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Chapter 67: Getting Certificate

    Archibald had already reported to his family yesterday that they will be getting their marriage certificate today.

    So when they changed their clothes and went downstairs, all the flowers had been replaced with roses and their eyes were hit with varying levels of red, the shades of scarlet gradually changing, painting their faces in red.

    Yang Yang couldn’t help showing a smile, and then looked around the room, but unexpectedly did not see He Shu and Gu Lita.

    Yang Yang was a little surprised. It was still early, and normally, He Shu would have just woken up.

    “Where have Uncle and the others gone? Are they not eating breakfast?”

    Amber smiled kindly: “Mrs. and Gu Lita are going to send invitations to General Rong Tan and the others. Although Second Young Master and Little Madam don’t want to make their marriage public, but we still have to celebrate by ourselves. This time there won’t be many people, without any fanfare, so we will celebrate all together when it’s made public. Tonight we can just have a simply meal, homely and lively.”

    Yang Yang was a little dazed after hearing this, as if he had finally had a realisation “Ah, I’m getting married”right now.

    On the other hand, Archibald looked calm and nodded: “Then let’s eat first.”

    Amber and mother Yu immediately served breakfast, which was still the same as before, except that everything that could be shaped became heart-shaped.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    This reminded him of the love and peace breakfast that caused two to perish together.

    Yang Yang raised the corners of his mouth, speaking of which, he and Archibald had really been chaotic to no ends* since they met each other.

*lit. chickens flying and dogs jumping. total chaos

    Archibald apparently also remembered the incident of being bombarded by Yang Yang’s love and peace and having to hang a drip, he looked up at Yang Yang with a complicated look.

    Yang Yang smiled at him: “Won’t eat?”

    Archibald pursed his lower lip and bit half of the heart-shaped omelette in one bite.

    Yang Yang bowed his head as well happily.


    The Civil Affairs Center was a place that integrated official service platforms such as civil affairs, social accounting, and counting. The marriage registration was on the middle floor, it was also the place with the best view out of the whole building. The waiting lounge was an outdoor glass garden.

    Unusually, there was no snow today, the sky clear perfect blue, so when looking through the glass at the garden the scenery was quite pleasant.

    However, because of his identity, Archibald had to make an appointment for a special entrance yesterday and they went straight to a small office.

    There was a man and a woman sitting in the office. The man was a little older, and his face was full of wrinkles; the woman was still very young and looked like she had become an adult not long ago.

    The man was the head of the marriage registration department, and the woman was the clerk, called Pupilla*.

*all i found when searching her name was a brand of wine named Pupilla…. sorry??

    Although she was informed in advance that the person who came to register today was an important figure, Pupilla almost lost her cool the moment she saw Archibald.

    She was a big, fervent fan of Archibald, and she had been a fan of Archibald even before Archibald appeared at his coming-of-age ceremony — of course, at that time, the fans were all about combat power value.

    Then Archibald appeared at the coming-of-age ceremony, which caused a sensation in the empire overnight. Pupilla also naturally attached the label of face fan*, and because of their seniority, Pupilla and her buddies firmly occupied the group owner and management positions in Archibald’s fan group.

*face fan, basically someone who picks their idols based on face

     Their understanding of Archibald, plus tactical analysis, attracted fresh fans’ incomparable admiration. In addition, she also has a near-perfect painting skills. When Archibald had not appear in front of the public for a long time, the fans will come to her account to satiate their hunger.

     Nowadays Pupilla was also a very famous Youtu user, the number of fans even comparable to that of Monta.

     Seeing her idol of so many years was like pouring a scoop of cold water into hot oil.

     Pupilla pinched her thighs hard, letting the pain make her more clear-headed, she madly meditated: she can’t pounce on him, she can’t pounce on him, job was nothing to worry about, but if Colonel Byrd detested her she would die!

     Thinking of a scene where Archibald hated her, Pupilla instantly calmed down.

    Looking up again, Pupilla already had a smile on her face, and followed behind the supervisor to meet him, glancing at Yang Yang next to him.

    ——Butler Yang, of course she knew him, she had also bought his porridge. She personally liked the little butler.

    But why was Butler Yang following behind? Why haven’t the snake spirit lady came?

    Forget it, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t come, although she was curious, she didn’t really want to see the picture of Mrs. Snake Spirit and Colonel Byrd in the same frame. ——This was the final bottom line of a face fan!

    “Sir Duke, Mr. Yang, please take a seat.”

    The supervisor invited Yang Yang and Archibald to take a seat with a smile, without any unnecessary nonsense, and immediately signalled Pupilla to start the marriage registration process.

    Pupilla sat up straight, with a sweet smile on her face: “Lord Duke, please give me your and your partner’s personal terminal, thank you.”

    Archibald took off the terminal on his wrist, Yang Yang followed suit, then handed them both together.

    Pupilla: “…”


    Pupilla glanced at the two terminals in her hand, turned on the energy docking skillfully and professionally, and began to identify and read citizens’ information…

    But Pupilla’s mind was wandering — this terminal was taken off from Butler Yang’s wrist, not from his pocket, so this terminal most likely belonged to Butler Yang, so concluding…

    the one Colonel Byrd was marrying was Butler Yang.

    Pella: “…”

    No no no, it’s impossible, she must have misunderstood something.


    At this moment, there was a soft sound, the citizen’s information had been accessed. Two light screens popped up from the instrument and floated in the air, with basic information such as photos, names and genders of the two people.

    One side was Yang Yang’s, the other was Archibald’s.

    Pupilla: “…”

    Holy shit! For real!

    Wait, what about the Duchess? ? What about the Yang butler’s pregnant wife? ? Wasn’t it a simple master-servant relationship? ? Why are they suddenly getting married? ?

    “Pupilla, what are you being stunned for?”

    The supervisor couldn’t help reminding her when he saw that Pupilla didn’t take the next step.

    Pupilla came back to her senses with a jolt, and said dryly: “Please confirm your personal information.”

    Archibald and Yang Yang simultaneously pressed a green confirmation button under the light screen. At the same time, the words of the light screen changed, the personal information confirmed just now was automatically listed as a marriage registration form. As long as it was signed and approved, the marriage registration could be completed.

    Archibald was the first to sign without Pupilla’s reminder. Yang Yang was a bit curious, because he saw there was another section under the marriage form, which was “ring style”.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald and had some doubts: “Is it possible to order a ring here? But why is it a mandatory option?”

    Archibald had already made up for his marriage registration procedure knowledge yesterday, and when he heard the words, he replied: “This ring has an identification code, which means it’s the same as marriage certificate. It was originally a small metal card, but it had been reformed into a ring seven years ago. It is said to be a more romantic testimony, in any case, everyone liked it.

    Yang Yang smiled: “That’s quite romantic.——Then which one do we choose? Let’s make it simple.”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang: “Okay, you choose.”

    So the two began choosing the ring.

    Picking a ring, it’s true that the two of them got married.

    All right.

    Pella accepted the reality, feeling as if her three views had been reshaped. But no matter how she reshaped or arranged the script, she can’t get rid of a fact —— scumbags, her idol, and the little butler she had just became a fan of, were all scumbags!

    They abandoned their pregnant wives and dragged each other to get married?

    What the hell was this script! !

    Pupilla could hardly suppress her manic heart, but at this moment, her ears suddenly caught Archibald’s voice.

    Archibald: “This one won’t work. The black gem on it is made of Datai stone. It’s not good for the pregnant females, you can’t use it.”

     Yang Yang wasn’t insistent on that matter and pointed at another one: “What about this one?”

    ——It’s not good for pregnant females, you can’t use it.

    Pregnant females, you.

    You, Butler Yang.

    Pupilla: “…”

    Huh? pregnant?

    Pupilla’s gaze swept across butler Yang’s abdomen. Because he turned sideways to discuss the matter of the ring, the clothes were stretched slightly and closely attached to his body, exposing an obviously unnatural curvature of the abdomen.

    For a female, with a belly of this size, the egg could be born within two months.

    And if she remembered correctly, the “wife” of Butler Yang and the “wife” of Colonel Byrd seemed to be also close to giving birth.

    And recalling again, in the live broadcast at that time, butler Yang said that his child was about to be born in the spring, not that “my wife will give birth to my child at spring”.

    And Colonel Byrd took Butler Yang shopping even before he had officially appeared in the public — now it seemed that the explanation in Butler Yang’s live broadcast was also far-fetched.

     Therefore, she could make a bold assumption — there was no “wife”, from beginning to end, the wife of Butler Yang and the wife of Colonel Byrd were all Butler Yang himself.

     Pupilla: “…”

     She didn’t understand, what kind of play is this?

     At this time, Yang Yang and Archibald had already chosen a style, a pair of rings inlaid with amber diamonds, their names could be engraved on the side of the ring.

     “All right.”

    After confirming the rings and Yang Yang’s signature, his marriage status with Archibald became “married”, and in the family relationship column, the originally blank space said “spouse”.

    The two light screens that were originally separated merged into one, and then two rings appeared on the screen, one was wrapped around the other, slowly rotating, countless petals fell on the screen in celebratory fashion.

    A cheerful child’s voice followed: “From now on, you are each other’s spouses and forever family members. Happy wedding!”

    The supervisor applauded enthusiastically, and knocked Pupilla next to him with his elbow——What are you standing there for? Applause.

    Pupilla: “…”


    Yang Yang didn’t notice the embarrassment of the supervisor and Pupilla. After listening to the blessings from the system, his expression was dazed, but then an inexplicable sense of stability came from the bottom of his heart.

    Right now, in this world, he had found his home.

    He had a place in this world.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Seeing Yang Yang’s expression was wrong, Archibald felt a little uneasy — he wouldn’t be regretting, would he?

    Yang Yang returned to his senses, glanced at Archibald, and smiled: “It’s nothing, it’s just the first time getting married for me, it’s an unusual feeling.”

    Archibald’s face turned black: “First time getting married? Do you still want marry a few more times?”

    Yang Yang skillfully began to smoothen his puffed up fur: “How many times do you want, I’ll tie the knot with you.”

    Archibald was startled, then the tips of his ears blushed, but his face couldn’t hold his expressionless expression anymore, showing some smiles.He also said solemnly:

  “One time is enough, then the wedding can be more grand.”

    Yang Yang: “Okay, it’s up to you.”

    After saying that, Yang Yang looked at the supervisor and asked, “When will we get the rings?”

    Supervisor: “Because you and the Duke have requested additional engravings, it will take another twenty minutes to get them.”


    Yang Yang nodded and looked at Archibald, “Then let’s wait?”

    Archibald was in a happy mood: “Um.”

    “Then we won’t bother, I wish the two newlyweds a happy marriage. “

    The supervisor pulled Pupilla to his feet, gave his blessing and left the office.

    When he arrived outside the door, the supervisor looked at Pupilla with a look of hating iron for not becoming a steel*, and whispered: “What’s the matter with you today? Although the other is the Duke of Donton , you can’t panic like this. Fortunately, the Duke has a good temper, unlike the rumoured bad temper, or you would not be getting good fruit to eat.”

*恨铁不成钢, hating iron for not being steel, means being disappointed in someone not living up to your expectations.

    Pupilla looked in a trance — just now, were Colonel Byrd’s ears red? That Colonel Byrd, known as the “weapon of mass destruction*”?

*meaning someone strong and intimidating, but in a playful way

    “Okay, hurry up and prepare the gift box for the ring. Also remember, this matter must be kept secret. If you are found to have leaked the secret, wait and see!”

    Pupilla— ah, so Ram was the true choice, she actually dissed the people from the Ram cp as discrediting Colonel Byrd.

    Pei! Really wise people!

    “Pupilla! Are you listening?”

    Pupilla returned to her senses and replied immediately, “Okay, supervisor, I’ll prepare the gift box right now!”

    After speaking, she ran away.

    Although she can’t tell the truth, from today onwards, she will be an unswerving Ram shipper. What “Cute Sheep*” and “Qi Meng**”, it’s all heresy!

*Monta x Yang Yang

**Monta x Archibald


author in the notes only said that they were chatting in a writer group, and said they wanna write apocalypse where invaders win. And they asked, won’t river crabs eat it?? (censorship). and then a big boss said, no, I just blew up the earth (in a novel) yesterday |ω・)


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  1. Awww they’re finally married. I doubt the river crabs will show it to me but I imagine their wedding night would be quite a doozy since Yang Yang would just tease Archibald until smoke flew out of his ears.
    Wish I could see Monta’s initial reaction to the marriage news. Hopefully we see it soon because I’m grinning like a fool already just thinking about it. I want the power couple to team up to torment Monta until he yells uncle hehehehe.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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