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Chapter 108: Modern Entertainment Industry

    Li Jie was indeed a gold agent in the final analysis. Even with such hell-level difficulty, she still found a breakthrough.

    Although he can’t sing, can’t dance and has no acting skills, but at least he has a good-looking face!

    That being the case, she could use variety shows to improve the public’s favourability, and then use public relations and advanced water army to guide public opinion to whitewash the past black spots.

    Next, take endorsements, take magazine and advertisement photos, and improve popularity by often showing his face.

    After a set of operations, even he didn’t become top popularity, at least he could get rid of the negative image from previous black material.

    Li Jie selected carefully, picked a variety show, then used her connections to open a back door and stuff Ge Xiu in the variety show.

    This variety show was a competitive clearance type. Its facilities and levels of various difficulties were built outdoors. The staff is responsible for chasing or creating obstacles, and the stars are divided into two teams to compete. Whichever team reaches the finish line first is the winner and can get the mysterious reward offered by the program group, on the other hand the group that loses will be punished.

    Ge Xiu frowned, flipped through the script that had been handed to him in advance, and asked:

    “Why would any audience want to see this?”

    Li Jie: “…”

    Although they didn’t get along for a long time, she already had some rough understanding of the artist under her — not knowing why, this person’s knowledge of the entertainment industry was so shallow that she really couldn’t imagine how the other was a person who worked hard for a few years in the entertainment industry.

    She took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose: “Anyway, you can go.”

    Ge Xiu put down the script and nodded obediently.

    Looking at the young man in front of him, Li Jie sighed uncontrollably again.

    What a pity for such a good face.

    Moreover, with his acting skills, she didn’t even dare to set a character design for him — after all, at his current level, having a character design might be self-defeating.

    So now he could only take this variety show that was not a big hit, but also had a stable audience to test the waters, and then through the subsequent market response, she and her team can design the next most suitable plan for Lu Nan.

    There was a total of 12 guests on the show, eight males and four females, ranging from variety show visitors who were familiar to the audience, to newly popular fresh meat to past artists who were trying to make a comeback, to film and television artists who were trying to raise the variety show level, there was everyone.

    Because there were so many people, the distribution of camera time will not be very balanced. For every star, this will be like a war without gunpowder smoke.

    Of course, with the exception of Ge Xiu.

    He deliberately chose a place where he would not be noticed, and hid most of his body in a blind spot that the camera couldn’t see.

    Ge Xiu secretly yawned.

    Before the last show, he asked his agent and no matter the result his salary would not change.

    ——Although the eyes of the other were a bit complicated when she said that.

    After all, Ge Xiu was not preparing to make too much turmoil in this world.

    He knew very well that his enemy was outside the virtual world, all he needed to do was passing the tasks and staying for enough time, that would be enough.

    And right now the most important thing was to observe.

    There must be a reason why the group of people outside did not create the “tasks” setting in the previous worlds. Although this sudden change has brought a certain degree of inconvenience to Ge Xiu’s actions, also brought an opportunity — with more words it’s easier to disclose information and with more actions there will be more mistakes.

    Ge Xiu was waiting for an oversight, a loophole or an unexpected reveal.

    ——He was always very patient in this regard.

    As the group of stars were joking and laughing with each other to increase the effect of the show, Ge Xiu stood at the back with a leisurely face, like an outsider.

    And his strategy of deliberately reducing his presence was brilliant.

    After lukewarm answers to a few inconsequential questions, all eyes and attention turned to other, more intriguing stars.

    Finally, the main dish of the show began.

    Ge Xiu yawned and started running from the starting point.

    The path he chose was neither the hardest nor the easiest, and the average compromised option was the most boring so there was the least amount of attention on this place at the moment.

    Ge Xiu ran slowly and at a constant speed. Along the way, he was neither facing thrilling dangers nor difficulties in dodging the staff’s tricks, and he simply avoided all the traps. He was neither amazing nor outstanding.

    However, the staff who chased after him did not think so.

    The tall and slim star in front of them didn’t seem to be running very hard, but no matter whether they accelerated or slowed down, he would always maintain a steady distance from the opponent not letting them catch up. It was to the point of making them doubting life… Did they really speed up just now?

    Just as Ge Xiu was taking his time unhurriedly, an unexpected change suddenly occurred.

    A female guest lost balance on the side. She seemed to have been running too fast and sprained her foot, falling straight towards the mechanism on the front.

    Although most of the agencies in the show have installed sufficient protection measures, the direction in which this guest fell was too tricky. Because of the close distance, Ge Xiu could see it very clearly. If she fell according to her current direction, her eyes and forehead will be heavily knocked on the protruding metal iron sheet.

    At this critical juncture, Ge Xiu stepped forward and gave her a hand.

    The female guest stumbled into his arms.

    She gasped in shock, looked up at Ge Xiu gratefully and thanked him in a low voice.

    At this moment, the host’s enthusiastic voice sounded above his head: “Bingo! Successfully captured a specific member of the other party! Congratulations to Lu Nan for obtaining the small privilege carried by the member!”

    Ge Xiu was taken aback.

    It was only then that he faintly recalled that just before the start of the game, the host seemed to have said something about the new special mechanism added this time, that each team had two specific members or something, but he didn’t pay attention, let alone take this to his heart.

    He looked down at the female guest in his arms.

    So was this that specific member of the opposing team?

    The female guest brushed her hair in a dashing manner, and said cheerfully: “Thank you Lu Nan for saving my life this time. I have no opinion on what you give him.”

    She pointed to the number plate behind her.

    Ge Xiu uncovered it, only to see the privileges carried by the other party behind it—”What is the mysterious punishment?”.

    “It’s actually this! It seems that Lu Nan’s luck is not very good!” The host sounded a little regretful: “There is a time extension card, the opportunities increase card, but this one is the most useless card, la! And once it’s exposed, other players will know.”

    Ge Xiu tore off the protective film and was slightly taken aback.

    “Mysterious punishment is…” The host deliberately prolonged his voice: “Home visit! The variety show team will go to the star’s registered residence after the show for a surprise filming to see what the big stars look like outside the camera!”

    Punishment, was in fact also an increase in exposure in another sense.

    In essence, it was to narrow the distance between stars and fans, and to create a common ground giving the star a more approachable image.

    Ge Xiu couldn’t help being stunned.

    He now had two residences, one of which was the apartment given to him by Zuo Yan. Although Ge Xiu has not been there even once, he was aware that according to the other’s power and means, this variety show group will definitely not be able to enter nor will they be able to take any pictures possibly threatening his image.

    But the other one was different…

    He still had the previous weapon design drawings hanging in his living room!

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

    ——He remembered the rules of the game. No matter which team wins or loses in the final game, the first one to reach the finish line didn’t need to fulfil the punishment.

    That being the case…

    After the brief episode passed, the game continued.

    The staff members who had been chasing behind Lu Nan were shocked to find that the young man who had been leisurely and unhurriedly running as if strolling in the courtyard suddenly accelerated his pace without warning!

    He started running as if flying, his figure strong and unrestrained as with just a few leverages, he easily turned over the obstacle that had almost risen in the air in front of him!

    There were shocked gasps all around and even the female guest that stumbled just now was dumbfounded and subconsciously slowed down.

    “What are you looking at? Chase!”

    The stunned photographer was reminded by the staff on the side and then hurriedly chased forward as if he had just woken up from a dream.

    But during the time he was in a daze, the young man not far away had easily separated a long distance with him. Thanks to the program team, in order to prevent losing stars on the camera, once in a while there would be a photographer on standby, so they hurriedly contacted the photographer at the next location:

    “Come after Lu Nan!! Follow him!!”

    Ten minutes later, the photographer’s breathless voice came from the walkie-talkie:

    “I… I… I lost him…”

    Why did they lose him again? !

    The team leader of the program team quickly contacted the photographer at the next location, but within five minutes, the third photographer came back with a clearly out of breath feedback: “No…no way…can’t catch up… He’s gone again!”

    The team leader: “…”

    How fast can this man run? !

    He blinked in disbelief, looked at the video from the photographer on the screen in front of him, and after a few minutes of careful observation, he found the problem.

    It’s wasn’t that Lu Nan could run fast, but how easy it was for him to cross obstacles!

    He could accurately find the flaws and loopholes of each mechanism every time, and then directly bypass it with almost unbelievable efficiency. Even if the mechanism has already fallen when he arrived, he could still find paths and angles that would be unimaginable for ordinary people and cross over it with the help of surrounding props, his series of movements were smooth and graceful, without even slowing down!

    But these mechanisms were clearly designed directly for this show only!

    How could Lu Nan know so much about them!

    And not knowing if it was on purpose, every time he bypassed a point, the mechanism would fall down, perfectly blocking the staff chasing him.

    He has already exhausted three photographers!

    The commanding team leader gritted his teeth and ordered to the walkie-talkie: “Aim the camera in the air at Lu Nan’s route, make sure to capture his footage!”

    After continuously exhausting the five photographers who were trying to keep up with him , Ge Xiu boarded the empty high platform without changing his face.

    Apart from him, no one has reached the destination.

    He turned around in boredom, then walked to the edge of the platform and looked down.

    Five minutes later, tired to death from chasing sixth photographer who had finally caught up with him panting arrived under the high platform.

    Ge Xiu showed a bright smile and waved at him.

    Photographer: “…”

    I’m so pissed! !


Ge Xiu is faster than camera man which makes him faster than the racers on yt


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 108: Modern Entertainment Industry

  1. I bet he will soar into the entertainment industry with this evil fox smile that he gave to the sixth photographer! Looking harmless while bullying people is totally stunning.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. I bet he’ll become popular now because of how little of a damn he gives. He acts like an immortal with no concern of the circle he’s trying to enter and I already love it. I hope the netizens will find him charming too. Lazy most of the time but faster than a cheetah and more brutal than a hippo when he needs to be. Amazing.

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    1. I was the only one who thought that since MC has to stay in the entertainment industry but doesn’t like acting, would he do well as a stuntman?
      Thanks for the chapter ✨

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