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Chapter 130: Meow meow meow

    Wu Zhuowen was very efficient.

    The simple laboratory that Ge Xiu had assembled before had been fully transported to the bunker, all the sophisticated equipment he listed was being gradually moved into his laboratory over time.

    During this time, Ge Xiu had been immersed in researching the effects of the radioactive material on the human body.

    Although he seldom paid attention to the movements outside the bunker, he was almost able to sense the tension in the outside world.

    Extreme violence has sprung up like mushrooms after the rain.

    From the devastating cases caused by out-of-control ycanthropes, to the persecution of potential lycanthropes by human extremists.

    The incident fermented intensely and hatred gradually accumulated.

    More and more potential lycanthropes were showing a high degree of distrust of the authorities, and there are multiple factions between humans and lycanthropes. Ge Xiu could almost smell the gunpowder in the air as the incidents pushed humanity towards the state of extreme irrational chaos.

    The size of the organization had grown rapidly and its status in the population of potential lycanthropes has also skyrocketed.

    Although Ge Xiu had not left the bunker he had also vaguely heard about big things they have achieved.

    In contrast, the attitude of the authorities was much more ambiguous and passive.

    Although they would still deal with those extreme violent incidents and dispatch police forces to stabilize the social order, but the army that had been secretly mobilizing since half a month ago had not shown any signs of being dispatched —— they were waiting.

    Waiting for the overwhelming amount of human hatred directed at lycanthropes to accumulate to the top, until both the elite and the commoners could no longer bear the lycanthropes to continue to exist in their lives.

    They were waiting for the moment when they could use weapons of mass destruction.

    Solve all future problems once and for all, letting all the secrets be buried with this unplanned race.

    Ge Xiu had already informed Shen Boyan about the research results he had discovered. As for what they were going to do with this information, what kinds of plan would they implement, Ge Xiu didn’t know, nor did he care —— he could already sense that physical strength was slowly depleting, and so the date of his departure was gradually approaching.

    Moreover, in this chess game, the beastmen whose abilities were suppressed were at an absolute disadvantage.

    Therefore, whether Ge Xiu could find a way to remove the collar without causing lycanthropes to fall into madness had become the sole key point to break the game.

    During this period of time, Shen Boyan had clearly been extremely busy, it was hard to see him in the bunker on average.

    But when the time came that Ge Xiu needed to study collars in operation, he would always appear in time to provide Ge Xiu with a “sample” for the experiments.

    in an empty laboratory.

    The power of the lamps above their heads had been deliberately increased, the dazzling cold light reflected on the metal instruments. The whole laboratory was chaotic and messy, but there was an inexplicably a sense of order and harmony.

    Shen Boyan was lying naked on the bed.

    Pale lights streamed down, meandering on his scarred and strong body, his shoulders, chest, and lower abdomen were attached to detection electrodes, and the metal collar placed around his neck was also connected to detection electrodes. The computer screen on the side faithfully presented his physical condition.

    Ge Xiu lowered his head to record something.

    The nib of the pen rubbed against the surface of the paper making a rustling sound.

    A few minutes later, he raised his head and said to Shen Boyan: “It’s good now.”

    Shen Boyan sat up and started to take off the electrodes one by one, but there were a few stuck in tricky places where his arm could not reach.

    Ge Xiu put down the form in his hand and came over, wanting to help.

    Shen Boyan stopped moving when he saw it.

    He lowered his eyes, staring at the boy who was lowering his head to handle the electrodes, his eyes swept covertly over the fluffy pointed ears in his hair, his fingertips moved, forcibly suppressing the urge to rub.

    At this moment, Shen Boyan suddenly asked:

    “Aren’t you curious?”

    “Curious about what?” Ge Xiu sorted out the electrodes and wires that he had taken off and began to check the data that had been recorded. His tone was still casual as he asked back.

    “About me, about this organization.”

    Shen Boyan put his hands on the edge of the bed and jumped down easily. He walked to Ge Xiu’s side and looked down at him inquiringly:

    “You were originally a human being. Don’t you reject such a thing? In official propaganda we’re terrorist organisation.”

    Although Chen Ziyan suddenly differentiated into a beastmen a while ago, but before that, what he received was still the official education from the state goverment. How could a someone from the generation that had grown up with instilled hatred and fear join them without any grudges, without a single psychological barrier, and without asking any questions?

    Ge Xiu didn’t lift his head:

    “Is that what you guys are? A terrorist organization?”

    “Of course.” Shen Boyan gave a short chuckle, fierce and ruthless, and the bloody killing intent flashed in his eyes: “Did you think there was another secret?”

    Fight for equality and pursue human rights?

    Seeking positive future but stigmatised by the government organisation that still walked alone towards their goal despite abuse and notorious reputation?

    How was that possible.

    Lycanthropes were a race that obeyed desire, followed instincts and had a weak sense of morality, social order had no meaning to them.

    They were outright terrorists from the start.

    Ge Xiu took time to look up and glance at him, the expression in his eyes still unbothered and alienated:

    “Not really.”

    He put down his pen, pondered for a while, and replied seriously:

    “Well… I don’t really care whether you are a terrorist organization or not.”

    Ge Xiu was telling the truth.

    The so-called order was just a false phantom, a fig leaf to camouflage greediness in dividing resources, the rules they formulated and created were nothing but a brutal machine for the regime to maintain its own authority.

    He had also overthrown the government.

    ——Even in the real world, Ge Xiu was a star criminal wanted by the Federation.

    He had also been a non-human, so he doesn’t have a deep sense of morality nor feeling of belonging to the human race.

    “Different races, different positions.”

    Ge Xiu lowered his head again to write and summarise the data, saying in a light tone:

    “I don’t think there is anything to blame for what you have done.”

    ——In addition, the government itself was the creator of this turmoil, so this was their karma and retribution.

    After speaking, Ge Xiu suddenly thought of something, raised his head again, and added:

    “But there is one thing I’m curious about…”

    Shen Boyan raised his eyebrows: “What?”

    “What is your appeal?” Ge Xiu put the pen on his lower lip thoughtfully, and asked, “The propaganda of the official media is that you believe that you are genetically superior and should not be controlled by humans, so you are trying to compete for dominance— is that so?

    “Genetically superior?” Shen Boyan narrowed his eyes and looked contemptuous: “Only human beings care about the quality of genes, fearful of foreign species and differences.”

    “As for the management and control of human beings, it’s all in their imagination.” He frowned slightly: “It would be troublesome.”

    Ge Xiu was a little interested: “What else are you fighting for?”

    “We want an independent continent that belongs to the lycanthropes.” Shen Boyan said lightly: “—We shouldn’t be controlled by humans, only this is what they guessed right.”

    Ge Xiu asked thoughtfully: “What else besides that? Don’t you want to take revenge on humanity?”

    They were the creators of all contradictions and disasters, as well as the perpetrators of discrimination, abuse, slaughter and imprisonment. Their endless greed and selfishness have caused today’s situation, causing countless innocents to pay for their mistakes.

    Ge Xiu raised the corners of his lips, revealing an innocent smile, his dark eyes were bottomless, revealing blood-coloured flowers blooming on the soil of sin.

    His voice was light as he asked with childlike naivety in his eyes:

    “A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood?”

    “…” Shen Boyan narrowed his eyes: “Why do you seem more like a terrorist than me.”

    Ge Xiu drooped the corners of his lower lips, shrugged his shoulders indifferently, and said:     

    “Just kidding.”

    His tail swished behind him as he said without changing his face: “I’m a pacifist.”

    ——As long as no one takes the initiative to provoke him.

    Shen Boyan curved his lips: “I see.”

    Ge Xiu lost interest in this topic.

    He lowered his head and continued to process the data he had just obtained. While calculating, he quickly stopped Shen Boyan:

    “By the way, wait for a while before leaving, I have already developed the first drug, after fine-tuning according to your physique, we can start the human experiment.”

    Ge Xiu raised his head and glanced at Shen Boyan: “This is all your choice.”

    “To be your guinea pig?” Shen Boyan pulled over a chair, sat down beside Ge Xiu’s laboratory table, a slight smile crossed his lips: “Feels as sweet as candy.”

    Ge Xiu replied coolly:

    “Don’t talk too much.”


    Time passed by minute by minute.

    The success gradually got closer.

    Ge Xiu stared intently at the instrument in front of him, when suddenly, he felt the familiar dizziness.


    He raised his head hastily, only had the time to have a glance at the dial on his wrist, before he felt familiar weightlessness and fell to the ground.

    —— forgot to pay attention to the time again.

    The little black cat struggled his way out of his clothes, jumping out and shaking his ears in annoyance.

    He turned his head to look at Shen Boyan, who was sitting beside him, but unexpectedly found that the other party was leaning on the back of the chair, his head bowed, and was already asleep.

    Shade under his eyes was dark blue.

    The little black cat swayed its tail and yawned as well — he seldom slept during this time.

    For once, because the work was too busy, and the schedule for the production of the soothing agent was too tight.

    There was another point that Ge Xiu was reluctant to admit.

    Without Shen Boyan, he didn’t sleep well.

    The nightmares that haunted him kept dragging him down, making his rest a torture.

    The little black cat squatted among the scattered clothes, tilted his head and pondered deeply.

    It leaped lightly from the pile of clothes, stretched out its fluffy paws, pulled its phone out of its pants pocket, and skilfully turned on the screen to set the alarm right before sunrise.

    Immediately afterwards, the kitten turned around and jumped onto Shen Boyan’s lap soundlessly.

    It lightly circled on the opponent’s thighs, found a comfortable position, then curled up and laid down, the cat’s green eyes blinked slowly a few times and closed sleepily, as it subconsciously buried its head in its paws.

    The little black cat’s belly undulated slightly with its breathing.

    A minute later.

    Shen Boyan opened his eyes and glanced at the kitten lying on his lap, the corners of his lips raised slightly.

    He closed his eyes again.

sleepy ge xiu when his experiment fail:

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 130: Meow meow meow

  1. While I hate that Ge Xiu is so tortured in his sleep, I am happy that ML is there to the rescue. Also sad that this arc seems to be ending soon (since Ge Xiu said his organs are starting to fail once more). I have absolutely no idea what the next arc could be. Maybe an ancient one? Is that like the only typical QT arc that we haven’t come across yet? Idk. I’m also super curious about the scientists. They were so active in the last arc but now they haven’t really interfered. Did something happen in the real world? Either way, I hope they’re crying into their pillows every night because Ge Xiu is a meanie who won’t follow their rules and it’s not fair! Can’t wait to see their ultimate downfall hehehe.
    Anyway thanks for the chapter!

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