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Chapter 172: The Fairy Tale World

    The dragon slowly lowered its flying height.

    He hovered slowly above the ruins, the airflow brought by the huge wings kicked up the charred ashes, the intersection of the hazy sky and the dark ground showed a chaotic graveyard filled with dead silence.

    There was a mess of thoughts in the dragon’s head.

    He fled in a hurry from the scorched and blackened land behind him and flew up into the air in a hurry.

    The sound of the wind whistled past his ears.

    The blue of the sky, the light white of the clouds, the scorched black of the ground, and the deep blue of the ocean.

    All the colours melted together and fused, the boundaries of all things were no longer clear, but become countless contrasting colour blocks and spots, flashing before his eyes in a blur, like water passing through his body without a trace, slipping away from his mind in a flash, leaving nothing behind.

    When the hanging curtain appeared in front of him, the dragon suddenly realized that he had returned to the cave unknowingly— he didn’t even remember how he got back, as if pure instinct had driven him back, instinctively longing to see the other person’s face and hear the other person’s voice, only in this way could regain the sense of security.

    He stopped suddenly.

    The cave was so quiet it was scary, only the sound of the small wind whistling between the rock walls could be heard.

    But what about after he saw him?

    The giant dragon stood there in a daze.

    What was he going to say?

    ——The piece of scorched earth that was razed down by the flames flashed before his eyes again, and the smell of the dragon breath lingering above that wouldn’t dissipate for a long time.

    He never cared about destroying one or two countries. The fiery dragon’s breath could burn tens of thousands of people to death in an instant.

    To him, all humans were short-lived, stupid, greedy, restless creatures.

    In comparison to his tens of thousands of years, the short decades of human life were like a blink of an eye to him—just a short nap, and several generations of humans will have passed. The sea will turn into mulberry fields, flesh and blood into dry bones.

    Human life was insignificant like dust and he had never paid any extra attention to this race.

    But the only thing he really cared about was a human being.

    A human being who also cared about his country, homeland, relatives, and subjects.

    Panic and fear engulfed his reason, leaving only the distorted and devastating thoughts raging chaos in his mind.

    For the first time since he became conscious, he felt fear and cowardice.

    The dragon stood in the darkness for a long time, like a silent stone sculpture, or a shadow burned through on the rock wall.

    He lowered his eyes in a daze, not even daring to look in the direction of the other party——although there was a curtain between them, the terrible sense of guilt followed him everywhere, making him unable to hide.


    A ruby discarded on the ground caught his attention.

    The dragon frowned slightly.

    He remembered all his treasures.

    But the one in front of him did not belong to him.

    The dragon took a few steps forward and bent down to pick up the ruby—— but when his fingertips touched the surface of the gem, some residual images flashed in front of his eyes—— these were traces of leftover magic.

    Although he only got a glimpse, he still heard the rough voice and saw the scene covered in flames.

    The dragon froze.

    Unprecedented panic swept across like a wave in an instant, and the uncontrollable trembling spread from his heart to his fingertips.

    At that moment, everything seemed to be clear.

    Why had the other lost control of his emotions.


    the blond boy sat blankly next to the golden-red gemstone, staring at him out of focus with blue eyes like the sky, a teardrop condensed at the corners of his eyes and suddenly, fell down.


    As if the heart was being crushed bit by bit, severe pain slowly spread from the chest cavity.

    He raised his head and pressed his chest hard, but he couldn’t stop the pain that made him feel breathless, nor the spreading feeling of panic.

    Only then did the dragon suddenly realize.

    It turned out that he was the culprit who made the other cry.

    He slowly took a step and walked towards the hanging curtain step by step.

    The distance shortened little by little, he could almost see the impeding judgement approaching.

    The dragon stretched out his hand and opened the curtain made of silk and satin, revealing the side face of the boy who was sleeping soundly due to exhaustion.

    His body was slightly curled up, his scattered blond hair fell on his snow-white cheeks, his eyes were closed tightly, and his pale golden eyelashes drooped, casting a half-moon-shaped shadow arc.

    The slender back undulated regularly with the rhythm of breathing.

    From the small opening at the top of the cave, the distant and clear sunlight fell down, quietly spreading over his body, seeming as if the time stood in place the tranquilly and beauty would last forever without change.

    The dragon bent down.

    With his fingertips, he brushed away the boy’s messy forehead hair, and slid his finger along the arc of the other’s cheek little by little.

    A small breath brushed past his fingertips, like some kind of fluffy animal, making his breathing stop for a second.

    In his sleep, Ge Xiu suddenly felt the temperature around him suddenly rise.

    A heavy shadow pressed down, completely imprisoning him in the limited burning space.

    He was a little out of breath.

    Ge Xiu struggled to open his eyes and dazedly looked towards the direction of the pressure.

    The dragon’s deeply chiseled face magnified before his eyes.

    At some point, the other party rolled onto his bed and put his palms beside his ears, trapping Ge Xiu in the gap between his chest and arms. The temperature of the air seemed to rise in an instant, the curtains were half-draped, forming a semi-enclosed space on the bed, the ambiguous and scorching air completely enveloped them, making Ge Xiu freeze in place right away.

    He was a little confused about what was going on.

    For a moment, he even wondered if he was still asleep.

    The man’s eyes were lowered, and the golden-red vertical pupils shone slightly in the darkness, as if they were burning flames in the night, staring at him closely without blinking.

    Ge Xiu cleared his throat and forced himself to be calm:


    ——What’s the matter?

    However, as soon as he uttered a word, he felt that his hand was firmly grasped by the other party’s fingers.

    Ge Xiu was startled, and subconsciously swallowed the following words back into his throat.

    The next second, his palm was pulled up and pressed against the opponent’s chest—— the skin under the palm was too hot, making Ge Xiu shiver and subconsciously take back his hand, but the opponent’s palm used more strength and pressed Ge Xiu’s hand tightly to his heart.

    Ge Xiu stared blankly at him.

    The flexible and firm skin under the palm was tight and hot, his palm could clearly feel the rhythmic heartbeat of the other party.

    The giant dragon lowered his head slowly and gently pressed his forehead against the opponent’s forehead.

    His eyelashes lowered, covering the flowing gold and lava containing golden-red pupils.

    His voice was low and slow, with a slight hoarseness: “…I know the deal that wizard proposed to you.”

    Ge Xiu was stunned for a second, slow to react for a while.

    “I know what he wants.” The dragon said, “They are all the same.”

    A sense of ominous premonition suddenly flashed in Ge Xiu’s heart.

    However, before he had time to do anything, the scarlet lines on the man’s naked upper body began to emit a faint golden light slowly, some kind of fire-like temperature escaped from the complicated totem——

    Ge Xiu felt that his palm was slowly surrounded by something soft, as if being swallowed into a swamp.

    He looked down subconsciously, and found that his hand had sunk deeply into the other’s left side of the chest at some point, the remains of pitch-black scales could be seen on the small piece of skin being touched, as if it had been forcefully pried open, revealing the warm and soft flesh glowing with a dim light.

    A layer of cold sweat suddenly broke out on Ge Xiu’s back.

    This situation was so strange and unexpected that he lost the ability to speak for a moment.

    At this moment, his hand suddenly touched something hot.

    Hot, soft, trembling regularly, pulsating vigorously against his palm.

    Even though he had absolutely no understanding of magic, he could still feel the powerful energy emanating from it.

    “This is my heart.”

    The dragon said sincerely, “I give it to you.”



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