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Chapter 127: Meow meow meow

    A strange feeling swept through like a tsunami.

    Ge Xiu felt his scalp explode, the numb and sore feeling spread through his body along his veins and muscles, all the bones in his body softened, only a faint grunt subconsciously sounded out of his throat.

    His voice was soft and hoarse, like the purring sound of a cat acting spoiled.

    Ge Xiu instantly tensed up.

    This… what was going on here!

    He hurriedly pushed Shen Boyan away as if scalded, struggling to escape this weird state, but was pulled back by the man by his waist.

    Shen Boyan’s scorching palm held tightly to the slender waist of the young man.

    The temperature penetrated through the thin clothes and burned on the graceful curve of his back.

    His eyes were dark, sparks of scorching fire burned very intensely in the bottom of his eyes. It stirred and billowed heavily like ocean during storm as his Adam’s apple rolled up and down slightly.

    Ge Xiu felt his hair stand up when he noticed it:


    ——Lycanthropes were a species that followed instincts and desires.

    They never think before acting, only following their own wishes.

    Before he could finish his words, Shen Boyan leaned down and caught his fluffy ears in his mouth, then nibbled on them gently with his canine teeth.

    Ge Xiu: “!”

    He sucked in a breath of cold air, his tail puffed up in a straight line and stammered in a high pitched voice:

    “Stop! Stop it! You, what are you doing!”

    “Wait…waitwait… something’s not right…” Ge Xiu’s eyes widened, his neck and ears were as red as if they could drip blood next second, his voice became so hoarse it could hardly be recognized, his dark eyes were covered with a thin layer of moisture: “It feels so weird…Wait!”

    In the next second, Shen Boyan felt that his arms becoming empty.

    The weight he was holding firmly disappeared without a trace, the empty clothes fell, and a little black cat fell down limply on his lap, making a dying cry:

    “…Meow .”

    … there’s something not right.

    Only then did Shen Boyan realise what the other party was saying just now.

    Under his gaze, the ears of the little black cat in his arms trembled involuntarily, then he slowly turned over, evading his gaze, and buried his face deeply into Shen Boyan’s thighs.

    A look of having completely lost face.

    Shen Boyan: “…Pfft.”

    He forcibly suppressed the smile at the corner of his mouth, raising his hand to pet the little cat’s back, until his fingers strayed to the base of the cat’s tail and gently rubbed.

    The little black cat’s tail cocked subconsciously.

    In the next second, it seemed to have come to its senses, the fur all over its body puffed up, and it turned fiercely attacking with all paws.

    As a result, there were three more bloody scratches on the back of Shen Boyan’s hand.

    He laughed lowly and stretched out his hand to squeeze the back of the little black cat’s neck, lifting it to his eye level.

    The kitten’s limbs swayed in the air.

    Shen Boyan narrowed his eyes and asked slowly: “Still running away?”

    What rubbish.

    Ge Xiu showed his teeth and waved his claws, trying to hit the opponent’s particularly hateful face, but he couldn’t succeed because the distance was too far.

    Because the amount of synthetic material samples in his hand was too small, trying to experiment on humans with part of the produced solution would be too wasteful, so all of Ge Xiu’s estimated date were based on ideal conditions.

    He had confidence in his level, and that the final result would not be too different from what he calculated.

    At most, there would be slight differences due to different physiques.

    ——But Ge Xiu really didn’t expect that this “slight discrepancy” happened just at that moment.

    And… although he knew that this medicine would have side effects, he didn’t expect the them to backlash at him so quickly!

    This was really bad. Not only he had revealed his identity in front of Shen Boyan, but he had also turned into a beast form with no power to truss a chicken.

    The other lycanthropes all had enhanced attributes…

    only he had weakened!

    This was so irritating.

    The only fortunate thing was that his current form was far less conspicuous, it should male avoiding testing equipment at the school far easier.

    Just as Ge Xiu was immersed in his own thoughts, he suddenly felt himself drop down.

    He returned to his senses suddenly, subconsciously kicking four paws in the air.

    Shen Boyan opened the zipper of the school uniform jacket and then put the palm-sized kitten into his arms.

    Ge Xiu was startled, his sharp claws stretched out from the paw pads and hooked tightly on Shen Boyan’s shirt, the whole cat was hanging inside his coat.

    Shen Boyan slowly pulled up his jacket, the dazzling sunlight outside was gradually blocked by the pulled zipper. Ge Xiu felt that the surroundings instantly dimmed around him, and only some faint light could be seen coming from between the gaps in the fabric in front of him. Then, a man’s voice sounded from above his head, seeming a little unclear through the fabric, but Ge Xiu could clearly feel the vibration coming from the body he hung on with every word:

    “Don’t worry, I will take you out. “

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    Being able to leave the school safely had never been his concern, but whether he was able to leave Shen Boyan’s side in this state was what worried him the most!

    He opened his mouth angrily, but all he said was:


    Shen Boyan listened to the shrill meows coming from inside his jacket, the corners of his lips involuntarily rose slightly, he supported with one hand the small cat that was bulging out his jacket and picked up the schoolbag that the other party had thrown on the ground with the other hand without any hindrance, put it on his shoulder and walked out of the empty classroom unhurriedly.

    The students and teachers had long since left the school, leaving only an empty corridor.

    The school corridor, which used to be noisy in the past, seemed a little empty at the moment.

    Shen Boyan walked along the corridor, but after leaving the teaching building, he did not walk directly towards the school gate, but turned around and walked towards the low wall on the side of the campus — alhough he did not seem to be keeping alert on his way, but he maintained the state of being in a blind spot of the camera subtly and cleverly avoided leaving any traces in video.

    He stood by the wall and used his fingertips to gently tap the bulge in the school uniform, saying in a low voice,

    “Hold on tight.”

    Ge Xiu couldn’t see anything through Shen Boyan’s school uniform, only being able to perceive changes in light and shadow filtered through the fabric.

    After moving forward for an unknown amount of time, he heard the other’s ambiguous warning from above his head.

    Upon saying that, Shen Boyan put one hand on the edge of the wall, then jumped up sideways and landed in a vigorous and neat posture.

    On Ge Xiu’s side, he instantly felt that he seemed to be in the air, as an overwhelming sense of weightlessness hit him in the next second. The fluff on his back all exploded and his claws subconsciously popped out a few inches again, tightly catching onto Shen Bo Yan thin shirt, his furry body tightly held onto the other’s muscular abdomen.

    Shen Boyan gasped out a hiss.

    He stood steadily outside the school wall and reached out to support the kitten in his arms, letting him relax his paws a little.

    ——After this jump, there certainly appeared a few more bloody scratches on his body.


    Ge Xiu could only sense the movement of light and shadow in front of him, the sound of clothes rubbing against his ears and the faint vibrations from walking.

    The human body he clung against was firm and warm, rising and falling rhythmically with his breathing.

    At such a close distance, he could even hear the steady heartbeat coming from the opponent’s torso. These tiny sounds were amplified by the narrow and confined space, like a dense net, silently wrapping around him.

    He tentatively caught the outer layer of the clothes with his claws and drilled out of the clothes, but before he could climb a few inches, he was gently but firmly pressed back by the hand outside the clothes.

    Ge Xiu: “…”

    According to his current body size and strength, he had no possibility of getting out.

    He was gradually overcome by drowsiness from the rhythmic steps, he yawned, his head nodding to the rhythm of walking little by little, as the gradually passage of time gradually became blurred.

    After an unknown amount of time.

    The sound of zipper being pulled open came from above his head, instantly breaking the balance in the small space.

    Ge Xiu was shocked, his eyes immediately opened.

    Immediately afterwards, he felt himself being pulled out of his clothes and placed on some hard platform.

    The sudden strong light stimulation caused Ge Xiu to blink involuntarily. As he regained his normal vision after some time passed, he squatted and looked around at the environment around him. He unexpectedly found that he was not brought back to the familiar apartment.

    Overhead was an unfamiliar ceiling.

    So… what was this place?

    Just as Ge Xiu was busy wondering about this, he heard an exclamation from the above his head: “Ah! A kitty!”

    A man looked over in amazement. His facial features were pleasant, but the dark green scales dotted all over his face destroyed the sense of harmony, his eyes were golden-yellow colour bringing him strange and primitive aura: “Boss, why did you suddenly decide to have a cat?”

    Saying that, his hand reached out towards him restlessly, trying to touch the top of the fluffy little black cat’s head.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly and the tips of his claws stretched out from the paw pads, ready to give him two blows.

    Before he could touch the cat, however, the man was frightened by Shen Boyan’s cold eyes, his scalp tingled, and he withdrew his hand in embarrassment: “…okay, won’t touch it won’t touch it, so stingy.”

    Shen Boyan indifferently retracted his gaze and declined to comment.

    He asked: “What do they say outside?”

    “It’s still the same,” the man covered with scales shrugged. “I am assuming they will make a big move soon, however. The eagle monitoring the army said that there had been a bit of frequent mobilizations recently.”

    “Let him bring back the specific mobilization time and route.”

    Shen Boyan ordered succinctly.


    Ge Xiu sat on the table, quietly examining and observing.

    There were no windows here, the area was very large, and it looked like there were multiple corridors in different directions. Based on the level of humidity it seemed to be underground and from the traces on the wall he could tell that it had a long past, lasting at least 50 years or so of existence…

     He lowered his head and licked his paws, immersed in thoughts.

    ——This should be a stronghold left over from the last war.

    According to the previous dialogue between the two, it could be seen that they should be from the “terrorist organization” in the government’s mouth.

    But… what Ge Xiu was very curious about was that the man in front of him was obviously a fully evolved beastman, but all of the generation born after that war had to put on a collar, and collar wearers would have all the animal characteristics suppressed or they would completely break through the shackles of the collar, lose their senses and become actual beasts.

    In addition, he was obviously much older, but he respected Shen Boyan who looks like a middle school student very much.

    Although his attitude was frivolous, there was still faint awe and worship in his speech and behavior.

    Ge Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

    Could it be that… Shen Boyan was not the only survivor from the last war?

    The information he saw in that laboratory last time was obviously not comprehensive enough.

    In addition, Ge Xiu had also become very interested what was Shen Boyan’s current state. Has he recovered his memory already? It seemed that coming back to juvenile form once injured was ability only he possessed, so how did the others evade the government’s search during this time?

    While he was contemplating, he felt his body suddenly lift into the air.

    Ge Xiu was startled, blurting out a soft cry:


    Shen Boyan put the little black cat into his arms again without changing his expression.

    He turned around and walked away, throwing a sentence at the lycanthropes waiting behind him without turning back:

    “Don’t disturb me later on.”



sorry for no chapter, I got distracted by (flips through my “list of excuses” notebook) distracted by uh, queen’s death, novels, reigen vote, sans winning pool, cute kitty video on youtube, food–

I also got a new haircut today, mullet haircut (cute)

ge xiu has had enough

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  1. Oh my gosh the cuteness of kitty Ge Xiu will absolutely be the death of me. Also I can’t wait to see how they overthrow the government and show the people who the real enemy was all along (hopefully the scientists won’t do anything before then). I wanna see lil meow meow start a goddamn revolt whilst being so smol and harmless looking. Scratch out the leaders eyes! Stand on your trusted wolf’s shoulder and give a mighty battle cry (a soft *meow*) as chaos ensues! GIVE ME MAYHEM.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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