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Chapter 131: Meow meow


    The ceiling shook violently.

    Dust and stones crumbled down and fell to the ground in small pieces, making a rustling noise.

    Ge Xiu got abruptly woken up from his sleep.

    A more violent wave of shaking came again, as cracks began to appear in the thick stone ceiling overhead, as if the entire bunker was in the center of an earthquake.

    Shen Boyan picked up the little black cat, his lips pressed tightly, and looked above with a solemn expression.

    He stepped back slowly and cautiously.

    ——Another wave of strong shaking.

    This time the magnitude was even more terrifying, making it impossible to stand stably at all, they could almost hear the crackling sound of the support structure breaking from the inside of the walls.

    Ge Xiu tightly caught front of Shen Boyan’s shirt with his claws, so that he could barely hold on and not be shaken down by the quakes.

    The bare facts laid before them.

    The location of the base must have been exposed.

    It could have been an insider, someone accidentally leaked their whereabouts, or the government had found a way to locate them.

    The night was the time when the lycanthropes were the most powerful, and it was also the time when the army was least likely to launch an attack, so the fact that they came at night only showed that they had enough confidence to directly face many lycanthropes at their strongest.

    Moreover, Shen Boyan would always leave enough manpower to defend the bunker even when manpower was most needed elsewhere.

    But this time there was no warning.

    That left only one possibility — they had lost the ability to convey a message before they had the time to warn beastmen from the bunker.

    There was a reason why the army had not moved for half a month.

    It seemed like all the previous forbearance was only foreshadowing for tonight’s unexpected surprise ambush.

    … the situation was more critical than ever.

    Shen Boyan looked down at Ge Xiu, his voice calm and concise: “The communication has been cut off.”

    “They are not looking for you, but me.” He put the little black cat in his arms on the ground:

    “Go quickly.”

    The black cat took a few steps forward, then turned to look at Shen Boyan: “Meow.”

    A large hole was smashed into the ceiling above their heads, the rocks and gravel poured down, and the bunker, which was dozens of meters underground, was blasted open within half a minute.

    Several tow ropes fell, buzzing of drones and military robots came from above.

    Shen Boyan frowned, then shouted sharply:


    The little black cat gave him a deep look at last, then turned and jumped into the dark, disappearing in the smoky dust.

    Shen Boyan let out a sigh of relief.

    A human wearing special protective suit slid down the leash, holding a dark heavy weapon in his hand, countless laser beams aimed at the only person in the room, as an emotionless voice came from behind the protective mask, echoing dully between the walls: “Raise your hand and come out slowly.”

    Shen Boyan’s expression was calm and natural.

    He pointed to the collar on his neck: “Don’t worry, I won’t resist.”

    The leader pressed something on his waist and a special black cage was carried down to the bunker by the drone. The cage space was small and the surface flashed with blue-purple electric sparks.

    He pointed at the cage with his weapon: “Go inside.”

    All the laser lines were still aimed at Shen Boyan, without the slightest tremor.

    Shen Boyan walked towards the open cage door.

    However, before he could walk over, he heard a slight metallic rubbing sound in the room, as if something was awakening.

    In the next second, several automated weapons popped out of the hidden corners of the wall from nowhere, automatically calibrating at hovering aircraft as if they had eagle eyes. The ground-shaking sound of cascading bullet sounded, all the heavy ammunition concentrated on combat aircraft and in just a few second, all of them fell to the ground spinning and rotating out of control in the dark.

    Shen Boyan’s expression froze, and he rolled on the spot smoothly, hiding his figure behind one of the metal tables.

    “There are enemies!” An exclamation came from the human army wearing heavy special suits: “Seek shelter!”

    It was useless seek shelter.

    The little black cat lifted his paws from the red button behind the table and lowered his head to lick the tips of his paws.

    Ge Xiu never counted on the protection of the lycanthropes organisation.

    On the first day he got this experiments lab, where he was allowed to modify and improve the place that belonged to him at will.

    So Ge Xiu very happily returned to his old business.

    And because this time he didn’t need to deliberately suppress level of his designs and forcefully accustom the development of heavy firepower weapons according to the technological level of the world, he had taken to use his previous designs without hesitation — although it was impossible to reach mass production in such a short period of time, only a few prototypes were created, but they were still able to cope in this moment of crisis.

    The troops found cover under the effusive ammunition.

    Several small robots climbed out of the laboratory, from among the piles of instruments covered in limestone dust, as silver miniature bombs were released from their bodies, rolling towards soldiers’ hiding places.

    Explosions erupted one after another.

    Unfortunately, these robots could only be manipulated and calibrated manually.

    Ge Xiu swept away the dust on the surface of the crooked instrument with his tail, and pressed his furry paws on it, controlling a bit awkwardly.

    Humans quickly woke up from the previous dumbfounded state.

    Among the fierce fire exchange, the man in the lead shouted to the people next to him:

    “Go and ask for support!” He turned on the light detector he carried with him, gritted his teeth and stuck out a small half of his body, scanning through the chaotic room—

    He was convinced! More than one lycanthrope was definitely hiding in this room!

    Soon, the instrument in his hand made a beeping sound.

    The blurry picture on the screen was scanned and enlarged — only a small black cat the size of a palm appeared on the screen, it was lowering its hand and using its paws to control the instrument in front of it.

    The leader of the ambush team was sure that he had not seen it in any of the files collected by the lycanthrope intelligence before. Their understanding of it was completely blank, but looking at its size and movements, it should not be a lycanthrope with attributes of strength or speed.

    The supporting aircraft flew into the bunker, through the hole in the ceiling, carrying a strange-shaped weapon under it, its surface covered in dark silver layer.

    This was obviously a weapon specially targeting lycanthropes.

    The leader of the ambush team took out a walkie-talkie and shouted to the support who flew into the bunker:

    “It’s that cat!”

    In the interval between the exchange of fire and the exploding rubble, Shen Boyan clearly heard the order to fire.

    The whistling sound of the aircraft came, and then, a huge loud explosion shook the ground not far away.

    Shen Boyan turned his head to look in horror.

    The rock blocks fell down from the huge impact energy, and the instruments and metal equipment that had fallen in the dust were hit and exploded. The remotely controlled combat robot instantly lost control and stopped with a buzzing sound.

    The air suddenly froze.

    As if the time suddenly stopped its flow in this space.

    His pupils shrunk suddenly, turning into a narrow slit, the flame-like bloody colour spread and expanded on his iris, causing his eyes to burn into furious red.

    The collar on his neck let out urgent ear-piercing beeps, which had gotten covered by the whistling of bullets and bomb blasts.

    The silver-gray hair spreads little by little from the slender and tense neck, growing like snowflakes.


    The collar cracked.

    It flickered a few times and fell into the dust, utterly useless.

    The members of the ambush team heard the roar of a beast pierce through the noisy gunfire, shaking the entire collapsing bunker deafeningly, debris flew everywhere as they turned their heads in shock and saw something they had never imagined in their dreams before.

    A silver-gray giant wolf stood on the top of the ruins, with its black membrane wings spread out behind its back. Its blood-colored vertical pupils were icy cold and bloodthirsty, staring at them like at dead objects.

    This… what animal was this?

    Humans began to fire at it, the specially made jet-black weapons shat at it under the control of the drones — it was specially designed for lycanthropes, able to penetrate their natural carapace and thick fur, instantly the opponent’s ability to move.

    But still not fast enough.

    Before it could focus, the giant wolf pounced.

    There was no reason in its scarlet eyes — killing was the only way it could vent its anger.

    Ge Xiu rolled out of the rubble.

    He staggered to his paws, his ears filled with buzzing noises, making him unable to hear anything.

    The little black cat limped with a bloody front paw, shook off dust on its body and then raised its head to the terrifying quaking.

    Ge Xiu’s heart sank.

    The last thing he wanted to see happened.

    Every two days, he would record the bioelectricity index in Shen Boyan’s body. As time went by, the instability of the beast genes in Shen Boyan’s body had multiplied, and he had also begun to show faint signs of beastlization.

    Overly acute sense of smell and hearing.

    Discolouration of the iris.

    All indicating that the collar was on the verge of failure.

    Just apply a little pressure, and it would crumble, making him fall into endless abyss of madness.

    The humans who came to attack never imagined that they would be able to meet the mutant species that appeared fifty years ago — it had never been caught, it had not appeared for half a century, they had thought it long have aged and died, and they could only look in horror as it appeared alive in front of them.

    Crushed machines, torn limbs, splattering blood.

    The broken ceiling above his head disappeared under this terrifying destructive force, and in the rare interval between the thick dust and smoke billowing into the air, the cold and flickering stars in the distant sky could be seen.

    The cage on the ground lost its high voltage protection and was destroyed from the inside.

    The lycanthrope who had been caught in the unexpected ambush jumped out of cages and joined the battle as well.

    Humans were the first to be wiped out.

    ——So the battle situation became more difficult.

    The huge snapping turtle barely blocked the attack of the giant wolf’s claws with its shell, but was still forced to retreat from the powerful attack. The other beastmen struggled to hold on under Fenrir’s indiscriminate frantic attack, but they couldn’t attack with no regards for life and death, so they could only protect themselves while trying to find a way to restrain the wolf between its attacks.

    Roars, howls and whistles mixed in the swirling gravel and falling boulders, the sky was full of dust, the scene was chaotic.


    A small cat’s meow sounded from a corner of the ruins.

    The little black cat with bleeding front paw crawled out of the cracks between the gravel and machinery with difficulty.

    It squatted down, a pair of green eyes staring at a terrifying beast a hundred times bigger than itself not far away, and let out a soft cry:

    “Meow wu.”

    Wu Zhuowen was horrified.

    The out of control beasts were just attacking machines that lose their minds. The only way for them right now was to consume Shen Boyan’s physical strength, and then try to control him as much as possible — and then let Chen Ziyan, who was the only one with the highest level of technology expertise, to do research so that he’d have a chance of recovery from the beast state.

    However, all of this is based on the premise that Chen Ziyan was alive.

    The giant wolf turned around abruptly and rushed towards the place where the sound came from. Its scarlet blood pupils shrunk, its killing intent spread everywhere, the sound of fierce wind swept through its fur, its fierce uncontrollable aura seemed to be capable of engulfing such a small kitten the size of its toes within miliseconds.

    Wu Zhuowen was powerless to stop it.

    The other beasts who tried to stand in the giant wolf’s way were completely powerless to resist, and fell to the ground in embarrassment.

    The little black cat didn’t move.

    It tilted its head, its emerald eyes green like fresh sprouts, and sat in the rubble without flinching:


    —This was not the first time he had seen the Fenrir in a raging state.

    The giant wolf suddenly stopped its steps in front of it, the sharp teeth swept downwards towards him, suppressed madness flashed in its eyes.

    He still remembered—

    when in the blood-stained cave, standing among broken limbs of a god whose heart and godhead were forcibly ripped out, the black wolf swallowed god’s flesh and blood.

    The cat limped forward.

    The silver-gray giant wolf stood in place as if frozen, madness and sanity battling in its eyes.

    The little black cat came over, the pink tongue licked gently on Fenrir’s nose:



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2 thoughts on “Chapter 131: Meow meow

  1. OH MY GOD HE LICKED HIS NOSE I WANNA CRY. That’s the cutest shit I’ve read all week.
    Also the image of a lil kitten controlling weapons of mass destruction with a joystick (I’m thinking like a video game controller) is both hilarious and also so in tune with Ge Xiu. HE FINALLY GOT TO BLOW SHIT UP IN THIS WORLD. Now someone better give him some candy.

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