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Chapter 157: The Zombie Emperor

    After a brief shock, Wang Shuo quickly came back to his senses.

    His eyes swept over the two people in front of him, and his expression gradually became gloomy.

    Wang Shuo sneered: “You have really lost your mind.”

    Xie Shili’s face was as cold as frozen water and he looked back at the other party without evasiveness.

    Although the military had towered in numbers, they had an absolute advantage in terms of strength. Even if the other party tried to use force, they would not lose.

    However, Wang Shuo did not put on a fighting posture.

    He beckoned behind him and a man with the appearance of a mercenary ran forward, holding a huge black box in his arms. Several lines came out of the black box, connecting to the screen on the top—this was satellite communication equipment. After the apocalypse came, most of the satellite and ground communication systems had been scrapped. Only the military still controlled a small number of equipment, which was known to be the only rare exception.

    The screen turned on, and due to the unstable signal, the transmitted picture shook slightly for a few seconds. Then, as the scene on the screen gradually became clear, an unexpected picture appeared in front of everyone.

    Several people with guns standing in front of a dense crowd appeared on the other side of the screen. Behind them, the civilians were forced to squat on the ground, and huddled together trembling in fear, looking dazed and desperate.

    The black muzzles of the guns were pointed at them.

    The rough yelling and faint suppressed crying sounded a little distorted across the screen, but they were extraordinarily clear in the empty room.

    Xie Shili’s pupils shrank slightly.

    ——These were elderly, weak, women and children who were previously evacuated from Base of the Dawn.

    A hypocritical smile hung on Wang Shuo’s face:

    “It’s such a coincidence. We came this time to force you to appear by besieging the Base of the Dawn, but we didn’t expect you to have returned to the base before that.”

    He raised his hand and gently knocked on the box of the satellite communication equipment, his eyes flashed with pride:

    “What we didn’t expect was that there would be a zombie tide at this juncture, and the civilians would be driven outside the steel wall. I met your retreating supernatural team on the road and after learning about the situation, I immediately dispatched troops to find your evacuating civilians—it was a bargaining chip sent to me by heaven.”

    The captain of the supernatural team stared in disbelief at the guns flashing among the civilians, his face showed expressions of shock and betrayal. He couldn’t believe that the reinforcements he thought he was waiting for had turned out to be knives that planned to stab them in the back.

    Wang Shuo looked at Xie Shili and said,

    “We know how terrifying your abilities are. Chen Si has already told me — if you were able to destroy the entire ability team with one person a few months ago, then right now you might no longer be something we ordinary supernatural beings can compete with.”

    He moved his eyes slightly and turned to look at Ge Xiu who was standing aside:

    “—and you also have a high-ranking zombie with unfathomable strength next to you. So, of course we can’t choose to confront you head-on.”

    Xie Shili’s face was cold, and he turned slightly sideways, protecting Ge Xiu behind him and blocking the other’s gaze.

    Wang Shuo looked away without hesitation: “At first, I was worried that after hampering you, the high-level zombie would abandon you and attack us directly…”

    The smile on his lips gradually deepened:

    “However, after learning about the relationship between you, I am not so worried.”

    The room was dead silent, only the sound of breathing could be heard,

    Wang Shuo stared at Xie Shili, as if he had already gained the victory, he said unhurriedly:

    “Tell the high-level zombie behind you, let it be captured without resistance. I will let these civilians leave alive. Not only that, I will also provide you with sufficient supplies, weapons and ammunition for five consecutive years. Moreover, the previously stated conditions remain the same, 40% of the crystal nucleus are enough to make you the strongest supernatural user in the world, with no one to match you.”

    After finishing speaking, he sighed hypocritically:

    “Thousands of lives, all depend on your decision.”

    The captain of the supernatural team looked at Xie Shili expectantly.

    Even without counting the hijacked members of the dawn base, these conditions can be considered very generous.

    Supplies, weapons and ammunition, five full years!

    He carefully glanced at the expressionless young man who stood behind Xie Shili, then took a few steps forward tentatively, lowered his voice, and persuaded Xie Shili: “…City Lord, just agree to him! I think these conditions are really worth it…”

    Before the the supernatural team’s captain could finish speaking, Xie Shili coldly interrupted him:

    “City Lord?”

    The team leader was started slightly and swallowed the rest of the words subconsciously.

    Xie Shili turned his head, his eyes fell on the other party’s body, a pair of dark and gloomy eyes were like an abyss, so deep that no light could see through.

    He asked,

    “Who do you call the City Lord?”

    The team captain was speechless for a while, not knowing what to say.

    After Xie Shili had disappeared six months ago, the position of the City Lord was replaced by the second in command of the base.

    No one questioned that at the time.

    According to the rules, all the captains of the supernatural team and other authoritative people voted on this and naturally approved the transfer of power—even though they all knew very well at the time that Xie Shili’s disappearance was strange, but wanting to protect themselves, they ignored all doubts about this accident.

    The team captain suddenly lost his gall and he avoided the other party’s cold gaze with some hidden embarrassment.

    And, if you take a step back.

    Xie Shili just killed the current city lord, so according to the procedures, he was not the current city lord of Base of the Dawn.

    The room fell into dead silence again.

    Xie Shili looked away.

    He once again looked at Wang Shuo who was standing in front of him, his voice calm and unfathomable:

    “I once chose to be responsible to the people in the entire base, but it turned out to be a grave mistake.”

    “So, now I am only responsible for one person.” Xie Shili’s eyes were cold and deep: “I’m very selfish— other than him, what else does the whole world have to do with me.”

    Wang Shuo was startled, apparently he didn’t expect the other party to say such cold-blooded and heartless words. He responded, a little flustered:

    “But! So many innocent people will die because of you! Don’t you feel guilty!”

    Xie Shili raised his eyebrows,

    “Die because of me?”

    “No.” he took a step and walked forward: “You made the decision, you gave the order.”

    A fleeting cold smile flashed across Xie Shili’s lips:

    “They will die because of you.”

     Blazing flames instantly rose around the room, the air was distorted with heat, there was a fierce terrifying crackling sound all around.

    Xie Shili said calmly:

    “And I will send you down with your army, to apologize to them in person.”

    The flickering flames were reflected in the depths of his dark eyes, with incredible ruthlessness and cruelty:

    “And believe me, I can make this process extraordinarily long.”

    The young man’s calm voice sounded behind him:


    Xie Shili was startled, and turned his head to look in the direction of the voice.

    The pale young man tilted his head and stared at him thoughtfully, his gray eyes were misted over, he said slowly, slowly, word by word: “Why… bother. “

    “You don’t, actually, want to see, these people die, right?”

    Xie Shili’s pupils shrank,


    Wang Shuo was instantly delighted.

    That’s right! That’s it! In order not to let the other party fall into a dilemma, offer to sacrifice yourself!

    But before he could say anything, Wang Shuo suddenly realized that he couldn’t move any muscle in his body, from his tongue to his fingers.

    He moved his eyes in horror, the eyeballs trembled and turned, and realised that the other people beside him were exactly the same as himself.

    The air seemed to have become heavy, so heavy that Wang Shuo’s whole body felt fixed in place as if enclosed in amber. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not escape the heavy shackles.

    Ge Xiu took a step forward slowly.

    He bent down and picked up the palm-sized screen on the black box.

    Ge Xiu looked at the instrument in front of him in thought for a few seconds, and then turned it over slowly so that the picture on the screen faced Wang Shuo’s face directly.

    Wang Shuo was shocked to find that the muscles on his face were trembling uncontrollably, and his tongue and vocal cords began to move without his instructions:

    “Cancel the mission.”

    Wait! He didn’t want to say that!

    Don’t cancel the action!

    Cannot be cancelled!

    What the hell was happening!

    There was a rustling sound from the walkie-talkie: “Sir, are you sure?”

    Wang Shuo heard himself answer: “Yes, our goal has been achieved, we can release them.”

    After the buzzing sound, there someone answered from the other side:


    At that moment, the power controlling him disappeared, and Wang Shuo fell to the ground, staring in horror at the young man who was close at hand. He covered his uncontrollable throat with trembling fingers and crawled back subconsciously—what, what just happened? What kind of supernatural power was this?

    In just a few seconds, the clothes on his back were soaked in cold sweat.

    Beads of sweat slid down his chin and dripped onto the ground, leaving dark wet marks.

    Ge Xiu looked back indifferently.

    He turned his head, looked at Xie Shili who was standing aside, and tilted his head expressionlessly:

    “It can save, half, from dying.”

    The young man’s pale lips curled up a little, and his expression was still tranquil and innocent, with some kind of child-like pureness and innocence:

    “You can do it now.”


    The author has something to say:

 Husband and wife are of the same heart and their strength can reach the sky.*

  Working in collusion, partners in crime of deceiving others.

*coming from an idiom meaning that when two people cooperate they can reap great benefits


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  1. I’m excited to see Ge Xiu talking and remembering! They’re such a power couple, too! (ᵒ̤̑ ◁ ᵒ̤̑)

    Thanks for the update, and happy new year!

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