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Chapter 161: The Fairy Tale World

    Ge Xiu came to the balcony.

    He stared at the faint blue halo suspended outside the balcony, and tentatively reached out to touch it.

    His fingertips were hindered by something halfway

    Ge Xiu fell silent.

    Based on his experience from travelling through various worlds for so long, he came to a conclusion.

    This shouldn’t be any high technology, so other than that, there was only one last option left.


    Ge Xiu: “…”

    Damn magic.

    At this moment, the door behind him was pushed open and the maid from just now came in again. When she saw Ge Xiu’s attire, she couldn’t help but being taken aback:    

    “Princess…what are you?”

     Ge Xiu looked down on his previously dazzling dress which had been violently destroyed into rags, and said expressionlessly:

    “…it’s hot.”

    An hour later.

    Ge Xiu turned to look at himself in the mirror.

    The gorgeous and complicated long dress outlined his slender figure, the heavy jewellery rested on his collarbone and the long blond hair shimmered like molten gold with a jewel-like luster. It was pulled up and fixed on the top of his head. The face in the mirror was very familiar, as it was quite similar to his real face, but lines of his features were softer. If it wasn’t for his flat chest, it would be almost impossible to tell the real gender.

    He didn’t have the foreign and aggressive facial features like when he was a mermaid.

    This time, his appearance was more pure and clear, with an innocent feeling of being ignorant of the world like someone whose foot would not touch the worldly dust, but it was also thrillingly beautiful.

    The maid stared at his face in the mirror in amazement, and as if afraid of disturbing something ethereal, she sighed softly:

    “Princess, there is no one more beautiful than you in the whole continent…”

    Ge Xiu: “… …”

    Thank you.

    At this moment, a gust of wind swept in from the balcony, the air current carried a hot and burning breath, rolling with a roar into the room.

    The balcony door clanged loudly.

    Layers upon layers of gorgeous curtains billowed and made a loud noise.

    The soft and wide skirt blown away, like a torn cloud, and the whole room was filled with blown spun yarn and satin, making it impossible to distinguish east, west, south, north for a while.

    The maid screamed and subconsciously bent down, trying to hold down the hem of the skirt for Ge Xiu.

    Ge Xiu turned his head and looked out of the balcony.

    The sky that was originally as clear as a sapphire suddenly darkened, a huge shadow swept by covering the sun and then suddenly passed over the building. An even stronger gust of wind swept across, and the sound of the branches being snapped in the courtyard as well as the panicked shouts of the guards could be heard.

    Ge Xiu had a feeling.

    Regardless of the obstruction of the maid behind him, he walked towards the balcony.

    Outside, the sky faded, the earth trembled, and the tops of dry branches turned black.

    A violent gale, dry and hot, shook the world.

    Ge Xiu looked up.

    A huge black dragon swooped down, its dark and hard scales glimmered in the sunlight, and its huge wings that could almost cover the entire sky spread out, casting a frighteningly huge shadow on the ground, bringing upon humans the terror coming from the soul’s depths.

    The magic barrier above their heads shattered in an instant, turning into tens of thousands of tiny light spots, which were instantly blown away by the gust of wind.

    The guards not far away were attacking the dragon high above.

    However, human weapons had absolutely no lethality against creatures like dragons. Most of the thrown spears and bows fell down halfway, and the rare weapons that could reach that height would simply slid down from the hard scales, making a clanging sound.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t keep his eyes open due to the strong wind.

    The crown that was originally bundled in the hair was blown to nowhere, and the long hair the colour of molten gold was blown back in instant, like a torn golden banner, billowing and flying in the strong wind.

    In the next second, he felt that a huge shadow pressing down from the top of his head, instantly covering all light source.

    Ge Xiu subconsciously wanted to back away.

    However, a pair of huge claws covered with scales opened and fell, and then with the flapping of the wings, the violent hurricane rolled up again, the trees in the courtyard were uprooted in the wind, the roofs of the houses were toppled by the huge force——

    In the blink of an eye, the dragon lifted off again.

    Between its claws, a slender figure was caught. The huge white dress and long golden hair fluttered in the wind, like a soft ribbon, so fragile that it seemed to be about to break.

    Below, on the ground.

    The King and Queen rushed out of the palace supporting each other. They squinted their eyes, which were blown by the wind and sand, and stood on a messy marble floor. They looked up at the quickly shrinking figure of a huge dragon in the sky, as well as their own daughter in its claws, and the Queen cried out in despair: “——Angela!”

    Angela, the princess of the Kingdom of Esther, was called the number one beauty that was also her curse. It is was that her beauty would bring disaster upon everyone who saw her, causing them to would fall in love with her irresistibly. Countless people were devastated by her, all noble youths who were lucky enough to witness her face declared that they would never marry, and even competed for the honor of being able to see her, causing many tragic conflicts.

    And the competition reached its peak during her coming-of-age ceremony.

    Many countries sent troops on the day she came of age, just to fight for a marriage contract, the smell of gunpowder spread quietly, with one wrong step, the whole continent would be in crisis of war.

    The Kingdom of Farland was the most powerful country on the entire continent.

    The king of Farland was young, handsome and ambitious. The army led by him seized the opportunity and rushed to the Kingdom of Esther day and night to conclude a marriage contract with Princess Angela.

    However, on the night of their engagement ceremony, a sudden change occurred.

    The next day, frightening news spread across the entire Alanze continent in an instant.

    ——The evil dragon stole the most shining jewel in the crown of the Alanze continent.

    It stole Princess Angela!

    The King and Queen of the Kingdom of Esther were distraught, they announced that any warrior who could save the princess from the dragon would be able to marry the princess.

    The whole continent was boiling over.

    All those who had seen the beauty of the princess suddenly gained hope. They all started recruiting soldiers and collecting weapons, hoping to be the one who can save the princess from evil dragon’s claws.

    And the unfortunate ones who had never seen the princess were also ready to move.

    Not only because of the world-famous beauty of the princess, but also because she was the only daughter of the king of the Kingdom of Esther. As long someone married her, they would be able to harvest both beauty and wealth, surpass their current status in an instant, and even inherit Esther Kingdom in the future.

    Among these people, none of them were more unwilling than the king of the Farland.

    He lowered his head, stared gloomily at the lonely mountain range on the edge of the map, and said slowly:

    “Post a reward order to find the wizard.”


    Ge Xiu didn’t know that he had become the focus of the entire world in a short period of time.

    The howling wind passed by his ears and the scenery under his body became small and distant.

    Ge Xiu who was squeezed between the dragon’s icy claws, couldn’t breathe for a while.

    —that horrible corset made it impossible for him to breathe.

    And, to make matters worse, as time passed, the dragon flew higher and higher, and the air gradually became thinner and thinner.

    World before Ge Xiu’s eyes darkened.

    He reached out to try to untie the belt around his waist.

    However, Ge Xiu’s movement was regarded as a struggle, so the dragon slowly clenched its claws.

    Even tighter.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    His vision went dark, and he officially passed out.


Dragon is here!


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