter how amazed people are at the unknown customer’s lavish spending, the rules of the “wormhole” were set—

    Since the money was sent, it will be provided.

    A hole slowly opened in the metal wall, and a narrow platform popped out.

    A dagger reflecting a cold glint lay on it.

    Ge Xiu was breathing hard, his lungs seemed to be too exhausted to absorb the air, his brow bone was scratched, dense blood dripped down the skin on the right eye, gluing the upper and lower eyelashes together, dyeing the whole field of vision bright red.

    The body has already reached its limit.

    Every muscle was screaming with exhaustion, and the loose frame seemed to be teetering on the edge, about to fall with just one last push.

    But his eyes were still indifferent and calm, his dark eyes like cold stars under the water, coldly sweeping across the dagger several meters away.

    Ge Xiu counted the time in his heart.


    He arched his body and lunged in the direction of the dagger as fast as he could.


    The extremely impatient bug that has been led in circles for so long let out a piercing roar, and the wings on its back buzzed. Although its low-level intelligence brain still didn’t figure out what was going on, it knew very well in which direction this abominable human being in front of him was going and where to pounce——


    Pale bloodstained fingers gripped the hilt of the dagger.


    Before Ge Xiu could turn around, he felt a black shadow pressing down from the top of his head, the rotten smell of of the insect enveloped his senses, and the sound of sharp pincers was closely behind his ears, just a little closer and it could bite his neck.


    A faint smile danced on his lips.

    A strong and terrifying shock wave suddenly came from below the ground, and the entire huge arena was shaken twice.

    The bug’s teeth deviated off course, brushing against his shoulder blades and hitting the ground.

    Ge Xiu smiled and clenched the dagger, and the moment he turned around, he suddenly lowered his body, the blade flashed a blinding cold light between his pale fingers, and cut into the insect’s soft abdomen that was not protected by the shell.

    The sharp and painful screech of the insect came from above his head, and even overwhelmed the panicked noise of the audience in the outside venue due to the unexplained shock wave.

    His fingers stabbed harder.

    The insect struggled in horror, but couldn’t get rid of the thorn that pierced its stomach.

    The blade twisted fiercely in the opponent’s abdomen, and then vigorously and slowly travelled upwards—

    the internal organs along with the yellow-green liquid, flowed out from the gap in the abdomen.

    The bug’s struggle ceased.

    Ge Xiu could feel the ground shaking violently below his shoulder blades.

    He took a deep breath, stopped for a second, and then kicked away the dying body of the insect that was pressing on him, and stood up stumblingly with great difficulty.

    A stronger tremor came.

    The metal ceiling overhead creaked overwhelmed, and through virtual faces in the audience flashed panic from the unknown.

    “…What’s going on?”

    “What’s happening with the spaceship?”

    Ge Xiu gasped, raised his head slowly, and looked at the chaotic scene in front of him.

    His dark pupils were as deep as an abyss, glinting with a strange lustre.

    He slowly raised his hand and softly and slowly wiped off the yellow-green juice that had just splashed on the side of his face, his expression calm and unwavering.

    In fact, from the beginning, Ge Xiu took double preparation.

    If the defense is negligent, just leave.

    If the ship is heavily guarded—

    just blow up the ship and leave.

    Ge Xiu raised his eyes and looked at the globe that was still hovering around him. The depths of his eyes were dark and opaque, the corners of his blood-stained lips curled up in a slight arc, and his voice was hoarse like rough gravel, as he said quietly:

    “If I guessed right, your ship was designed purely with electrical circuits.”

    With just a short sentence, the man behind the monitor couldn’t help but suck in a breath.

    In an instant, panic hit him, he stood up abruptly, and shouted in a tone-cracking voice to the crew behind him who were busy looking for loopholes: “Go to the parking bay of the spare ship—quick—!”

    The silver-white sphere in front of him suddenly shook as if it had been disconnected, and never moved again.

    Ge Xiu withdrew his gaze happily.

    From the time he was in the cage, he began to observe quietly—whether it was the cage, the mechanical arm, or the electrical collar, and then to every place he passed after he left that room, every structure and design, and even the resource allocation layout, even if nobody told him, everything was constantly revealing information to him.

    After a brief glance, Ge Xiu was basically able to figure out the structure of the starship.

    The purely circuit design of the starship had many advantages.

    And as long as the automatic current interrupter was placed in the key position, there was almost no possibility of danger.

    Except… for one weakness.

    Their backup ships had to be operated off the main ship, so it had to be a dual system of circuit design and fuel design—as long as one was overloaded, it would cause a chain reaction—

    before Ge Xiu was caught, he adjusted the simple current amplifier to the maximum power, and placed it below the touchpad.

    And this ring fight was a godsend—when everyone was paying attention to this bloody event where humans fought for their lives, they naturally overlooked some seemingly inconspicuous details.

    And what Ge Xiu needed to do was just wait.

    From the moment he entered this Colosseum, Ge Xiu began to estimate the time——

    Waiting for the increased current to overwhelm the circuit, ignite the flame, and blow the fuel tank.

    Like overturned dominoes, one by one, all the spare ships exploded one after another, destroying the countermeasure system in the cabin.

    Then, the spark ignited a prairie fire, and there was no possibility of reversal.

    The disaster would burn the entire Marauder along the circuit.


    The muffled cracking sound was transmitted to his ears through the thick wall, as if the seemingly hard iron wall in front of him could fall apart and shatter in an instant.

    In the auditorium, the faces of those virtual projections that were previously filled with excitement and fanaticism disappeared quickly one by one.

    The auditorium that was still full of people a second ago quickly emptied, and cracks spread on the ceiling.

    Ge Xiu showed a polite smile with a perfect arc, pressed a palm to his chest, and bowed to the empty auditorium.

    As if taking a curtain call after a successful performance.


Omegas: submissive and breedable

Omega Ge Xiu: aggressive and formidable


Bamboo has something to say:

Ge Xiu having the time of his life in there. I mean, he hasn’t been able to explode anything in three worlds, he must’ve felt stifled.

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  1. Ge Xiu captured and Ge Xiu on the loose are equally dangerous. Maybe more so when captured, since that means he is within proximity with nothing to do but become a Problem.

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