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Chapter 81: What Kind of Bicycle Do You Want!! It’s Been Locked! QAQ

    At six o’clock in the morning, the sky was still dark.

    Yang Yang opened his eyes in a daze, just as he moved his head slightly, the tail hooking his thigh curled up tighter, as if it didn’t want him to leave. At the same time, a strong arm stretched out from his waist, gently wrapping around his lower abdomen and bringing him back.

    Yang Yang was still a little muddleheaded, and his body was pulled back without any resistance. It wasn’t until his back touched a piece of bare chest, that the unimpeded skin to skin contact woke Yang Yang up.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He was suddenly sober.

    “Go back to sleep.”

    Archibald’s voice was hoarse, because he had just woken up, his eyes hadn’t even opened yet, but he still lowered his head and dropped a kiss on Yang Yang’s reddish shoulder.

    Yang Yang shrank his shoulders, and the tingling feeling of being kissed all the way down the spine last night came back again, making him take a quick breath.

    His shrinking shoulders bumped against Archibald’s nose, waking him up. He then chuckled in a low voice, and hugged Yang Yang from behind, rubbing against Yang Yang’s neck twice like a big cat, and said close to Yang Yang’s ear: “Morning.”

    Yang Yang was completely embedded in Archibald’s generous embrace, this time the car backed up too much and there was a hit from behind.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Good morning, let’s act civilised and keep the distance between cars.”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud after reacting: “You ah.——I won’t do it again, just let me hug you.”

    Yang Yang was unmoved: “Oh, you said the same thing last night.”

    Yang Yang brought it upon himself yesterday, firstly because he was just as passionate about it, and secondly because he felt that it was just a matter of rubbing against each other anyway.

    However, the cruel reality made him understand a truth: don’t underestimate the abnormal physical strength of the double-form Lester, especially the double-form Lester during the estrus period (special note: the estrus period was delayed by one year).

    Yang Yang moved his legs, hissed and complained in a voice full of frustration: “I think my legs had been rubbed bald.”

    Archibald rubbed Yang Yang’s hair comfortingly: “No, I checked last night. There are just some marks on the calf.”

    It was left by his tail curling around Yang Yang’s leg when he was in the heat of passion, but luckily he didn’t cause much damage, he would pay attention to control it next time.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Don’t remind him about the calf.

    Yang Yang rolled his eyes, then bent his elbows, kicked Archibald’s chest backwards, and pushed him away with a ruthless face, “Do you want to put out the fire yourself, or do you want me to do it violently?”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald had no choice but to get up obediently, not forgetting to tuck the quilt for Yang Yang: “You lie down for a while and I will bring you breakfast later.”

    Yang Yang thought about how he had “worked hard” last night, lazily responded, and rolled into a quilt worm with peace of mind.


    At eight o’clock in the morning, the car stopped in front of the shop.

    Yang Yang stretched his waist and hummed.

    Archibald looked at him: “Still sleepy?”

    It wasn’t that he tossed him too long last night, but that Yang Yang had recently experienced a bit of drowsiness characteristic to the middle and late stage of female body’s pregnancy. Thankfully, the egg would not grow too big and he would not have to suffer from morning sickness.

    Yang Yang opened his eyes with a rosy face: “I’m not sleepy anymore.”

    Upon saying that, he unbuttoned his seat belt and asked Archibald, “Amber prepared a big-winged pigeon for me to fill up the space. Do you want to have soup or sauce for lunch?”

    Archibald: “Stewed soup, it was originally meant for you. ——I’ll come over for lunch?”

    Archibald was only asking tentatively, because Yang Yang had specifically asked him a few days ago not to come to the store for lunch again.

    But yesterday’s small incident at the vegetable market made Archibald realize that Yang Yang may not be too shy about his relationship with him now.

    Sure enough, Yang Yang didn’t refuse: “Okay, I’ll call you when I’m done.”

    After finishing speaking, Yang Yang turned around suddenly, stretched out his hands to cup Archibald’s face, and forced Archibald’s mouth into a pout.

    Archibald: “???”

    Yang Yang smiled, and kissed Archibald’s lips vigorously, full of energy: “Muah~ Work hard, darling~ bye bye~”

    Archibald: “……”

    Yang Yang got out of the car after he finished acting sweet, and then changed back to the serious butler Yang in as much as a second, proceeding to walk towards the store in a reserved and gentlemanly manner.

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald laughed—— Yang Yang on the bed and off the bed was like two different people.


    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s back, pursed his lower lip, and his smile deepened. ——this was also good.


    After entering the store, Yang Yang went up to the second floor first.

    There was no one guarding the store at night, but fortunately there was heating on, and the “little white mice” in the seven cages were not frozen.

    Yang Yang took off his coat and took a quick look. Although the food in the seven cages had been moved, most of it was still left, but none of the experimental mice died.

    ——Oh, forgot one.

    Yang Yang put down his coat and called Monta: “Are you dead?”

    Monta was silent for two seconds, “…you called me early in the morning to ask this?”

    He sounded very energetic.

    Yang Yang smiled and said, “I was afraid you might be showing symptoms after the porridge you drank yesterday.”

    Monta said, “Can there still be any reaction, I finished eating last night.”

    Yang Yang: “…bye.”

    After rolling his eyes and hanging up the phone, Yang Yang got busy.

    First, take out the tester from the space, put today’s golden fruit in for routine testing, and then go to check the condition of the mice.

    Little white mice were still listless. After all, these were poultry and hunted prey. As long as it was not an infectious disease, neither the buyer nor the seller would care, and the most they would do is just sell them for a smaller price.

    Yang Yang squatted in the cage, opened yesterday’s records, and checked them one by one.

    Yang Yang recorded very carefully, from the symptoms he saw, such as the state of fur and claws, to the state of soul power, each one was marked.

    After some inspections, there were some changes—some conditions were aggravated and some were alleviated. But on the whole, the infection situation of the animals that were infected with the soul beast’s soul power in the group that used the fruit improved somewhat.

    Yang Yang couldn’t help being surprised by this result—could it be that the soul power in the Soul Cube was able to purify the soul power of the soul beast?

    If so, that was great news! Archibald’s soul infection might also be purified with these fruits!

    … But he still had to be cautious. Animals were different from humans. It was better to do more experiments.

    But at least there was still hope.

    All of this put Yang Yang in a good mood. After finishing his work on the second floor, he still had a smile on his face when he went downstairs.

    The business in the store was still booming and there was already a long queue outside the store, with many onlookers on both sides of the line who turned on the video mode—there were waves of tourists during the tourist season, and different people would come to see him everyday.

    But there are also many regular customers who greeted Yang Yang, “Butler Yang is in a good mood today.”

    Yang Yang unbuttoned his collar, rolled up his sleeves, and smiled while wearing an apron: “I am in a very good mood every day. “I’m in a good mood, just like every day.”

    Someone joked, “It’s different today, your face is full of red, looking at——hey, Steward Yang, why is your neck blue?”

    Yang Yang was taken aback, and subconsciously touched his neck, but he didn’t feel anything, only his collarbone was a little sore.

    “Hey, Butler Yang, did you fight?”

    “There are red marks on your wrist, what happened to Butler Yang?”

    “It can’t be someone from the Duke’s Manor…”

    “How could it be possible, didn’t you see that Duke drove Butler Yang every day to the very door?”

    Soon, the customers outside the store started discussing in one go, all of them showing concern.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    No, it’s really not what you think.

    But it was also impossible to tell the guests that the Duke practiced for the first time yesterday, and got too excited, it’s okay, he also left a lot of marks on him.

    Yang Yang’s face was a little hot, he quickly fastened the buttons again, then coughed lightly, and said in a calm tone: “Thank you for your concern, it’s just done by accident, it’s not a bit deal.”

    However, the masses were keen to eat melons, especially now that they were waiting for porridge idly.

    Some were sympathetic: “Don’t be afraid, Butler Yang, we will help speak up for you if you were wronged.”

    Some were curious: “The marks on Butler Yang look like they were sucked?”

    Some are imaginative: “Was Butler Yang practicing martial arts?”

    Finally, there was something reliable: “Oh, didn’t Butler Yang have a wife…”

    Someone else understood immediately, and then joked: “It turns out that the Butler Yang is not always such a gentle gentleman.”

    Yang Yang : “…”

    Fortunately, the customers still had a sense of proportion. If they teased too much about other people’s affairs behind closed doors, they would be acting like hooligans.

    However, Yang Yang’s ears still reddened, and in the end he simply buried his head in cooking porridge and concentrated all his attention on it, gradually letting his mind go from the “injury” incident.

    But when his reaction fell into the eyes of the customers, it was like previous guess was immediately confirmed.

    Heya, was that meticulous butler Yang still playing so wild with his wife? Wasn’t his wife still pregnant?

    Nonono, it must be them who are thinking too dirty, it must not be as indescribable as they thought.

    However, the aura of abstinence and elegance outside the bed, and the wild and brutal persona on the bed was really delicious! ! !

    So one pass to ten, ten pass to one hundred, melons getting passed on, and instantly kicked up a prairie fire.

    By the time Yang Yang finished cooking the porridge, he had already gained a freshly baked “wild” in the “fan label” on Youtu, he was already being recognised for his “wildness”.

    Yang Yang knew nothing about it, but when he was saying goodbye to the customers today, not only did no one stay with him as usual, but they all looked at him with a smile on their faces and told him to “take a rest” and “don’t be too tired”.

    Yang Yang: “???”

    Forget it, let’s go upstairs and stew the pigeons first.

    Not long after Yang Yang went upstairs, Archibald came over. Yang Yang was a little surprised: “So early?”

    Archibald took off his cold coat and walked up to Yang Yang in military uniform, full of jealousy: “From now on, the clothes are not allowed to be unbuttoned.”

    Yang Yang: “… Huh?”

    Archibald’s eyes moved down and landed on Yang Yang’s neck, then he stretched out his hand, and his slender fingers fell on the shallow bruise on Yang Yang’s collarbone through the clothes, without any force, just lightly touching from the top.

    Archibald’s voice was cold: “Someone took a picture of you and enlarged your collarbone.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Oh, I got it.

    Yang Yang couldn’t help laughing: “Wasn’t it you who led to it. Speaking of which, how did you leave the mark here? Why can’t I remember?”

    Archibald’s attention was diverted for a second, the smile returned to his eyes, and he leaned towards Yang Yang and whispered a few words in his ear.

    Yang Yang’s face immediately turned red, and he stretched out his hand to push Archibald away: “Okay, I understand, shut up.”

    Archibald didn’t say anything, but stretched out his hand to pull Yang Yang, bowing his head to kiss.

    Yang Yang leaned back to dodge, a little embarrassed: “The door is still open. ——You are too clingy in this estrus.”

    Archibald didn’t care, he caught the back of Yang Yang’s head with one hand, and kissed down on his lips, his tone was firm as he said with a chuckle: “You don’t hate me like this.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Having his hidden thoughts uncovered like this, Yang Yang bit Archibald’s lip angrily, and was counterattacked by Archibald, who went straight for the city and attacked deeply.

    At this moment, there was a soft knock at the door, followed by Monta’s “oh fuck”.

    “It’s broad daylight, can’t you be more reserved!!”

    Archibald ignored him, straightened up after he relieved his hunger, and looked back: “At this time, you should be polite and help us close the door quietly.”

    Monta: “????”

    What, what are you talking about? You also want me to close the door for you? ?


Author has something to say:

[Look!! It’s not locked!! What kind of bicycle do you still want!! QVQ]


Bamboo: author is also suffering, another novel of this author had smut scene and I wish author could write the cars in this one too! Because you bet they’re gooooooood


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