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Chapter 85: Oh No

    After getting along for a day, Yang Yang found that Kami was actually very easy to take care of.

    Her tendency to cry and fear of strangers were all based on one foundation— a nearby source of soul power she could feel that was strong enough to make her afraid. Such as Archibald, such as Fu Qing.

    But she wasn’t actually timid at heart, but rather independent—for example, although she clung to Yang Yang, she never acted cute to get Yang Yang to carry her and she climbed on stools and ate by herself during meals.

    And after contacting her grandma and confirming the safety of the environment, she wouldn’t be scared to cry when she saw Archibald anymore, even under certain conditions—— she would still get close to Yang Yang if he was with Archibald, even if she were to curl into a ball from apprehension.

    Archibald: “…”

    He deeply felt the child’s attachment to Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang also didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry seeing this. ——Such a child was really hard to hate.

    “Let’s bring her.”

    In the end, Yang Yang decided to take Kami to the winter camp.


    Because of preparations for the next year’s military academy joint trial, the venue of the winter camp had been temporarily adjusted.

    The adjusted site was set in a newly developed trial area, which was originally meant to be a scenic tour path for tourists. The buildings weren’t overly dense, the vegetation was lush, and there was no dangerous beasts, but map of this area was quite complicated.

    There was no difficulty in such an area, it was perfect for this group of cubs.

    Yang Yang fell asleep on the way there, and when he woke up, he found himself in an unfamiliar rest room.

    Have they arrived?

    Yang Yang stared at the metal ceiling for a while, then slowly rolled over, reached out and pushed open the shade at the head of the bed.

    It was cloudy outside. Dark green forest, destination of the trial could be seen nearby as well as an open space in the middle, which was crowded with people at this moment.

    The crowd formed a concentric circle, outside were soldiers standing upright, and inside were the much-shorter children.

    ——These were the kids attending the winter camp.

    There was a total of 40 children in the winter camp, aged between 12 and 16, all of whom were bimorphic Lesters.

    Most of them were heirs of noble families, and there were some top-notch good seedlings. However, those who would be sent to participate in this winter camp all had one thing in common ——difficult kids.

    In short, this was a bear* camp.

*originating from the saying “bear kids” which just means disobedient loud hard to manage kids. I will just be using bear kids since it’s funny

    But even though it was full of bear kids, the discipline was still good.

    At least they lined up in straight and orderly way, and it looked pretty decent.

    Soon, Yang Yang understood the source of this behavior. ——Archibald walked to the front of the lining up brats and began to lecture.

    Yang Yang suddenly became interested, and called in his mind: 【Roth, transmit me live broadcast of the Duke. 】

    This time, Archibald specifically asked to bring the Black Panther Roth, as Kami’s companion and nanny.

    Roth’s voice sounded: 【Okay, master. 】

    A light screen suddenly popped up on his light screen and floated up in front of Yang Yang’s eyes.

    Archibald was dressed in a black training uniform, with broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, and a black tail swinging behind him, like a sharp knife ready to be drawn at any time.

    “Hee hee hee.”

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald, who showed his strong aura to the fullest, and let out an indescribable laugh.

    Roth: 【………】

    No, it didn’t know what the owner was chuckling at. Really, it was just a baby less than one year old.

    Yang Yang changed his posture, went back under the quilt, and curled up sideways to watch the live broadcast.

    Archibald on the light screen had cold aura, his star eyes seemed to be shining with inorganic light, when he gazed at the group of brats they tensed up one by one.

    Seeming satisfied with the bear children’s orderly line, Archibald opened his mouth.

    “This winter camp will last for 20 days, and every group of 5 people will be equipped with two teaching supervisors.”

    “Based on your current positions, each column will be one group. Does anyone have any objections?”

    Archibald’s swept across them as he spoke and the brats kept quiet like quails. It seemed that no one had any objections.

    However, Archibald’s gaze did not stop, but swept all the way to Roth, meeting Roth’s eyes.

    Roth: “…”

    Don’t look at me, it’s not me.

    Yang Yang pursed his lips and said, “Roth, wave your paw at the Duke.”

    Roth obediently raised his front paw and waved at Archibald.

    Archibald: “??”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, and then immediately understood who was looking at him now.

    A smile flashed in Archibald’s eyes, but he didn’t show it, he raised his eyebrows at the panther very quickly.

    Yang Yang laughed happily on the bed, and then blew a kiss at the light screen: “Mwah!”

    Roth: “…”

    Of course Roth wouldn’t repeat this gesture, he even felt his young heart has been severely injured!

    Archibald looked away from Roth and then continued solemnly: “Now let me tell you about the rules of the winter camp.”

    “There is only one activity in this winter camp, that is treasure hunting.”

    “There are a total of 50 treasures, buried within the range of this mountain. The map and hints for the treasures had been sent to your terminals. The treasures will appear within the red border.

   You will be working in groups, the group that finds the most treasures wins. Everyone in the winning group will get a full set of light battle armour.”

    Immediately there was a commotion among the rows of bear children, there would be light battle armor, made by military!

    Before the turmoil of the brats expanded, Archibald poured cold water on them.

    He said calmly: “If it was just that, it’d be a bit too simple.”

    The excited whispers among the brats stopped abruptly, and they all looked at him with horror, like chicken cubs waiting to be slaughtered—you, what do you want to do?

    Archibald: “In order to live up to your family’s entrustment and achieve the purpose of training you, we increased the difficulty. That is, task of survival in the wild.”

    “To ensure fairness, all your storage spaces must be emptied, each of you will get the same equipment: a set of tools for survival in the wild, an energy field tent, dry food and drinking water for a week.

    For the remainder of the time, you will be responsible for finding food and water for yourselves.”

    The teaching supervisor will follow you, to ensure that no cheating will occur and to rescue you when you encounter life-threatening situations. Of course, if you want to give up, you can also apply to the teaching supervisor for withdrawal.

    All legal behaviors that do not endanger the lives of others are allowed during the treasure hunt.”

    “Three hours later, the winter camp activities will begin. Now, you can get acquainted with your team members and teaching supervisors, and go to get your own equipment. Do you understand?”

    The bear children replied in unison: “Yes sir!”

    Archibald: “Disband!”

    The brats scattered and Archibald turned to walk towards the aircraft.

    ——Because this trial area had been recently developed, there was no fixed supply point built yet, so the base of this winter camp was replaced by military aircraft, which just happened to be convenient to transport.

    When Archibald came in, Yang Yang was dressing in a sweater, as the loose hem fell down, it covered his protruding belly tightly.

    Archibald waited for the chill on his body to dispel and then walked over and bowed his head to kiss Yang Yang: “Are you hungry?”

    Yang Yang shook his head, he stretched his hand to pat Archibald’s chest: “You were so handsome just now!”

    Archibald pursed his lips and smiled, took the coat and handed it to Yang Yang: “Want to go for a walk?”

    Yang Yang: “En, where’s Kami?”

    Archibald: “She went together with Fu Qing. Roth followed after them.”

    Hearing this, Yang Yang recalled Kami’s “ambition” before departure, and couldn’t help asking: “Is she really going make a small team with Fu Qing?”

    Archibald nodded: “I asked Monta to supervise Fu Qing’s group, he and Fu Qing will take care of Kami, and Roth will follow, there won’t be any problems.”

    Yang Yang was still a little worried: “Is this really okay?”

    After all, she was only a five-year-old child.

    Archibald: “She herself was set on going. And don’t worry, double-form Lester is not that delicate. Although she looks weak, she has a very sensitive soul power perception. It will be good for her to get in touch with the wilderness from time to time.”


    Yang Yang wrapped the scarf around himself and his voice came out muffled, as he muttered in a doubtful tone: “Obviously she was crying yesterday morning, but the same day at night she said that she was going to become a warrior. —— Did she watch some cartoon?”

    Archibald didn’t speak, his eyes shifted a bit, but after Yang Yang looked over, he immediately returned to normal.    

    Archibald: “Children’s minds are naturally changeable, but I think it’s very rare for a child to have the idea of becoming stronger and put it into action at this age.”

    Yang Yang raised his head, feeling like a proud parent: “That’s true, the reason doesn’t matter.”

    Archibald: “…”

    He wanted to say that he had been taking care of her for a little more than a day, but after a pause, he chose not to say anything.

    Afterwards, Yang Yang went from proud to sad again: “But it depends on how long she can persist. Let’s follow her for a few days.”

    Archibald thought for a while and nodded: “Let’s follow with the aircraft.”

    The terrain here was quite complicated, not to mention that Gu Lita reminded Yang Yang that the due date could come ahead of time, but even if he wasn’t pregnant, Archibald would never let Yang Yang follow him on foot— even Kami was also in beast form.

    In such wild environment, not to mention fighting, but even while walking, the double-form Lester was much faster than the single-form one.

    Knowing his situation, Yang Yang didn’t intend to walk, so he nodded, “Okay.”


    The winter camp begun and the bear kids went in groups of five to search for the treasure according to the prompts on the terminal. Except for Fu Qing, no other group choose to separate.

    The other four people in Fu Qing’s group also complained a little about Fu Qing’s departure, mainly because of the amount of treasures.

    In this regard, Fu Qing promised domineeringly that he would find at least three treasures by himself, and if the whole group did not get the first place thanks to him, he would give each person in the group a set of light battle armor.

    In response to this, Monta gave Fu Qing a thumbs up, and then told him: “I took the video of what you promised just now and sent it to the parent group of the winter camp, no need to thank me.”

    Fu Qing: “…”

    Fu Qing swore, if he hadn’t been unable to beat Monta, he would have rubbed Monta to the ground with glee!

    So the first days of winter camp started, and Fu Qing searched for treasures for five days.

    Fortunately, he was born differently from these “greenhouse florets”, and this kind of wild life survival was just a game for him. Although he didn’t manage to find all three, he already got two. In the remaining fifteen days, he should be able to find the last one.

    And during these five days, Kami followed Fu Qing and did not fall behind. Although she also had stumbles and mistakes, she survived and became more and more wild.

    For example, today, she actually hunted a wild hyrax by herself in the beast shape.

    Yang Yang felt suffocated looking at the little Lester whose face was covered in blood from bitten prey—his soft and fragrant “little girl” was gone forever!

    But regarding Kami’s hunting technique, whether it was Archibald, Fu Qing, or Monta, they all had a high evaluation of it— in the battle against the soul beasts, Lesters had to maintain their beast shape. Therefore, whether or not he dared to fight in close quarters in the form of a beast had become the standard for judging for whether a bimorph Lester was “qualified” or not.

    Kami also felt this kind of appreciation, so she let go even more in the following days.

    On the ninth day, Kami had not changed back to human form for two consecutive days.

    Because she was eyeing a male forest deer.

    The forest spotted deer wasn’t small, but because it was the biggest species in this area and lacked natural enemies, it wasn’t very vigilant against crises.

    “We’re going outside of the trial area, do you want to stop it?”

    Yang Yang looked at Roth’s live broadcast, feeling a little worried.

    Archibald: “It’s okay, Monta and Fu Qing are here, nothing will happen.”

    However, something happened.

    The forest spotted deer seemed to have sensed Kami’s following it, and then suddenly started to speed up and run wildly.

    Seeing this, Kami also accelerated, Roth followed Kami, Fu Qing and Monta also besieged it from both sides to prevent the forest spotted deer from escaping too quickly—they also wanted to see Kami’s potential.

    But no one expected that the forest spotted deer galloped all the way through a forest hill, and in front of it stood a cliff, with an abandoned town underneath the cliff.

    The jungle spotted deer jumped to the opposite tall building familiarly and then disappeared after a few jumps.

    But Kami would have never  thought that one second it was a dense forest, and the next second it was a cliff!

    She couldn’t brake all at once, and she was about to roll off the cliff, but Roth, who was following her, accelerated and used her body as a shield to block Kami’s accelerated body, and then his body curled into a ball protecting Kami inside, barely stopping the impetus at the edge of the cliff.

    Fu Qing and Monta also almost fell down because of a detour and fell off the road, but they managed to brake at least. Seeing the situation here a few meters away, they broke out in a cold sweat and then breathed a sigh of relief simultaneously.

    Fu Qing & Monta: “…”

    No more messing around, no more messing around, the kids should start from playing in the training room instead.

    But before they could breathe a sigh of relief, a huge black shadow suddenly swept up from the bottom of the cliff. A gust of wind was blew past, and at the same time the giant claws stretched out and caught the panther rolled into a ball on the edge of the cliff into its claws like a chicken cub. Then, with a flap of its wings, it rose into the sky in an instant.

    Roth & Kami: “…??!!!”

    Fu Qing & Monta, Yang Yang & Archibald watching the live broadcast in the aircraft: “…”

    Hey————damn! ! !

    You come back to me! ! !


Author has something to say:

Roth & Kami: Ying ying ying ying!!

The four “parents”:……(panicking.jpg)


Bamboo: it’s 4am I am finally done, sigh of relief.jpg. I got distracted by my oc wwwww


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