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Chapter 90: Will You Die?

    Hearing Kami’s accusation, the person who led the chase were also very embarrassed, and quickly explained: “We just wanted to check if she had been injured and change her clothes, but she didn’t listen to anything and ran away when she saw a gap. We were afraid an accident would happen in the deep mountains and wild forests, so we wanted to stop her, but we were afraid of accidentally hurting her, so we didn’t dare to use much force…”

    The man stumbled while explaining, but Yang Yang already understood what was going on.

    Not to mention Little Whitebelly and Scarface’s actions all the way, Yang Yang had already become assured that regardless of whether the previous attack was a misunderstanding or not, they had no malicious intentions towards pregnant women (females), children or the Donton family.

    The situation in front of him alone was really clear at a glance.

    Yang Yang rubbed Kami’s head, pressed down her little chubby hand that was still pointing at others to find blame and then smiled at the man: “Thank you for finding Kami, I have caused you trouble.”

    The man shook his head quickly : “No trouble, no trouble, it’s a good child, really good.”

    The group of people behind him also nodded.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    It can be seen that the people in this village really like children.

    But Yang Yang didn’t plan to stay for long, so it’s time to leave here: “In this case, we will be——.”


    Before Yang Yang finished speaking, he saw a young man walking out of the crowd with an excited expression on his face when looking at Archibald.

    The young man: “Excuse me, are you really the Duke of Donton? The Donton family who killed the dragon-level soul beast?”

    Yang Yang took a look at the expressions of those people, and he understood—seems like everyone in this village was a hardcore Archibald fan.

    Archibald saw that Kami was intact and the unhappiness caused by Scarface and others subsided a little. Hearing this, he nodded lightly: “I am.”


    The crowd was in an uproar, thrilled to no ends, and then enthusiastically invited them.

    “Duke of Donton, it’s still early, why don’t you visit our village for a while.”

    “Wow, so is this child Duke’s child?——Hey, is this the Duchess?”

    “The Duchess is pregnant again? Hey, Duke is mighty!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Archibald: “…”

    After some chattering, someone finally noticed the situation of Scarface and the others.

    “Hey, why are you injured? Why are two unconscious? Is it serious?”

    “It seems that there is no heavy injury or serious trauma.”

    “Wow—— did you fail to recognize the Duke and then was beaten by the Duke?”

    Scarface and the others: “…”

    Shut up.

    Little Whitebelly squeezed into the crowd at this moment, and said loudly: “Yes! That’s right! Uncle Scar didn’t recognize the Duke and the others and was beaten five to one by the Duke alone. They didn’t even last a minute, Duke is incredible!”

    Not only did nobody sympathize, but they also made voices of envy— they actually had a sparring session with the Duke.

    Then someone suddenly reacted: “Uncle Scar?”

    Little Whitebelly snorted and said, “That’s right, Uncle Scar called the Duke a bastard and then Duchess called him Scar.”

    Scarface: “……”

    At this moment, an urge to beat the child welled up in his heart.

    But other villagers laughed loudly.

    “Oh, that’s a good name.”

    “You boy, you dare to scold the Duke of Donton.    

    “I think the beating was still too light.”

    They were having fun taunting others, but Yang Yang and Archibald’s existence was not forgotten.

    The man who was the leader before came over and sincerely invited Yangyang and Archibald: “Duke and Duchess of Donton, if you don’t mind, please come visit our village. The Duke of Donton is our idol.”

    As soon as the words came out, everyone around them echoed.

    Archibald hesitated for a moment, then glanced at Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang understood what Archibald meant—Kami had already been found, so the weirdness shown by the Scarface and his people before, their hostility to the military and their admiration for the Donton family…what the hell was going on? Whatever the reason, they should go and find out.

    As for their safety.

    Aside from Archibald’s skills, they also carried a bunch of “self-defense” weapons. If the ones at Yang Yang’s space were considered a small arsenal, then the ones at Archibald’s could overwhelm a battalion.

    There was no way, with a father being the planet master with such battle spirit, you could only play so big.

    So Yang Yang smiled, straightened up and pulled up Kami as well, nodding: “Okay. It just so happened we needed to give Kami a bath too.”

    “That’s great!”

    The crowd cheered, they surrounded Yang Yang, Archibald and the others as they entered the gate of the village.


    The village was located in a natural canyon and it was built using abandoned buildings. It could be seen that this place was originally a holiday villa area, or a resort hotel.

    These abandoned buildings had not been carefully reconstructed, showing the taste of original architecture everywhere.

    The canyon was a gentle slope, the village was placed in its middle, and there was a spacious platform at the bottom, surrounded by wooden piles to reinforce the guardrails, where you could see the waters in close distance.

    The slope went up outside the canyon and there was a small hill. There were some mountain roads and sculptures and other buildings that had not been reconstructed, vegetation was also lush with plants growing everywhere. They couldn’t see what was behind the hill, but Yang Yang had seen villagers coming in and out from there.

    Archibald and Yang Yang were invited to the home of the village chief. ——It was a relatively intact villa.

    But when they arrived, they found that it was not only the village chief who lived here, but several old people and a woman with a baby—it seemed that they gathered the old and the weak to live in the best house.

    Seeing this, Yang Yang couldn’t help but feel a little relieved—— a village that would do it should not be a village of treacherous and evil people.

    Soon, the village chief came.

    The village chief was a man with wrinkled skin and white hair. Although his body was already hunched, he was full of energy and his eyes were still clear and bright.

    “Ah, it’s the Duke of Donton! Those eyes look so much like the old Duke’s!”

    The village chief immediately sighed when he saw Archibald, tears welling in his eyes.

    Both Yang Yang and Archibald were surprised, Archibald reacted at once: “Were you a soldier? Did you know my grandfather?”

    The village chief nodded excitedly: “Yes, I was among those who fought against dragon-level soul beasts back then! There were so many soul beasts, so many, overwhelming… so many soldiers died, so many people died…”

    When the old village chief talked about the past, like all old people, he couldn’t help but repeat each other, but in the sigh of each word, there was a heaviness that only those who had been through it could understand.

    Archibald didn’t disrupt the elder, and after a while, the old man came to his senses.

    “Oh, I won’t talk about this today. I didn’t expect to see the descendants of the late Duke to visit us. What a happy event! What a happy event! Young Duke must have dinner here today. It happens that Dr. Lu is also here and her cooking skills are amazing! “

    Archibald didn’t refuse, but he became more and more curious about this village.

    Yang Yang took the opportunity to ask them for hot water and then was taken to a small room by the woman holding the baby, where he washed Kami.

    After tossing for a while, Kami was finally washed, put on her favorite little skirt again and was picking up the hair rope with her buttocks pouted with a serious face—these things were all given to Kami by Gu Lita before Yang Yang left. The prepared luggage had a whole storage space, from clothes to decorations, even children’s nail polish.

    “Yong Yong, I want to wear this.”

    Soon, Kami chose a headband decorated with small claws and a matching hair tie.

    “Okay, let’s go out first and I’ll tie your hair when it’s dry.”

    Speaking of hair-tying, this was a skill that Yang Yang quickly learned after Kami let herself go free at the winter camp.

    Yang Yang took Kami out of the room, looked up and saw the people crowding up in the living room, with Archibald standing out in the middle of the crowd.

    Yang Yang: “…???”

    “The Duchess is here, come in and sit down.”

    Someone immediately noticed Yang Yang, made room for him and laid a thick and soft seaweed mat.

    Yang Yang didn’t reject his goodwill, walked over with Kami and the crowd immediately surrounded from all sides. They brought small stools and small fruits, looking eager to eat melons.

    “Lord Duke, were you really on the battlefield at the age of 16?”

     “Of course it’s truth, Lord Duke, are fusion soul beasts harder to fight than normal-level soul beasts?”

    “Lord Duke, do you know how to do the fifth set of military boxing? I think Brother Scar’s teaching is not very authentic.”

    Scarface, who went to treat the injury and came back to see the situation: “………”

    Yang Yang understood, this was a fan meeting.

    Yang Yang pursed his lips and smiled, looking at with everyone Archibald.

    Archibald’s face was expressionless, but his eyes didn’t show impatience—— in order to find out information about the village more easily in the future, it would do good to get closer to the villagers.

    So after a brief silence, Archibald picked out some questions and started chatting with the onlookers with popular science answers.

    Yang Yang sat aside and listened quietly, while Kami sat in his arms. When Kami’s hair was almost dry, Yang Yang began to style Kami’s hair.

    Yang Yang was a person who had held a scalpel in his previous life, so he still had some skills. Soon, a soft and fragrant little Kami came out of the oven.

    Yang Yang took out the mirror from the storage space and showed it to Kami: “See if there is anything wrong?”

    Kami stood up, held the mirror for a while and then twisted it away shyly: “It looks good! Yong Yong is amazing!”

    Yang Yang smiled, pinched Kami’s little face and just as he was about to say something, he saw five children beside him, Little Whitebelly as well. The oldest of them was no more than ten years old and the youngest was about the same age as Kami. They all looked at Yang Yang eagerly and hesitantly.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang tentatively asked, “Do you want to have your hair done too?”

    Little Whitebelly waiting behind the children: “…”

    Couldn’t it been seen they were all boys? ? ?

    In the end, it was Little Whitebelly who took the lead.

    Little Whitebelly crawled over, but before he got close, Kami suddenly stretched out her hands to stop him, with a look of wariness on her face: “Don’t get close to Yong Yong!”

    Little Whitebelly said innocently, “I just want to ask something.”

    Yang Yang pulled Kami back, hugged her in his arms and then smiled at Little Whitebelly: “What do you want to ask?”

    Little Whitebelly: “Duchess, how did you give birth to this little girl safely?”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Kami was not born to me, she’s Duke’s cousin’s child.”

    Little Whitebelly was taken aback for a moment, then raised his head nervously: “Then Duchess, what will you do when you’re about to give birth?”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    What should he do?

    Just give birth, can he hold back otherwise?

    But what Little Whitebelly said next surprised Yang Yang.

    Little Whitebelly’s tone was filled with fear: “Duchess, what if it’s a double-form Lester? Will you die?”


Author has something to say:

Byrd: I’ll give you a chance to reorganise your language

Little Whitebelly: QAQ


Bamboo has something to say:

this is exactly halfway through the novel, counting extras! We’re going strong!

(don’t worry giving birth will be soon)


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