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Chapter 128: Meow meow meow

    Ge Xiu grabbed Shen Boyan’s coat with his claws, his head restlessly sticking out of his palm:


    Where are we going?

    The next second, he felt himself weightless in the air again, and then four paws landed on a mat.

    Ge Xiu stumbled, the fluffy and soft cushion made him unable to find his footing for a while, his center of gravity became unstable and he fell down with four paws pointing at the sky.

    The corners of Shen Boyan’s lips rose up discreetly.

    He stretched out his hand, helped the black kitten in front of him sit upright and rubbed its little head.

    The kitten ducked back skillfully, raised its hind paws and frantically scratched at the ear that had just been touched by the other’s fingers in distaste.

    Shen Boyan took off his jacket, leaving only his shirt.

    He pulled out the chair and sat down, lowered his head slightly, staring in the emerald eyes of the cat in front of him, and asked in a low voice:

    “So, what’s the matter with your current appearance?”

    Ge Xiu yawned lazily.

    How can he answer such a complicated question when all he can say is meow meow meow?

    The little black cat lowered its head, stuck out the tip of its little pink tongue and started licking its paws.

    Shen Boyan narrowed his eyes thoughtfully: “Does this have something to do with you appearing in the school in human form today?”

    Hearing his question, the pitch-black kitten in front of him raised its head, its green eyes flashed, then it nodded slightly.

    “Did you use some method to hide beastmen characteristics?”

    The little black cat nodded again.

    “Is that sequelae?”

    The cat’s ears twitched, it then let out a “meow” reluctantly, nodding for the third time.

    It squatted on the soft cushion, the slender tail tip wrapped around the fluffy paws, making it look like a black furball, unexpectedly lovely and cute.

    Shen Boyan restrained his urge to reach out to rub it, coughed lowly, and continued to ask:

    “How long will this state last?”

    He wanted to know as well.

    Ge Xiu swished his tail, glanced down at his weak and powerless state, and shook his head.

    It would be nice if he was in the laboratory he had assembled now, so that he could have a good look at the state of his appearance this time.

    The black cat sighed in a very human-like way.

    Shen Boyan finally couldn’t hold back, and reached out to stroke the soft fur of the cat in front of him.

    ——And so he got a few more scratch marks on his hand.

    Ge Xiu yawned again.

    Fatigue caused by excessive physical exertion was also one of the side effects of the drug.

    He turned around on the cushion, found a comfortable position, and then laid down slowly, resting his chin on his paws and closing his eyes.

    Shen Boyan could see his drowsiness.

    He lowered his eyes and stared silently at the kitten on the cushion.

    Shen Boyan raised his hand and gently stroked the cat’s back.

    The kitten curled up on the mat as its fluffy body fluctuated slightly with the rhythm of breathing. It did not make any drastic repulsion to Shen Boyan’s petting this time.

    The corners of Shen Boyan’s lips curled up involuntarily.

    He retracted his gaze, reached out for the incident report on the table waiting to be processed, and began to study it attentively.

    The room fell silent.

    In the closed and isolated space, only the sound of rustling paper pages and the sound of small and even breathing echoed between the four walls, the atmosphere became peaceful and quiet.

    Time passed by minute by minute, like delicate sand slipping silently from between one’s fingers, traces of it escaping almost imperceptible.

    After an unknown amount of time.

    Shen Boyan raised his head from the report, folded the processed parts neatly on the corner of the table, and then subconsciously turned his head to look at the cushion put on the table.

    Not knowing when, the little black cat changed its sleeping posture.

    It was now lying on its side on the cushion, burying its head in its soft paws, the two pointy ears sticking out of the gaps between its paws, still sound asleep.

    Shen Boyan stretched out his hand and gently caressed its soft fur cautiously. His palm ran down the top of the cat’s head, slowly slid over the thick fur on its back and lightly reached the base of the tail.

    The kitten swayed its tail in its sleep, but was not awake yet.

    Shen Boyan’s actions gradually became bolder.

    He reached for one of the kitten’s paws and turned the soft paw over to reveal the pink pad.

    Upon gently pinching with his fingertips, the sharp claw tips popped out of the paw pad, and after letting go, the nails retracted again.

    —a little addictive.

    Shen Boyan pinched the cat’s soft pads and watched as its paws stretched and shrank, unable to stop a bit.

    The tips of the little black cat’s ears twitched, the green eyes slowly opened and it looked ignorantly and dazedly at the human who disturbed his sleep.

    Has he woken up?

    Shen Boyan felt a little regretful.

    At this moment, the kitten’s eyes suddenly widened, its pupils shrank slightly at the same time.

    Shen Boyan noticed the unusual state of the cat, and couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. The next second, he suddenly felt a slight weight sink in his palm.

    The petite and soft cat paws turned into five long and slender fingers, pressing heavily into his palm, the knuckles turned white due to the force as the fingertips tightened spasmically.

    A loud bang resounded in the room, when the table was tilted to the side by the sudden weight.

    The reports that had been neatly arranged in a large stack flew into air in an instant, the naked young man lost his balance and fell forward from the edge of the table, falling straight into Shen Boyan’s arms, overturning the chair to the floor with the power of his weight and gravity.

    Shen Boyan was knocked down by surprise, and fell to the ground along with the chair, losing his balance.

    His eyes widened slightly as he subconsciously raised his hands to protect the boy in his arms, but when reached out what his fingers touched was soft and warm skin, attracting his palm like a magnet. The bare skin felt like as smooth and fragile like a piece of porcelain, he couldn’t help but increase his strength slightly, so that this feeling could be imprisoned in his arms forever and ever.

    Snow-white pieces of paper fell down one after another, like a chaotic heavy snow, falling down on his shoulders and body.

    Fluffy cat ears stuck out from between the youth’s jet-black hair, his pitch-black pupils were filled with stunned shock.

    The curve of his slender neck was as graceful as if carved, as the light above his head fell on the clear lines of his collarbone, making it seem like a handful of clear water was running down his softly contoured chest.

    The body temperature of other body sticking so close to his was so clear it was impossible to ignore.

    Shen Boyan was struck in a daze.

    Ge Xiu quickly recovered from the shock — he really did not expect that he would return to the human state under such circumstances.

    He gritted his teeth and cursed, turned his head and quickly looked around at the scene around him, then reached out to pull Shen Boyan’s jacket closer, quickly draping it over himself.

    Just then, the door was pushed open from the outside.

    “Boss, I heard a voice in here” the man with dark green scales appeared outside the door: “Has something… happened…”

    He stared at the mess in the room in a stunned manner, his voice getting smaller and smaller, until the final syllable was almost completely swallowed into the throat.

    Tables and chairs fell to the ground, paper pages were scattered all around.

    His family’s boss was thrown to the ground by a cat-eared boy. The teenager was wearing a school uniform that was obviously one size larger than his body and the hem of his school uniform half-covered his thighs, where a fluffy cat’s tail was protruding from. He straddled Shen Boyan with his legs legs apart, his collar was loose and it looked very obvious that the other was completely naked under the oversized school uniform.

    When he opened the door, the two people on the top and bottom instantly looked at him at the same time.

    The air instantly quieted down.

    Shen Boyan was the first to react, he quickly sat up, clasped the boy’s shoulders with one hand, wrapped his waist with the other, and tucked the boy into his arms, keeping him hidden closely.

    His face sank and a pair of dark eyes flickered with fierce light, as he said coldly:

    “Get out.”

    “…… Yes, yes yes!!”

    The scale-covered man suddenly woke up from the shock and hurriedly exited the room, closing the door behind him.

    He shut close the door as fast as he could, then leaned against the wall in deep thought.

    No wonder the boss told him not to disturb…

    he was really playing big!


    The author has something to say:

    Much respect, really admire.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 128: Meow meow meow

  1. Remember how Ge Xiu tried to suppress his cat instincts when he first entered this world? Yeah, neither did he because my boy is now licking his paws, whilst fully aware that Shen Boyan knows he’s not a normal cat.
    Also, I wonder if Ge Xiu will get to eat sweets in this arc. Is this like the first arc where he hasn’t had candy? I can’t remember but I hope lil meow meow will get some here too. It just isn’t Ge Xiu not wildly chaotic, slightly mad and obsessed with candy.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

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